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Cloth! Newborn diapering is CAKE compared to toddler diapering! wink1.gif

White noise while you sleep or just silence?
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I love pre-folds (or flats I guess) for newborns!

Lose your voice or lose your hearing?
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Zoo (but that's a tough call), white noise(we actually do), voice(I love music).

Would you let a baby bird that keeps getting booted out nest die, or bring it inside and feed it every 30 minutes from sun up to sundown (ask me why I'm I'm asking this question :/ )
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Bring baby bird inside and feed it, then call local wildlife rescue center.


Would you rather live in a house/neighborhood that you love with poor school options, or downsize to a much smaller house to have better schools?

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Small house with good schools!

Would you rather be stuck on an airplane with your own children (and no partner to help), or flying solo on an flight in which everyone else's kids are noisy and obnoxious?
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On a plane by myself with the other noisy kids - earphones!!

Would you rather use an ergobaby carrier or a moby wrap?

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Moby for a wee babe, Ergo for an older one (though I strongly prefer other soft structured carriers, as the Ergo just does not fit me right)


Would you rather live somewhere that gets really hot in the summer or really cold in the winter?

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Meh... I don't get to choose. As cold as -20c (plus windchill) in winter, up to 35c (plus humidity) in summer. I guess I'd skip the winter if I could though.

Would you rather watch baseball or hockey?
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Hockey. The pace of baseball is so slow.


Would you rather have a few hours of childcare a week to do your own thing or a few hours of housework done for you?

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Would you rather listen to pop/rock music or country music?

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Would you rather listen to your kids squabble or the same kid song on repeat?
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Squabble, I can't take most "kid music"



Would you rather have ice or no ice in your water?

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No ice.

Hot chocolate with or without marshmallows (or are you a whipped cream kind of girl?)
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I prefer whipped cream in hot chocolate. Funny EA77- your questions really highlight our hemisphere weather differences. smile.gif

Granny panties or bikini cut (or some other style)?
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Right now? Granny panties! I love them!

Over the belly pants or under the belly?
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Usually under the belly, but I also wear belly bands with just about everything these days.


Would you rather take a bath or shower?

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It depends. Right now, shower.


Would you rather be a teenager or middle aged?

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Teenager, I think. I haven't reached middle age yet, but I do miss my much more toned teen body sometimes.


Would you rather shop ahead (or craft) for holidays or rush and do shopping/crafting at the last minute?

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I would rather be ahead of the game, but it never works out like that!


Would you rather be able to climb Everest or perform solo at a large venue?

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Perform solo.

Would you rather go deep sea diving or space exploring?
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