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Well, DH has been really understanding already, so I'd take the good sex for a month.


Would you rather continue your life as it is, or go back and fix a mistake in your past (changing everything past that point)?

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Go back and fix a mistake.

Would you rather watch only HGTV or Food Network?
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Food Network (I tried watching HGTV at my grandparents house and it only seemed to have house hunting shows on anymore, anyway it's all about food right now anyway!)


Would you rather grocery shop on a daily basis or do one big monthly trip?

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Monthly trip (assuming I didn't have to take the kids with me and had an awesome pantry and freezer).

Excuse the grossness: a magical baby that never pooed or never vomited?
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Never vomited. Not pooping would just make me worried, even if it was magic.

Would you rather eat all your meals inside or outside?
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Inside. -20C plus windchill in February simply isn't patio weather.

Would you rather start elimination communication at birth with no diaper backup ever or wait until your toddler is 3.5 before ever introducing the potty?
(guess what I've been working on with lil miss lately lol)
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E.C. Thank you very much!

If you could magically skip one trimester and still have a perfectly healthy baby, would you skip first or third?
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Oh definitely first!


would you rather steak or lobster?  (mmm YUm!)

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Steak (I'm hungry and the shell would just slow me down!).

Would you rather be stuck in an elevator or on a Ferris wheel?
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Definitely a Ferris wheel, at least the view might be good.  I get claustrophobic.


Would you rather go bungee jumping or sky diving?

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Sky diving!


Would you rather have your floors covered in luxurious carpet or cheap linoleum?

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I guess I would go with linoleum, carpet is terrible for my allergies.  Although really I would take a nice hardwood.


Would you rather have someone clean your bathroom or your kitchen?

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Ooooh. Right now I'll say kitchen!

Movie snack--candy or popcorn?
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Popcorn hands down.

Would you rather get a gift certificate to a nice restaurant or the same value to a grocery store?
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Right now grocery store.  If there were more restaurants around here that were something other than glorified bar food, I think I'd change my tune though!


Would you rather a glass of fresh lemonade or iced tea (any variety)

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Iced tea (unsweetened).


Would you rather vacation somewhere hot or somewhere cold?

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Somewhere hot, though I'd wait and do it in January wink1.gif

Would you rather give up chocolate or sex for a year?
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Would you rather have breakfast for dinner or leftover dinner for breakfast?

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Breakfast for dinner, please (pancakes with maple syrup, fresh strawberries, bacon or sausage, and a berry mango banana orange juice smoothie)!

Would you rather be left alone when you're upset or get a huge hug from the person who upset you.
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Dinner for breakfast!

Would you rather wear loud, bright prints or plain black every day for a year?
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