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Baby Shower Game Thread One August 2013 DDC - Page 16

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Car. I can stop and stretch the legs as needed.

Gender specific or gender neutral clothing for the newborn weeks?
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Neutral- we keep thinking that it's somewhere in the realm of possibility that we'll have a boy and not another girl XD

Ice cream or Italian ice?
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Ice cream.


Summer or Fall?

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Summer. Usually- pregnancy throws a wrench in everything, though!

Netflix or something else for entertainment?
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Something else, we don't do Netflix.  DVDs if we want movies or we play a game (more often).


Early baby with you unprepared, or late baby with everything done and ready.

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Late baby. I don't like leaving things undone :/

Coffee or tea?
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Coffee! Are you surprised? orngbiggrin.gif

Plain white curtains or colorful/patterned?
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Cell phone or landline?
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Land line.


Hot tub in a spa setting or hot spring in a natural setting?

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Natural setting! I love all the natural hot springs near us here in CO.

Read a book in bed or read the Internet?
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Internet. I like to read on the couch.


Scoops of ice cream or soft serve?

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That's tough. I can't, too tough. Right NOW, chocolate soft serve XD

foot rub or back rub?
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Back rub. Feet are ticklish lol.

Cherries or raspberries?
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Right now, cherries... but I bet that when the raspberries are ripe I'll be changing my tune!


Sugar or alternate sweetener?

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Sugar. I'm creeped out by alternative ones, even the supposedly safe ones like stevia.


Short or long hair?

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Hectic or relaxed morning routine?

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Before I quit work, it was always hectic, especially during pregnancy when I had trouble getting up, even though I prefer relaxed. Now it's relaxed. And I loooove it. DS and I are having so much fun eating leisurely breakfast and getting our day started cheerfully.



Iced tea or iced coffee?

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Iced coffee hands down. I'm trying very hard not to make it a daily habit but with crappy sleep I'm falling for it. Hands down favourite: Tim Horton's ice cappuccino. It's coooold, slushy, not too sweet, not too rich. I had a large and was ready for a second as soon as it was done. Didn't get it but I was tempted!!

Chocolate chip or peanut butter cookies?
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Chocolate chip! I don't really prefer peanut butter desserts.

Sandals or bare feet?
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Bare feet as much as possible, and then sandals when I have to.


Pants or skirts?

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