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I'll go with Barney. I'm able to drown him out pretty well, but yikes, those 2 are not very appealing options. shake.gif 


4 hours of sleep a night or 8 hours broken into 2 hour chunks, for the first year?

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2 hour chunks; it's my life as it is lol

Spend a day at home (good air conditioning) with a toddler who is clearly in need of burning off energy or braving a very hot, humid day at the splash pad and wading pool at the park? ETA: where toddler is happy and active all day.
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Hmmm, I'd love a happy toddler, but I don't know if I could handle hot and humid right now. I think I would go with that option though.


Swaddle baby or loosely cover?

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Loosely cover most of the time.  We only swaddled DS when nothing else worked.



Chocolate sheet cake or pound cake (I am making both right now for a friend's birthday tomorrow!)?

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Oh that's tough. I'm going to with chocolate sheet cake.

Margarita or piña colada?
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Margarita, but I do love a good piña colada poolside.

Homeschool or public/private school?
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Public school

Cloth pads or disposable?
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Milk or milk alternative (hemp, soy, almond).

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Milk alternative (we do coconut, almond, or hemp - I'm allergic to dairy and soy).


Tablet or laptop?

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Tablet, although we have both in the house.


Techno-phobe or technology geek?

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Techno-phobe... I don't even have a smart phone. bag.gif


Big deal holidays or easy, with few gifts and decorations?

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Easy, low fuss holidays

Christmas party or Halloween party?
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I like to attend Halloween parties and be the host for Christmas ones.

Would you describe yourself as a hardcore hippy mama or mostly mainstream?
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Definitely more hippy than mainstream... I dunno about hardcore anything though (at least not right now).


Would you rather wake up at 5am every morning to milk goats/cows or start an 1 1/2 hour commute to work?

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Definitely milk goats/cows at 5am over a long commute...yuck.


Would you rather use prefolds/covers or pockets/aios?

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Would you rather do diaper laundry or toddler laundry?

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Toddler laundry. I love folding her little undies smile.gif Diaper laundry is a close second though!

Would you rather have compact car or a minivan for 2 kids?
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Minivan.  Cause that's what I had.  Now that I will have 4 kids and CAN'T fit in a car, I'm feeling "stuck".  :)


Purchase or make birthday cakes?

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Make for sure (I love making cakes, though nothing super fancy I just have fun!)


Chicken salad, tuna salad, or egg salad sandwich?

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I love all the sandwich salads, but I guess if I had to choose just one, I love egg salad so much!

Would you rather vacation traveling by car or by plane?
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