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How to feel "pretty"

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Lately I've been reflecting on how to feel pretty and what that means to me. When I was younger, I would battle with my thick, frizzy hair, put lots of effort into grooming, doing my makeup, wearing nice clothes. Somewhere along the way I have lost my motivation for most of that. I think being a mom is a major factor--there's not as much of an urge to focus on myself since I'm usually so focused on others.

I've been realizing, though, that I'd like to do more with my appearance again. However, I want to figure out what it truly means to be "pretty" for once instead of just repeating past habits. For awhile I was valuing my natural state by not shaving, not wearing makeup, just doing basic hygiene. I enjoyed it for awhile. Now I am ready for a real change but I want to do it for the "right" reasons--not to simply fit in or please anyone, but to do it because it makes me feel pretty. This is so foreign to me because I've been rebelling against the concept for so long now. I just dont know what it means to me anymore.

Has anyone experienced something similar? What does being pretty mean to you? Have your views changed over time?
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I'm in that "natural" phase.  I don't wear a lot of makeup and usually just roll out of bed in the  mornings.  It's tough with three kids now to spend any time on myself, haha.  Even showering can be hard sometimes, so it is a good time to cherish my natural state, lol.


That said, I did just get a haircut and my three year old and I painted our nails the other day.  :)


As a mom to a baby who grabs EVERYTHING, I can't really wear earrings or necklaces... and my hair has to be up in a messy bun or she will yank it out.  I'm also a nurse, so I'm not supposed to wear nail polish, rings, bracelots.  


I feel pretty now because of the respect I have for my body.  My son was born by induction/c-section and I had a lot of difficulty accepting my new mom body after he was born.  Two natural VBACs later (my baby was just born 3 months ago at home) and I have a whole new appreciation for how strong my body is and what it is capable of.  My husband prefers the no make-up version of me, so that helps a lot, too.  


My 10 year HS reunion is coming up and I have been thinking about what others must perceive of me now... and I realized that I don't really care!  lol.  I have grown a lot in confidence since becoming a mom, and that confidence shines through.  I feel pretty because of that.  :)


It's a growing appreciation for who God made me!  

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Pretty is a state of mind if you ask me. It's confidence and reassuring yourself that you're good enough the way you are. You ARE pretty enough, beautiful enough, lovely enough, woman enough, etc. Once you get that down, you'll feel better instantly!


All the makeup, shaved legs, hairstyles, tan skin, blah blah blah is extra to make you LOOK beautiful. You need to feel beautiful first though. I honestly think most men prefer their wives makeup free.


If you're feeling spunky though, experiment and play around with different styles and colors when you're at home and you aren't going out.


Hope that helps! - Sabrina

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I used to be a makeup artist.  I have found that when people try to cover up their flaws, deep down they feel less pretty.


For me personally, I feel prettiest when:

1. I do things that are good for my body like eat really healthy and stay active.

2. I pay close attention to my idea of good hygiene, which means showers manicures and oiled heels/oil hair every other shampoo.

3. I wear well-made, simple clothing.

4. I keep my toes painted; if it chips it drives me nuts.  


Ironically, whether or not I wear makeup is less important than the above 4 issues.  But when I do wear makeup, I find the most easy and effective areas to focus on are brow shaping/definition and eyeliner or mascara, and a very pale lipstain (they now have fantastic lip stains that last for hours and days and can be picked up at your local grocer).  I have a really easy casual hairstyle; helps a ton.


One other fanstastic arrival in the last few years is long lasting gel polish. I have super thin weak nails and now they hardly every break and the polish stays on for a full week. 



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I feel much prettier when I get ready for the day. Sometimes I feel silly putting on a nice outfit to run to pick up ds from school or to the store, but I never much liked to wear sweats out of the house. 


I feel prettiest after I spend some good alone time with myself, cleaning or, exercising, or singing lol. makeup not needed for those things. 

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Thanks for all the wonderful opinions! Your comments have helped me see that if i do anything to my appearance that is just a method for covering up imperfections then i wont feel any prettier. But if i do things that accentuate my features then i will feel better. Like today i plucked my eyebrows for the first time in a long time and i did it with the intention of accentuating my natural arch, which made them turn out really nice. If i had tried turning them into eyebrows that look nothing like my natural ones i wouldn't have felt so good about it.

I also agree that feeling pretty comes from within and everything else is an expression of that feeling smile.gif
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Belly dance class makes me feel pretty.

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My physical condition is part of feeling pretty for me. I feel good when i exersise.


As far a hair, do not argue with nature but do not let it go nuts either. If your hair are curly and tend towards freeze, do not straightne them. Get Aveda  BenCurly line. I use shampoo , conditioner and gel. My hair looks great.  It take 5 mins really. Soft curls. No need to brush or iron.


Make up does not need to take hours. Tinted moisturizer or sunscreen all over.  A blush/Lipstic stick. Creamy eye show. 5 mins and you are done. i love Benefit products.



Pretty clothing had be comfy and easy. Shop  for multifunctional item.

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I keep my hair trimmed nice and I wear colors that suit my complexion. After that, I find a smile or a good soundtrack help me radiate happiness to others and for myself as well.
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I had, and continue to have similar urges to renew myself. Lots of times happen due to PMS, or various other aspects of life when it's just a little less wonderful than normal. Also, I seem to have emotional/philosophical growth spurts every 2-3 years that start with desire to tweak my image a bit, and end in some major paradigm shift emotionally and/or philosophically. I seem to be in the middle of one of those big shifts, and have been more likely to obsess over haircuts, wardrobe changes, shaved legs, and generally desiring the ritual if sprucing up a bit. I haven't much to add in regards to perceptions of "pretty" as mine change frequently, but just thought it was an interesting parallel to draw here. And I'm sure you are a knockout, no matter what. smile.gif
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To feel pretty I need to have some confidence in my body, like after I do a Bikram yoga class I feel thinner, lighter, more in control of my body. Plus, better posture.

As far as appearance, I need to have clothes that make me feel cute.

hair blown out, maybe with flat ironing. I have natural curls and I do not like them. I feel like I look fatter with my hair curly
Eyebrow and lip threading
Coverage of grey hair
tan skin means less need for make up
under eye concealer, mascara, eye liner, lip gloss
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