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Nectarines. And I <3 them. There can be only one possible right answer wink1.gif But seriously, I can't stand the way the fuzz feels on my teeth.

Interesting fact: Peaches and nectarines are the exact same same fruit. It's a recessive gene that keeps nectarines from having fuzz.

Game of Thrones or True Blood?
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Game of Thrones


Reheat in microwave or reheat on stove?

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Microwave. I'm impatient. :-)

Sidenote to GISDiva- the only reason I got my hubby to paint is because my stepmom has been pestering us to to let her help out with projects before baby is born. Yay! So he was coerced into doing it. (Plus, I'm usually the painter around here- but I couldn't! The fumes, oh my!)

Cats or dogs?
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Indian or Thai food?
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Thai- but only by a slight lead, as I love both!

Normal pillows to prop you up at night, or the Snoogle?
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Normal pillows!! I tried the snoogle and it felt like an octopus was trying to mate with me lol

Wagon or stroller for toddlers?
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Have family visit baby as soon as you arrive back home, or settle in for a day or two and then invite them around?
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Stroller! I like the restraining qualities of a stroller. Hehe!

Visit right away. I think we will need some help with DD so we can catch up on sleep from the hospital.

Neutral or colorful t-shirts?
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Colourful. I'm very pale and neutrals just wash me out and make me look (more) tired.

Crocs or flip flops?
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Flip flops. But only good supportive ones, like Chacos. :-)

Pedicures or do it yourself toenails?
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DIY nails


Rabbits or guinea pigs?

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Neither, but if I had to choose...oh, I can't choose. I am a dog lover and a rodent would never cut the mustard for me.

Pretzels or chips?
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Would you rather make all of your own clothes out of the materials of your choice or wear ill-fitting hand-me-downs, not of your choosing?




ETA:  I know my questions are getting a bit bizarre, but I am trying not to think of my food cravings or the fact that it feels like this baby is trying to tunnel out of my right side right now!

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In theory, I'd love to make all my own clothes. I love sewing. But I feel like it would actually be better ecologically and morally to take the handed down clothes and alter and refashion them. So maybe, the second option, as long as you don't take away my machine smile.gif

Toast or some kind of potato with breakfast?
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Potatoooooes! Yum. I'm hungry.

Classic home decor or modern?
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Modern with a side of choo choo trains, laundry to be folded and stuffed animals wink1.gif

Potty training: small potty chair or toilet seat adapter?
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Small potty.


In the same vein, EC or potty train a toddler?

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I'm really interested in EC, but I'm the type to forget about things... so potty training a toddler.


Barefoot or shoes on the beach?

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Barefoot. I can never get all the sand out of my shoes when I walk on the beach and it just feels like torture trapped in there.

Buttons or zippers?
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Cow's milk or non-dairy milk?
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