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Tankini (an alternative to skinny dipping) wink1.gif
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U - undressing as soon as you walk in the door 'cause it's so hot!
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V- Vacation time! Even if you don't go anywhere, swimsuits and cookouts make it feel like the world is on holiday.
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Watermelon - as in, eating copious amounts of

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eXtra long days, that stretch into night here (it's usually still light out around 10pm)

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Yard - spending a lot of time outside in the yard

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Ziplining! So fun, but no preggos allowed. greensad.gif

Next topic: Guilty pleasures!
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A- almond and chocolate haagen daaz bars. Post-partum with DS I wanted my "hogs" every day

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B-Beer. I'm counting down!! ;-)
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Not that I don't eat cake at all, but I'm trying to be good...I do love a good piece of cake...

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D- dark chocolate! Especially with dried cranberries and nuts in it
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E- eggs Benedict (especially at my favorite breakfast restaurant)
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Fried Food!  I totally overdid it when we went to visit family in the south a couple of weeks ago.  It is much better as an indulgence than a way of life!

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G- getting massaged. DH is so nice about massaging me for a long time

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Amen for partners who give massages!

H - Holiday overeating (sensible meals go out the window with overloaded plates of turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, potatoes, biscuits, green bean salad, and don't forget the pumpkin pie, apple pie, Christmas cookies, and left-overs!)
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This one is almost too easy...


Ice Cream!!!  I love ice cream.

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J - Jelly beans (only Jelly Belly brand, of course).  It's the only exception to my candy rule of "if it's not chocolate, it's not good".


(Also, I just got back from a retirement party at work and there was cake.  Yay cake!)

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K- Krispy Kreme. Need I say more?
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Banana, yes! There is a Krispy Kreme by our Costco and it makes going very difficult because I can't stop thinking about making a little detour!


L- lemonade! Can't get enough this summer

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M- Mexican Food. My one and only craving this entire pregnancy!

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