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hughkona- welcome! How's your cm? That might give you some clues as to where you are in your cycle. smile.gif. IME, I've had bad experiences with expired tests!
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Welcome to all the newbies! Lots of nursing mamas out there it seems :)


wengrin I'm using Maca Root too! Just started this cycle. I'm starting with 2x 500mg capsules per day. I'll up the does to 3 capsules if this isn't our cycle. I'm also taking Evening Primrose Oil to ovulation, and my prenatals of course which include Omega-3s.


AFM, sitting at CD13. I've been trying to track CM but am pretty out of practice with it and am finding it hard to differentiate. I think today was watery though?? We'll BD tonight to be safe :).

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Welcome all newbies! This is great support for TTC while breastfeeding!

Fingers crossed that your temps stay up and you get your BFP!! We are in the same boat here. Lots of teething pain and comfort nursing, which is not good for progesterone I understand.

I'm starting to wonder if I'm having annovulatory cycles. It was sooo easy to get preggers with DD (8) and DS (23mos). I am reading so much that the suckling at the breast can suppress ovulation and/or interfere with progesterone therefore making implantation difficult. (Sigh). I'm praying that the Vitex and Maca are helping?? The only other thing I can do is start to space out his nursings, and start distracting or refusing at night (say between 11-6AM). Sometimes if I move and wake him, he suckles back to sleep. Not enough to get much milk but maybe just enough to increase my prolactin. IDK....

I'm on CD 16 so I should know by next Sat or Sun (8/10-8/11) as my cycles are regularly 26 days. I ordered a BBT online but haven't received it yet, so I'm basically using CM and cramping or ovulation pains as a predictor. We just try to BD every other day....

I hope the Maca works well for you! Have you noticed any side effects? Like increase in libido or gastrointestinal issues? I def noticed the GI symptoms from the geletanized maca that I bought at Whole Foods. But the capsules not so much. Also is Evening Primrose Oil fine for nursing? I noticed you said you take it from AF up until O....maybe I should try that next if this isn't the one!

I am 38 1/2 and DH is 44 so we are feeling urgency to make this happen. I don't want to be too old nor do I want too much time between my son (almost 2) and hopeful baby. I would like them to be as close as possible. But I am realizing that this is not something I have much control over. I find myself obsessing and my hubby recommended I take a 3 day break from the Internet. (HA)....I told him it was doable...but of course I decided I wouldn't try. :-)
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Hi all,

I have started vitex and maca root.  I think the maca root made me nauseous - has that happened to anyone else?


I've been very frustrated lately with people telling me to just wean. Weaning will be my last-ditch effort if nothing else works, but I always planned on letting my little guy wean himself and that doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon.  My more mainstream friends do not have any understanding of the shift in thinking it takes to go from weaning naturally to weaning forcefully. So frustrating! People act like I am an idiot overlooking such an obvious solution to my TTC problems...I hate it...

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wengrin: I'm 39 and my husband is 41, so I totally understand about the age thing! It is hard not to stress out when you feel like you have a deadline, but I am sure the stress has not been good for our efforts.  If I had any advice for how to relax I would tell you; perhaps take comfort in the fact that at least you are younger than me? redface.gif

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List updated to here - July done!!


Hi everyone, just popping in to update the list while DS is having a nap.  DS is 1 today!!  We've had the first round of relatives and I'm busy preparing for the next lot after his nap.  He's been super spoiled bless him - my living room floor is covered in toys, seriously I'm having trouble walking though it all.

Welcome newbies!  I love knowing so many of us are TTC and breastfeeding at the same time, it makes me really hopefully that it can be done as well as giving me a group to turn to when everyone else is asking when he's going to be weaned.

Emom47 - let us know if the nausea gets any better and of course, if you have any success!

Tolovemercy - DS nearly slept through last night so I'm hoping for now at least, his teething will improve.

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emom47: yes I had stomach upset from the maca. Are you taking the powder or he capsules? I get more GI issues with the Navitas Naturals powder form, than I do with the Femmenessence which has 500 mg of organic maca root concentrate. Not sure why....my issues were more loosening of stool, which for me sometimes helps because I tend to be the other way. But I also felt nauseous. I have read online that others have had GI upset from the maca. I read to cut your dosage back to allow your body time to adjust more slowly. Like take 1/2 tsp instead of 1 or 2 tsp...not sure how you are taking it.

I completely feel your pain about people being insensitive about why we don't just wean!! Even my husband is bad about it. It is frustrating. He tries to be supportive but then he blurts out, "well he just needs to wean...he's almost 2!"

One thing I have learned by lots of reading lately is- if you are able to cut out just one feeding (nighttime or nap) per day, that will sometimes be enough to allow that egg to push its way from follicle and the keep the progesterone up enough to support the corpus luteum during the LP. I will probably try that next.

I know it is difficult to abruptly stop, but I did find for myself a few months ago that it wasn't really too rough on my son to distract him before bed by reading books and keeping my breasts covered up (no nursing gown or low cut/open pj tops) and just kept cuddling and softly saying "no nursies 'till the morning" and kept reading books in bed with him. He asked a few times each night, but after a few nights he fell asleep quicker! So one feeding was eliminated and that spaced his after lunch 1:00pm nursing until 5:00am or so. That is actually when my first cycle resumed. So that must mean it does make a big impact on our hormones.

