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I woke up gasping for air

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Hello ladies,

I have been having severe back pain for the last week. The only way I can get sort of comfortable enough to sleep is to lie on my back (I'm 24 weeks). Well, last night I woke up in the middle of the night gasping for breath. It scared me. I'm already so worried because I have to take Tylenol right now (I cannot walk or do anything but cry without it) and now I am worried my baby can't get enough oxygen for some crazy reason!!

Is it because I am sleeping on my back? I know I snore a ton while preggo. I am starting to wonder if it's sleep apnea. Ugh!!! Any ideas??
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Aw dalia greensad.gif that sounds like an awful feeling. I truly am not trying to diagnose anything online, I think you need to talk it over with your midwife or doc. BUT it is very possible that your uterus/baby have grown enough that sleeping flat on your back compressed your lungs and circulatory system enough to cause that event. Have you tried making a wedge with a blanket or pillow to put under your right side, jut enough to cause a tilt?
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Thanks, Katie. I can try making a wedge but on my right side is gonna be tough because I have such crappy back pain right now. We're talking serious pain! It is very lame. I'm going to try, though. I just hope me gasping doesn't mean my baby is gasping for oxygen. :'-(
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I believe you. I had horrid hip/pelvic pain when I was pregnant. Tylenol sucks for joint pain in my experience. Do you get prenatal massage? Do prenatal yoga? Those two things kept me walking by the end of my pregnancy, no joke.
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Well I am getting chiro and acupuncture and I was doing the treadmill and elliptical every day but now I think I'm gonna probably move on to water aerobics. Maybe some yoga but for some reason I'm just not that into it this time around. This pain has been brutal. I have been on the couch for close to a week, no joke. I am soooo over it!!
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That happened to me a few times when i was pregnant with DD. I think it happened around the same week you're in. They say that after about 20 weeks its bad to sleep flat on your back because the weight of the baby can put pressure on the vein that returns blood to your heart, so that can cut off circulation. Thats probably why you woke up gasping for air, i remember waking up and feeling the need to take deep breaths. I also had an overwhelming feeling in my chest, like someone was sitting on it. I just attributed it to the lack of circulation because i never had it again after that--i used my body pillow to make sure i stayed on my side and didnt roll onto my back. If lying on your back is really helpful then i recommend propping yourself up on a few pillows so you're not totally flat, that should help hug.gif
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Thanks, PM. I think you are right. I was able to sleep on my side last night and it didn't happen. Baby is kicking today so I guess he has enough oxygen! Damn it, why does pregnancy have to be so scary??? Ugh.
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