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Baby Shower Game Thread One August 2013 DDC - Page 5

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I'll take the handful kids. I'm pretty sure that's what I have right now!

Back rub or foot rub?
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Back rub. My feet are ticklish wink1.gif

Dark or white chocolate?
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Lemongrass or ginger?
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Both! (I am dreaming of good Thai food... alas, none in this town)  Okay, if I had to choose, ginger, it's more versatile I think.


Would you rather fart every time you coughed, or pee every time you sneezed (just a little)?  Sorry I am gross right now!

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LMAO. I think pee when sneezing - I'm already doing that but thanks to my brand new cloth pads, it doesn't drive me nearly as crazy. It's lovely cotton softness on my poor lady bits joy.gif

Would you rather gain an hour of sleep a night or say goodbye to one annoying pregnancy symptom?
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Get rid of achy crotch!

Fast forward through the rest of pregnancy, including the birth, or ride it out and experience everything?
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Fast forward, as in I don't actually have to push someone out of my body? And do I get to fast forward through pp recovery too? I think I'm going to take that one!

Would you rather wake up to an alarm or a bossy toddler screaming, "nurse" at you?
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An alarm.


Would you rather have a long labour and push for only 15 minutes or push for 3 hours and have a short labour?

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long labor, short pushing

Would you rather  a facial or a mani/pedi?

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Mani pedi. I think someone touching my face right now would make me scream

Protein-based breakfast (like an omelette) or carbolicious (pancakes!)? Yes, I am making this decision right now :-)
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carbolicious. though a piece of bacon or two on the side is nice.


Clean up or play with the kids?

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I always say clean up, so in trying to be a more mellow lady, I'll say play with the kids. Either one means I have to stand up though, right? Ha!

Would you rather spend the rest of your pregnancy sleeping/relaxing or busy all the time with unlimited energy?
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Busy with lots of energy. I have so much to do!!! But the couch is winning...

Would you rather have sourdough or pretzel bread?
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Mmm, I think pretzel. Well, now I know what I want for lunch!



Would you rather put extra money toward paying off debt (or any other responsible spending) or go have fun?

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Go have fun! We don't have any debt right now (knock wood!), so I am loathe to upgrade our car and create some. I'd rather have fun! Although, looks like I'm gonna be home bound for awhile between nesting/exhaustion and soooooo close to EDD!

Would you rather have a pool in your back yard or a neighborhood one close by with easy access?
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Easy access. Pool maintenance is expensive and a pain.

Wake up way too early to silence or much later to the sound of child disaster you have to deal with?
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Wake up to silence - sometimes they are actually playing well with each other!



Would you rather live in the city or in the country?

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The city. I'd go stir crazy sharing a car with DH in the country!

Would you rather have something sweet or something salty right now?
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Salty (I just indulged in something sweet winky.gif)


Would you rather have an upstairs neighbor or a downstairs neighbor?

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upstairs, then I don't have to try and keep the kids too quiet.


Would you rather have a long weekend away by your self or with your partner?

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