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Baby Shower Game Thread One August 2013 DDC - Page 20

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Library. We have a great one here.

Chocolate or vanilla
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Early or late to bed?
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Early- I'm a convert since the early days of pregnancy with my DS. After that, being a WOHM + parenting meant that by 9:30, I was usually totally sacked out. My mid-20s self is reeling from the shock.

Babywear or baby bucket?

ETA: that's not a judgment. I guess the car seats are just called carriers, but I always just refer to them as buckets since everyone knows what I'm talking about. We have a bucket for a car seat, though I am a total Moby devotee for newborns.
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Babywear, and I also call them 'buckets'!


Marinara or pesto?

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Pesto, but my DH prefers marinara so I end up making it more often!

Water with lemon or without?
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For sleepers: snaps or zipper?
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Family photos on the wall or artwork?
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Cereal boxes that stand up in the cupboard or lay on their sides?
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Stand up. Laying down would result in many avalanches at my house.

Bedshare, room share or crib in nursery?
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Bedshare, though I think we'll use a bassinet a bit at first. I was really paranoid about DH crushing DS last time and didn't get much sleep during the newborn phase.


Outfits or simple clothes (onesie, gown, etc) for newborn and young babies?

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Simple clothes for sure.

Use a nursing pillow or not need one?
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Nursing pillow, helps my posture!


Sleep while babies sleep or try and stay awake to get stuff done?

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Stay awake to get things done- I have a bad habit of not napping!

Curly or straight hair?
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Wavy. orngbiggrin.gif


Restaurant or picnic?

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blinds or drapes on the windows?
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Drinking glasses or mason jars?
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Drinking glasses. The lips on mason jars always cause me to dribble on myself.

Commercial household cleaners or make your own?
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Usually make my own, though I really like an essential oil based one from Trader Joe's.


Disposable menstrual products or reusable?

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I WANT to like the Diva Cup, but I can't get it right. So disposable it is, for now.

Wine or beer?
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