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Between the two, cow's milk... but I prefer goat's milk honestly.


Dinner at a friend's or have people over for dinner?

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Dinner at a friend's for now! I've not been enjoying cooking at all lately.

Paper books or e-reader?
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E reader sInce much of my reading is done on my phone while snuggling DD down at bedtime. Couldn't manage a book and would need light.

Science fiction or fantasy novels?
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Science fiction.

Borrow or buy books?
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Borrow! I hardly ever read a book more than one time.

Comedic TV or dramas?
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Comedy, usually. If I am watching tv, I like to loosen up. But I do love Mad Men and Breaking Bad!

Movies or live theater?
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Live theater! I love it. :-)

Coffee with a friend or afternoon at a coffee shop alone?
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I can't even remember the last time I was in a coffee shop without at least my DS!  It is a lot of fun though, I would try it again!


Cheese with fruit or crackers?

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With fruit


Red wine or white wine?

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White (preferably bubbly!).

On your birthday, chocolate cake or other?
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Other - ice cream cake! It's mid August wink1.gif

Visit friends or have people over?
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Have people over. I have too many people when we descend upon a house.

Light meat or dark meat?
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Light meat.


New York City or Cairo, Egypt?

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NYC (Cairo to visit, please)

Asian or Italian noodles
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Asian noodles! Really, any food that's Asian sounds heavenly...

Meal planning or fly by the seat of your pants?
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Asian, at least lately.  Oops, posted at the same time.


We're a fly by the seat kind of family, but I aspire to actually plan meals someday.


Are you a minimalist when it comes to kitchen gadgets, or do you love your breadmaker/cake pop machine/pizza oven/cherry pitter/mango slicer/donut mold/etc?

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Minimalist.  Finally broke down and got a food processor.


Would you rather use a dryer or line dry your laundry?

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I'd rather line dry, but that is not possible now, so dryer it is for us (at least we have one)!



Would you rather as an elderly person go into a retirement/assisted living facility or live with family?

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Dryer. I know it's not as eco-friendly or fresh air-y, but it's a lot softer out of the dryer and I don't have to worry about rain and darkness. Sorry Earth!

Would you rather get a tasty appetizer or save room for dessert?
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Hmm live with family I think... But my first born is only 2 so depending on the kids' personalities, maybe assisted living lol

Save room for dessert. Major sweet tooth here, especially lately wink1.gif

Be forced to watch Barney or Dora for hours on end?
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