(By the way- I caved and began nursing before bed again because he got sick and had a rough cold, so I nursed him for comfort...then a few weeks later I thought the cold/cough was gone but he spiked a fever so I took him to his Pediatrician and he confirmed w/ a chest X-ray that he had pneumonia! Poor little guy...so of course I haven't tried to adjust any nursings since). I'm wondering if maybe I am having annovulatory cycles because he is at the breast just often enough to keep that egg from releasing?

Anyway- I decided that since that one feeding made such a difference before, I will try again in a couple weeks if this cycle doesn't end in BFP. He is all better now :-)......,except the antibiotics messed his tummy up again (he suffered with reflux until 1 1/2) and had to be on meds for it. So he has been extra fussy since the antibiotics and the Dr thinks it has flared his reflux up again and suggested putting him back on meds....which I hate to do. I am trying probiotics first....but that's a whole other story.

Sorry for long post! But I feel you emom47!! Hang in there and just keep following your instincts. It will happen...my mom nursed me until I was 2 and she said she got preggers w/ my brother while nursing but it took 3-4 cycles.

I will PM you my email in case you need to vent or just need a shoulder to lean on. I can completely relate! :-) Take care
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wengrin I didn't notice any symptoms with the Maca, no. Although in saying that I was nauseous the first two days I took it, but didn't really consider why haha. So maybe I have! I've felt fine since then though. I'm taking the EPO because it's a recommended supplement for PCOS and one of the only ones that the chemist said was safe while breastfeeding. It's a good source of essential fatty acids and is supposed to produce balanced hormones, create a healthy environment for conception, increase cervical mucous and increase metabolic function. (according to naturalfertilityinfo dotcom) 


Happy Birthday BabyCrunchyBrit!! partytime.gif

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TheCrunchyBrit- Happy 1st Birthday to your precious son!! :-) Such a sweet milestone!
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Oh okay Tantylynn: thanks for the info! I used to take EPO to help with my PMDD and rough painful cycles...I just wasn't sure about BF. I will try it!
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I haven't figured out how to change my pic associated with my profile...probably because I am not using a computer but accessing on my iPhone. But here is a shot of my little man....he is watching Barney while I update this board, analyze my symptoms this morning, google "5dpo symptoms" etc....(but we always go out around 10:00 for some outdoor fun or do some activity before lunch!) It is 9:22 AM here. I know we have moms from other time zones and across the ocean!

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wengrin What a cutie! Oh and I forgot to add that EPO is not recommended for pregnancy except after you reach full-term (thus why I only take it up to O and not after)

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Faint bfps today and yesterday!

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ToLoveMercy!! That is awesome!!!!!! congrats! How many DPO are you?

So happy for you guys!! :-)
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Thanks Tantylynn!! :-)

I had a moment of madness and took a test on Wednesday the 31st. BFN of course. I think I am 6 DPO as of today but I may have O'd on Tues so we'll see....either way too early to tell. I am having the usual....cramps, sore bbs on the sides, queasy and not wanting to eat much....but who knows. Uggghhhhh.....so hard to be patient and wait!
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Thank you!  I'm sort of in shock!  After my wonky cycle last month, I thought I'd be here for a little while!  I am 11dpo.  We are talking FAINT bfps, but they are there!   I tested crazy early, too.  It's hard to shake the testing bug once you've got it.

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Said it on another thread but congrats tolovemercy!! jumpers.gif

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ToLoveMercy, that is so great!! I bet it is a little shocking....especially because those of us that are ttc while nursing have a more difficult time conceiving. Plus like you said last month was so crazy for you...but faint BFPs are awesome!!!!

I am 7 dpo (I think....but I may have have ovulated late so in that case I would be 5 dpo). I dunno....it might take me a few more cycles to get it right. I ordered a BBT thermometer so I will start seriously charting next month. I think that will help. So far I'm just going by ovulation cramps and EWCM to determine ovulation. I could also invest in some OPK's online. I just keep hoping I am going to get pregnant without having to do all of that. But I am willing to...especially because that night shed light on whether or not in even ovulating. I could be having annovulatory cycles.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
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wengrin Personally I feel so much better about TTC when I'm charting. That said, my cycles are very irregular and CM isn't always a great indicator for me (I'm never sure I'm reading it right haha). I think I may have O yesterday though woo! My temp is way up this morning. I'll just have to wait and see - but you're right, it's so hard to be patient!!!

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Congratulations tolovemercy!!!  You've had a short stay with us but I'm so happy for you - it can be done!  I'll add you as a July success story seeing as there's no August thread yet.


Thank you to all of you for your birthday wishes for my DS, we had a great day.  The icing on the cake came today though when my brother and his girlfriend announced their pregnancy - I'm chuffed to bits.  My DS is the first grandchild on both sides of family so he has no cousins to play with yet.  I'm so excited at the thought of seeing the two of them running around together one day.

I'm still not ovulating but will be starting vitex in 2 weeks and the thought of being an auntie for the first time has considerably softened the blow, so I'm hopeful.


BTW, has anyone started an August thread yet? 

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