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Aisle seat or middle of row for movies/concerts?
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Middle of row- gotta have those good seats for sound and viewing!

Skirts or shorts?
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Shorts. I always feel self conscious in skirts.


Sun dried tomatoes or roasted bell pepper?

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Roasted bell pepper!

Wildflowers for your yard or roses?
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Wildflowers! Love them. Work not required.

Aisle or window seat on a plane?
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Window seat! I love the view.

Wine or beer?
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I'm more of a champagne or hard cinder kind of girl, but I'll go with wine.

Coke or Pepsi (or get those chemicals away from me)?
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Haha, Coke. :-) I am usually a homemade foodie- but Coke is pretty awesome.

SUV or minivan?
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SUV, for those country roads!


Butter or buttery spread?

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Butter. Trying to eat as "real" as possible.

Bacon or sausage with pancakes?
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Bacon, no question.


Bright colors on your walls or soft mellow ones?

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Soft mellow colors (mostly)! In fact, today DH is off work and is painting our kitchen a soft aqua, then our bedroom a cream color. :-) I can't wait!

White or stainless kitchen appliances?
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White.  I hear stainless is a pain in the tookus to keep clean.


(I only answered this question because I wanted to state that I was jealous your hubby was painting.  I actually have a can of brighter aqua that I want to paint around our eating nook in our kitchen and I have a feeling I'll be doing it when I'm home on maternity leave at this rate.)


Anyway.  A related question:


Are you DIY'ers or would you rather write a check to get it done?

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DIY. I'm really looking forward to buying a home in a few years so I can finally do all the home projects I've been dreaming of.


Throw pillows or a bare couch?

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Throw pillows. I gotta be comfy.

Small appliances on the counter or in cupboards?
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Cupboards for sure, I hate moving all that stuff around to wipe the counters down.


If they both needed it, and money was not an issue, would you rather revamp your personal space (bedroom, home office, etc) or more public areas (living/dining rooms, entertaining area(s))?

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Public - the kitchen for sure!!

Hot coffee or iced coffee? (or tea)
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It depends on the weather. Right now, iced, because it's summer.

Ginger Ale or Root beer
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Root beer, ideally as a float.

Pineapple or watermelon?
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Watermelon this pregnancy. Last time, it was definitely pineapple.


Peaches or nectarines?

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