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Diaper bag! I'm a girly-girl, what can I say? I found a Petunia Pickle Bottom bag at a consignment sale and can't wait to try it out!

High chair or booster chair for your little ones?
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Booster - easier to store wink1.gif

Purées or baby led weaning?
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BLW all the way (I'm lazy and can't imagine making all those purées)!

Iced tea or iced coffee?
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Iced coffee, yum!


Would you rather go to the zoo or aquarium?

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Aquarium, it has AC.


Would you rather do a natural history museum or an art gallery?

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art gallery, although it depends on the art.

would you rather have your feet or hips change shape ?
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Probably my hips, once I find them again!  ROTFLMAO.gif


Would you rather load on the sunscreen or cover up  to avoid a burn?

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Cover up! I always wear a hat and sunglasses and I love the UV swimshirts that they make for kids these days. I need one for myself. I don't like all the chemicals in sunscreen, but I still use it, too.

Co-sleeping or crib sleeping for baby?
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Crib sleeping but I'll be in baby's room for the first few weeks then across the hall with the monitor by my ear. I want to love cosleeping but I just get no rest, waking for every little twitch. I figure if I go right over to baby as needed, I'm still AP wink1.gif

Would you rather ski/snowboard or stay in the lodge with a nice cup of hot chocolate?
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Ha!  I want to love skiing/snowboarding... but there's all of that cold wet stuff out there!  I'll stay inside, especially if there is hot chocolate!


Would you rather make dinner or do the dishes afterward?

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Hmmm it depends on my mood. Tonight I'll say make dinner.


Would you rather eat a no carb diet or a no meat diet?

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No meat. I love carbs! I don't think I could live without bread.


Chocolate or vanilla ice cream?

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Vanilla, but with stuff on it usually.


Sandals or heels?

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Sandals. I teeter in heels since being pregnant the first time.

Wear baby to bathroom to keep him/her quiet and happy, or put baby in crib/portacot and listen to baby scream while you do private business? (My answer to this changed when my first was a few weeks old.)
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Wear baby to bathroom.  I mostly did this with DS but we also had a bouncy chair in the bathroom as needed.


Use a buckle carrier or a wrap/sling?

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Wrap/sling when they're little. I use buckles more when they're bigger (like my 2.5yo now!). But my go-to has been ring slings for quite a while.

Give birth all by yourself (no DH, MW, etc.) or in public?
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Birth in public!! I'm not even comfortable with HB, being alone and doing UC scares the pants off me!

Would you rather potty train your toddler while 40-42 weeks pregnant or immediately after the birth?
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Monkey trained when Bee was 6 weeks, but I don't consider that immediately. So 40-42 weeks.


Would you rather have a shower type celebration before or after baby?

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After baby so people can meet the little peanut. Otherwise it's just a lot of belly attention when I'm ready to stop being pregnant wink1.gif

Cloth diapers, specifically flats for the newborn stage or sposies?
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flats no plans to buy disposables after meconium is done


A trip to the museum or a trip to the zoo?

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