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Good sleep with pelvic pain. I'm currently getting barely any sleep at night, and my pelvis hurts anyway. Definitely realistic questions here.


Would you rather play with your children and be snappish all day, or let them roam free around the house while you take a nap (haha, wonder what I'm thinking about!)?

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I achieve for a balance of both (hehe), but I prefer for them to manage themselves while I rest on my birth ball. And I use TV when they're not playing well together and I feel too awful to redirect them more positively.

A week of niggles to let you know labor is on its way or a labor that starts out of the blue?
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Out of the blue.

Water breaking in bed or in the middle of the grocery store?
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Water breaking in bed (it woke me up when I was pregnant with DD..not a contraction in sight!)


Crib or bed sharing?

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Crib... I can't bedshare or I get no rest. I room share though in the beginning, then use a monitor and go to baby right away as needed.

Cloth diapers or sposies in the first two weeks?
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Sposies. I really enjoyed cloth diapering, but I don't want too much extra laundry when I'm dealing with all the post-birth stuff, kwim?


Babywear or carry around in your arms as a newborn?

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Probably carry around for the first bit, I can imagine the extra cloth of a carrier on my body right now in this heat!  But I love slings and wraps for itty bitty ones and carriers for the bigger babes.


Would you rather have feet/knees/butt up in your ribs or head on your cervix? (I currently have both, but I know which I'd prefer!)

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Head on cervix!

Would you rather have a frustratingly slow labour or a scary-fast (but safe for you and baby) one?
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I did the long slow one last time, I guess I'll go with fast and safe.


Walk dog or clean house?

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Clean the house. There's still a lot of movement, but it's more purposeful. You can always throw the ball in the backyard for your dog, if you have a backyard, which I do.

Baby comes early and you get relief but none of your to-dos done or get everything done and baby comes at a desperate 42 weeks?
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Early baby with stuff undone, hands down!

Short active labour with looooong pushing or looooong active labour but baby is out in four pushes?
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Short on the pushing side, I think.  DS was c/s and we never reached the pushing phase, but I labored for over 30 hours before that.



Stay up past your bedtime and sleep late the next morning, or early to bed and early to rise?

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Before kids and jobs, I was a night owl and still creep that way if I'm not careful.  Even if I do go to bed early, getting up early is not my cup of tea.  Which is why I drink coffee.  Ha!  So I'm staying up past my bedtime...


Polka dots or stripes?

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No question. Stripes.

Eat ice cream or drink a milkshake?
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Ice cream!

Pizza or a burger?
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Usually pizza, but right now, a burger.  I can't seem to get enough red meat lately.  redface.gif  Although I'd happily eat a good turkey burger too...


Cheddar or swiss cheese?  (We're back to food, I see.  ROTFLMAO.gif)

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Swiss... My favourite parts are the holes and it always reminds me of the old Tom & Jerry cartoons lol

Cherry or apple pie?
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Cherry. For sure.

Crispy fries or mushy fries?
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Crispy fries! Mmm, may have to indulge for lunch.


Normal dinner foods or breakfast for dinner?

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Breakfast for dinner for a bit of fun!

Sweet potato fries or regular fries?
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