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Skirts this summer! Much more flattering on me!

Electric toothbrush or manual?
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Electric. I was totally opposed to them, but got one as a gift a few years back and it made my teeth feel clean like they do after visiting the dentist- I'm hooked!


Corn or tomatoes (sorry, thinking about my roots in the Midwest)?

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Tomatoes, when they're in season. In the words of Texas troubadour Guy Clark "Only two things that money can't buy and that's true love and homegrown tomatoes!"

Manicure or pedicure?
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Pedicure.  A friend and I are going to go get one next week, it will be my first one ever!  Such a sheltered life I have led..lol... I've never had a manicure either, but I would imagine I would ruin it in the garden anyway.


Hair colored or natural?  (I have a dark purple streak right now...)

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Natural but only due to pregnancy lol. I'm thinking of bleaching the whole thing and going witha crazy colour - like lime green or purple - after baby is a little older. I figure I won't be going to any job interviews for a couple of years do go high or go home lol

Chinese take out or sushi?
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Drooling...... either!  I would normally vote sushi, but there is neither in our new home town worth the money (not even any decent "bad" chinese food)!


In Asian food, noodles or rice?

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NOODLES!!!!!! So much more fun and easier with chopsticks. Something in me just doesn't enjoy Asian food with a fork lol

peaches or nectarines?
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Peaches. I love the fuzz. Nectarines just creep me out.

Real letters or emails?
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Real letters! I had a huge list of international penpals as a teenager, just so I could get really neat snail mail. Ahh, that was so much fun!


Vegetable or flower garden?

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Both, but heavier on the veggies.  I like herb/tea flowers, as well as some just for the bees!


Chips and salsa or hummus and cracker/pita?

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Chips and salsa- although I'm picky about salsa and have to make it myself.

Plastic straw-type water bottle or metal?
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Definitely metal.


Bikini or one-piece swimsuit?

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Tankini! I love the convenience and pee simplicity of a two piece, but the modesty of one.

Winter holidays or summer holidays?
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Summer holidays! Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day are just so much fun.

Church on Sunday mornings or other activity?
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Other activity.


Spotify or Pandora?

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But- Spotify or Rhapsody??
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I've never heard of Rhapsody, but I love Spotify.

Cable tv or Hulu?
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Hulu- but usually we cancel in the summer because nothing good is on anyway!

Ironing or spray-and-press-with-your-hand?
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too many fresh tomatoes or too much fresh basil
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There is NO such thing as too many fresh tomatoes (especially if you also have the basil!), bring on the tomatoes!!! 

I sincerely hope you are plagued with both of those "problems" cardigan!


Lip balm or lip stick?

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