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Space exploring!

Would you rather give up the Internet or coffee for a week?
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Both!  I am a tea kinda gal, but I went without internet on our visit with family and I forget how much I like that.  It is just so hard when it is so easily available.


Would you rather have lunch with a famous person or someone from your past that you are no longer in touch with?

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If we're no longer in touch, there's probably a reason why, so I'll choose somebody intelligent and funny: Stephen Colbert!

If you could relive a day from someone's past, would it be yours or someone else's?
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My past. :-)

Do you prefer to lounge by the pool or swim in the pool?
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Swim in the pool; I don't like to be in the sun not cooling off!

Would you rather be hungry and not nauseated or nauseated but not hungry anymore (my questions are so transparent!)?
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Hmmm that's a tough one, I don't like either! If I *had* to choose though...hungry and not nauseated.


Would you rather go to a resort or camping?

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Resort, hands down.

Would you rather get your exercise through running or dancing?
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dancing (i'm not running unless i'm being chased :)


would you rather a big house with a little yard or a small house with a big yard?

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Small house with a big yard.


Carpet or hardwood floors?

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sandy or pebble beach?
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Sandy. The pebbles hurt my toes.

Mint or unflavored floss?
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Mac or PC?
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Banana nut muffins or carrot raisin muffins?

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Banana but.

Chocolate chip cookies with or without oats and/or nuts?

ETA: sorry, that should have been banana nut, not banana but or banana butt (sounds like something my kids would call each other)
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With oats and nuts, yummy!


Apple pie or pumpkin?

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Air conditioning or fans?
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I prefer air conditioning- but as a Coloradoan, it's somewhat looked down on to have central air. So fans it is!

Rocking chair or glider?
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Awesome questions, everyone!

Glider for functionality; rocker for looks. It seems like most gliders are kind of ugly. I just ordered a custom one (well, 6 weeks ago), so here's hoping I can beat the odds!

Find out the baby's sex or don't find out?
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Pink for girls and blue for boys or whatever colors you like?
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Don't find out - surprise baby on the way!

Prefolds or pocket diapers?
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