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Calling all assistance!!

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HI All fellow loving Mums out there. I am so happy I found this forum. Talk about cementing my sanity, great to know others are experiencing simular challenges.


My story.

I am a single mother with a 9 year old inflexible child.  I have since he was 2, raised him on my own and have always wondered if parenting was truelly meant to be this hard??

I searched and searched for some answers and often came back to the thinking it was "my Fault" as well as on the way trying a host of other lotions, potions, techniques, parenting skills, rules, rewards etc etc etc etc.

The Explosive child was breakthrough for me.  It helped me so much.

My experience with my son has led me to want to assist other mothers in situations like ours.  I am battling through being a student of Dip in Counselling this year as well as getting other knowledge that can make both mine and other mums journeys a little brighter.

I have just made a facebook page called Plan B Parenting and would like to ask anyone willing to check it out and add me if its ok.  Its a work in progress but I would dearly love you all to help share with the world our experiences. 

If you have anything, tips, videos, advice etc ...anything that you think could help me to build this page, I would absolutely love that too so we can have a voice in our communities and help other struggling mums become aware that there is hope and support out there.

This is my mission and i cant wait to see you there.

With Blessings and love

Beck x

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Hope you got some advice. I would but I do not have a facebook account. Sounds interesting what you are doing though.

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