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Urethral diverticulum

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Hello All,

I lurk often but am posting for the first time to see if any of you have experienced urethral diverticulum. I gave birth nearly five months ago to my daughter and a few months after giving birth I noticed symptoms of what seemed to be pelvic organ prolapse so I made an appointment with a urologist in the area. Well, after my exam they said I wasn't displaying any symptoms of pelvic floor prolapse and that my pelvic floor actually seemed pretty strong.

What they did mention was urethral diverticulum. You can just Google that to see more about the condition. It seems as if UD can only be treated surgically.

Now, I haven't been formally diagnosed because I still need to get an MRI but I am quite concerned that I have this condition. I really don't want to get surgery. It sounds awful and I'd need to wear a cath for a while, not to mention i don't want to be on pain meds and recovering from surgery while breastfeeding and caring for an infant full-time. Also, complications seem like a big possibility and I would like to have more children and not have anything get in the way of having future vaginal deliveries.

If you've experienced the surgery or this condition and can share anything about your experience, I'd really appreciate it. I've seen one poster discuss this condition here but not much else. And i haven't found anything online on how surgery impacts childbirth in the future. Thank you so much.
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I'm sorry you're going through this! I have not had this condition (had different complications), but here's a BUMP in the hopes someone will see this that has words of wisdom to share.


I think it's great that you're considering all the possibilities, and possible effects, and hope you find a solution that works for you. Don't worry too much about short term struggles like surgery, pain and caths, they're difficult but they're also as temporary as labor and we all know we survived that ;)

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This sounds like what I have, although I haven't gotten a definitive diagnosis yet. I too suspected prolapse after my birth 12 weeks ago. I've been told it appears to be a urethral bulge and not my bladder/rectum/uterus. It's definitely something I initially found extremely troubling, but thankfully things seem to be going well. I can share a bit of my experience. Immediately after birth I was unable to urinate at all. It was very strange, I could feel the need to go and no pain whatsoever, but when I tried I just couldn't make anything happen. I was catheterized for six hours on six hours off for three days, then I was discharged with a foley cath that stayed in for seven days. It took some getting used to, but it actually wasn't nearly as bad as it sounds. After seven days it was removed and I felt totally fine and was able to urinate normally. When I got home I noticed the bulge and was really upset. Honestly surgery isn't even on my radar right now. It's only been 12 weeks since birth and I've already noticed a significant decrease in symptoms. The frequent urinating has passed, I've never had any issues with sex, and the bulging has decreased by about half. Ive done literally nothing, just time healing my body. I really hope your body manages to heal well without surgery, but even if it does require surgery I can testify that healing from my birth with stitches and a catheter (what you'd have to deal with after surgery) was not that bad at all. More awkward than painful. In fact my baby was in the NICU during that week and I managed running around the hospital with my stitches and cath just fine. I know it's scary, I was scared hearing I had urethral damage too, but I promise one way or another you'll be just fine. Big hugs!

Oh! Before I hit post I should mention I am on a painkiller for unrelated reasons and still breastfeed without complications, so don't let that worry you. I was also out of commission due to pregnancy complications a few months ago and unable to care for my toddler while my husband was gone 12 hours a day. It was hard, but we got through it. If surgery is necessary your baby will still be okay.
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Thank you so much for posting a response, Cathlin and Skelly 2011. I had the MRI today and when I spoke with the radiologist after over an hour of imaging, she said she didn't see a diverticulum, just generalized swelling in the pelvic region, which is normal after childbirth. That wasn't her official report and she took some more images for about ten minutes after we spoke but I am hopeful that what she shared will remain true.

As an aside, I was told to pump and dump for 48 hours because I got contrast dye, but after doing my research, I just decided to pump what I could this previous week and then start nursing again sometime within 24 hours. She got my pumped milk all day and I just nursed her now more than 8 hours after getting the contrast dye after we ran out of stored milk and that should probably be it for the night. I plan on writing a letter to radiology about how, one, no one asked me if I was nursing when I scheduled the MRI--I had to ask--and, two, even the American College of Radiology says you can pump and dump for up to 24 hours if you'd like but that it's really not necessary to pump and dump at all after receiving gadolinium as a contrast dye. Ergh!

Thanks again. I'll update with the final verdict in a few days.
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An update: so I don't have a diverticulum. I am very grateful to hear that I won't need surgery. My MRI did show, however, that I have pelvic congestion syndrome. They prescribed topical estrogen to me, which I really haven't been taking. So I will take it now and will continue to take it as long as it doesn't interrupt my milk supply. Thank you again for your help.
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