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I need...

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A massage, a margarita (preferably large) and 8 hours of consecutive sleep.


What do you need?

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A bit of clarity in my muddied marital relationship, some extra sleep, and a hug.
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Originally Posted by Mama Amie View Post

A bit of clarity in my muddied marital relationship, some extra sleep, and a hug.


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Originally Posted by AdinaL View Post

A massage, a margarita (preferably large) and 8 hours of consecutive sleep.


What do you need?


It appears that you and I need the EXACT same things. 

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New teeth! And for my MIL to get abducted by aliens or run away to a country faaaar away.
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time alone for a few hours and a good night's rest.

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For my phone to just go die and stop ringing

24 hours of straight sleep

A wet nurse for my toddler


(the emoticons below don't lie)

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A shower! Someone to watch the baby till I shower AND brush my hair, preferably. A nap. A maid.

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A day to myself smile.gif

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Ideas for a baby shower present: specifically, for a mom having her third child (gender TBD upon birth).  Said mom has lots of baby clothes, is a die-hard nursing AP all set with slings and cloth diapers, owns a ton of baby gear from the first two, and will have a midwife-assisted home birth.


Other than (upon baby's arrival) casseroles on the doorstep, I am at a loss as to what to get her for a baby shower.  Knowing her, I am looking for reusable/recycled, all-natural type gifts.  Or original gifts/ideas, or perhaps activities or services?  She has a healthy revulsion for the excessive, crass, and/or useless (for ex., she cringes at plastic crap and token "gifts",although, bless her heart, she manages to keep a gracious and grateful appearance.  But I have seen her "to donate" bag...)  


Any ideas out there?  Crazy and outrageous (a.k.a. innovative) ideas are welcome. I am at the end of my rope.

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I think a gift card for a nice grocery store or dept store would be generous and appreciated. Perhaps an amber teething necklace? Some homemade/locally made belly butter, sitz bath, or massage oil? Finally, if there is a local maternity/breast feeding supply store, she could use a gift certificate for a new nursing bra or related needs.
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Maybe a card offering to take her older kids out for something fun so she can nap with the new baby or whatever.
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air conditioning.

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Fresh fruit, dental insurance, sewing know-how and a machine, and reassurance that I'm doing well as a wife and mother.

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Motivation to do my homework. It's easy but time consuming and due in a few days.
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A particular room to be clean, to lose 30 pounds, and some extra $$$.  I am working on it.  :-)

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Either to go into labor NOW (I'm about 44 weeks) or to have the grace to accept that this baby will arrive in hir own time, no matter how "late" society tells me ze is.

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Someone to deep clean my house and do my homework
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A vacation, someone to deep clean the house, a personal chef so I don't have to cook everyday.
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a deep tissue massage, to do yoga, to write more, to not take myself so seriously, and a rubber chicken.

Haha, just seeing if anyone is paying attention lol.gif
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