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Baby Shower Game Thread One August 2013 DDC - Page 6

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With my husband! smile.gif

Have a shouty neighbor or be the shouty neighbor?
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With DH. We're too busy; I miss the guy!

Would you rather spend a week on a cruise or at a resort?
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Oops, cross posted!

Have shouty neighbour. At least that way I can be happy and mellow.

Same question, week at a resort or on a cruise?
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Week at a resort, then I can come and go as I want.

Would you rather have Indian food or Italian food?

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Indian food 


Would you rather sleep on a firm mattress or a soft mattress?

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firm mattress with 3+ down pillows for me.

would you rather have new episodes of sopranos or twin peaks?
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Sopranos, I suppose, although I've never seen it (gasp!). Twin Peeks was good, but too creepy.

Speaking of creepy, Johnny Depp in a Tim Burton movie or a Pirates movie?
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Pirates. Although I must admit, I'm kind of over Johnny Depp at this point. :-/

Along those lines...psychological thriller or romantic comedy?
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Twin Peaks, I guess. I was ready for both shows to be over when they were though. TP got pretty weird and the Sopranos just got more and more violent.

Would you rather go on an amazing international adventure or stay home relaxing and connecting with your family?
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Romantic comedy and international adventure!


Would you rather have platinum hair or jet black?

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Jet black.

Would you rather never have to shave your armpits or legs again?
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Legs (they take forever!).

Let your tummy rumble all night or get out of bed for a midnight snack?
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Hard one. In theory I'd get up, but in practice, I only get up when I'm in the part of pregnancy where I'll throw up if I don't (or sometimes even if I do- sigh.) I'll choose get up and eat though!

Would you rather live up in the mountains or down by the sea?
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By the sea.


Would you rather win a new bed or a new couch?

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New couch for the living room. Our beds are currently fantastic and we're not ready for a bed for kiddo #2 since I'm still pregnant.

Sleep with the AC on or windows wide open and multiple fans?
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I'd rather have the windows open.  Lately it has been too hot for that at night though (still over 100*F in the middle of the night), but I think the heat wave is breaking!


Would you rather have your close family visit right before the birth, or close friends from out of town (and everyone stay with you)?

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Close friends from out of town. Family can stay with my mom across town! Ha!

Would you rather eat your own frozen meals of your choice or fresh, hot meals you have no control over brought by friends?
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Hot food, no thinking!

Ice cream or frozen yogurt?
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Ice cream- hand dipped, please! I'm not a big fan of soft-serve.

iPhone or other phone?
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iPhone! I'm an Apple junkie wink1.gif

Diaper bag or backpack?
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