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Baby Shower Game Thread One August 2013 DDC

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This is the first of our three baby shower game threads for the August 2013 DDC sponsored by



The winner of the August Due Date Club Baby Shower giveaway will receive a "safari" themed gift set from Petit Collage including one safari mobile, four unframed small prints, as well and a an ABC animal art cards wall hanging - total value of $160.00!




Petit Collage offers modern wall decor and accessories for baby and kids. Perfect for any room in the contemporary home. Mobiles, prints on wood, wall decor, gifts and more. Visit PetitCollage.com


Read this thread for more info about the shower and how to participate. 




This game is called "Would you rather…."


Play by asking questions like, "Would you rather shave your head bald or get a mohawk?" or "Would you rather go to Italy or China?", ect… 


The next person has to answer and then ask another "Would you rather" question. Here is the first one:


Would you rather win a million dollars or be able to eat whatever you want and never gain weight?

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A million dollars.  I'm picking greed over gluttony.  ROTFLMAO.gif


Would you rather have a personal chef or a chauffeur? 

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Personal chef! Driving is fun again since we bought our new-to-us minivan! :-)

Would you rather have front row seats at the symphony or an NFL game?
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Definitely a personal chef.  With my food allergies I have to cook virtually everything I eat and I don't have enough time/energy to be as creative as I'd like.


If you could time travel, would you rather visit the past or visit the future?

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Guess I took too long to respond. wink1.gif  Front row symphony, please.  Same question (visit the past or the future).

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The past.


Would you rather be beautiful or clever (assuming you couldn't be both)?

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Clever. It lasts longer.


Would you rather fast forward through pregnancy or birth to get to the new baby part?

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Pregnancy. I'm trying for a VBAC this time and actually would like to experience it. joy.gif


Would you rather give up dining out/takeout or modern technology?

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Dining out. Food makes me happy, but technology keeps me sane. wink1.gif

Would you rather eat your favorite food every day for the rest of your life or never eat it again?
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Never again. I like variety.

Would you rather live somewhere where you endured burning desert summers or brutally cold winters?
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I'd take cold winters, you can bundle up and huddle together for warmth, but there's only so much you can take off in the heat.


Would you rather someone send you flowers or chocolates?

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Hard one, but I'll choose flowers. I'll buy my own chocolates, but fresh flowers are so unique to the giver and truly indicate they want you to feel special just at that moment while the flowers are at their peak.

Would you rather be early to bed and early to rise or sleep in and prowl late with the night owls?
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I'm a night owl, but I wish I was naturally a morning person. It is nice to be up with the sun, but I have such a hard time with it.


Would you rather be a deep sea diver or an astronaut?

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I would rather be an astronaut than a deep sea diver. The thought of getting the bends has always weirded me out. And, I would love to see space. Good question!


Would you rather meet Stephen Hawking or Stephen King?

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I think I would pick deep sea diver. I would love to see all sorts of awesome sea creatures.


Would you rather spend the rest of your life wearing your wedding dress, or a bathing suit?

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Oops! Too slow. Stephen Hawking. I would heard that he became a Christian and I would love to hear his story

Would you rather spend the rest of your life wearing your wedding dress, or a bathing suit?

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My bathing suit- at least I'd be casual/comfortable (if mortified in some instances) and could go for a swim and get work done. I loved my wedding dress, but it's too fussy for every day.

Would you rather give up tv or the telephone?
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TV (Does it count if we don't have a TV already?) 


Would you rather wake up every morning with a view of the mountains or the ocean?

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Mountains. The ocean is lovely but I've always loved mountains.

Would you rather have a super long, relatively comfortable birth, or a super fast but intense birth?
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Super fast, but intense, but only because I've done that twice before so I know what to expect and that I can take it.

Would you rather have a full, uninterrupted nught's sleep with no aches and pains, or a night out with your partner with cocktails and no menu restrictions and be able to stay awake without propping your eyelids open with toothpicks?
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