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Flats fit question

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Hello! I new to this forum but not Mothering.com. Cloth diapering my 8 month old with a mix of flats, prefolds, covers, fitteds, pockets and wool. I only introduced flats and prefolds when mt daughter grew out of the pocketshad leftover from my son. She is very chubby and I am so annoyed that I can only pad fold or trifold these diapers!! I would like to be able to go cover less at home sometimes and I have tried every fold I can find and they don't fit around her hips and are so low on the rise. Does everyone get to point when their chubby ones are just too big for these?? I am in Canada and have been having trouble finding any larger sized prefolds here. I may just try to get some more affordable fitteds but I feel l Ike these diapers are kind of a waste when they were supposed to be my inexpensive option.
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Welcome! Just bumping up your post for attention. Anyone have anything to share?

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Hi, We love flats! one of the best things about them is they fit EVERYONE, well everyone little enough to carry around lol. Anyway an 8 month old will be able to wear coverless flats! But you have to be a little creative. Youll want to do a kite fold... you can look it up im sure there are folding tutorials online ;) lay that out and then "stuff" it put either a pad folded flat or prefold inside and then lay your child on top and adjust and fasten with your prefered closure. you shouldnt have trouble with this with or without your wool as long as you change frequently. or you can try any other sort of doubler. we use this with hemp doublers on vacation and have had wonderful results and even on a toddler with enough absorbancy in there. unless your child is still in them and the size of a preschooler she's unlikely to outgrow them. keep in mind everyones grandma used these and there wasnt a next size up :) good luck finding your perfect fit but this at least in my experience fits all sizes and works well!

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We used an elastic belt to hold flats on pad fold. Or we tied them origami fold if a belt was missing.
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