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Any other Hudson Valley Mamas?!

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Would love to "meet" you!

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Nice to meet you!  We (DH, our 14 month old DS, and I) are moving to Beacon, NY this month! We're so excited! We're both originally from "back east" (I grew up in NYC, DH in NJ), but we've been living in Tucson, AZ. I love the desert, but I can't wait to be near the forest again!  treehugger.gif

Any recommendations for the Hudson Valley? Groups, hikes, swimming holes, fun places to hang out with a little guy? I'm really psyched to check out Common Ground Farm in Wappinger Falls, and it seems like there are a few hikes that start from right in town in Beacon. Also, how realistic is it to remain car-free in the HV? I've been car-free all my life,  but DH is skeptical of this working out there.


DH will be working in NYC (train commuting), and I have a bunch of old friends & family down in NYC, so I'm sure DS & I will be going down there a couple times a week; I'm also really looking forward to making new friends in the Hudson Valley as well!

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I actually work in Beacon!  What made you choose it??


Are you on Facebook?  If so, I can direct you to A TON of Hudson Valley pages!!  You may also want to check out Waddle & Swaddle (locations in Poughkeepsie & Rhinebeck) SO much more than a store...really a great community of like minded Mamas.  They also host a variety of "secret" FB boards...great way to meet local Moms!  I'm pretty sure there is a Beacon Moms group too.  Not to worry at all...there is PLENTY to do in this area!


As for the car free...I think it's doable.  It might not always be easy, but I think you'll manage.


Nice to "meet" you too!


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Not exactly a hudson valley mama, but my parents and my husband's parents are both from newburgh area and we are up many weekends. Due November 15th!

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I'd love to know about the meet-ups and FB group! I will be moving to the area in the Fall....if you'd prefer you can PM me :).


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Hi, Jill!

Cool! We chose Beacon for several reasons. We love that it has a walkable Main Street, and access to a natural foods store is important. There seem to be a lot of cultural opportunities in Beacon, for a small city, and we were glad to see the diversity. And while the commute seems reasonable (at least for now; hopefully DH will still think so after a couple of months!), Beacon is actually affordable.

Thank you so much for all the information! I would love to learn more about the Facebook groups, and any other groups. If you would PM me about any of those, that would be great! I'll definitely check out Waddle & Swaddle, too.

DH, DS & I will be up in Beacon often this week and next week, looking for a home (and of course, we'll be there for good after that), so if you'd like to meet up somewhere, PM me and I'll give you my contact info. Goosey & Verde, same goes for you ladies!

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Hi there. I live in montgomery NY and would love to know about the meet-up's and FB group too! Thanks!

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We just signed a lease on a house in Beacon, and are moving in on Wednesday! So excited!!! Our landlord told us about a great toddler playground at Beacon Memorial Park, and DS had a blast there! I just found out about a parent & toddler yoga class at Beacon Yoga, too. Yay!!!
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