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*~*~*~*~*~July 2013 chat for Nov. due dates :) *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

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 Hi ladies, thought I'd start.  We have such a nice group :)  


I think most of us have 4-4.5/5  months or so to go-yay!!!  


So here's to July sharing and talking about what's going on, week in/dd, aches, pains etc...

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  So I'll start off with we're 20 wks this week :)  Feeling ok.  The 19wk u/s report came back great.  I talked to my mw about the cramping I keep having in addition to the strong bh's and she thinks it's a possible bacterial infection, but not uti.  So wants me to take cranberry caps and do another culture next month.  The other mw that I spoke w/ today when I called to find out how many to take, thought it could be possible, but since I drink straight cranberry juice, possibly not, but to give it a try.  I'm guessing if it's not an infection, they'll maybe monitor to see if preterm (though my cervix was not changed) or consider an irritable uterus.  Gained 15# so far but mws are all fine with it for half way.  Baby is moving around a little more today-yay.


   I got my bassinet too.  It's just a pack n play that I can put up against the bed (we co sleep w/ a rail), but it has a newborn bassinet that you can attach or take out and use as a chair-pretty cool, and the changer thing that I don't really use much, except to hold stuff :)  Has a vibrate switch which is neat too. I've never seen this one before.  My others started rolling around so much by 4m, that some nights I just needed to put them somewhere else to sleep, but next to me.  With all the complications I kept reading about the co sleeper, I opted for this since I know we'll get our use out of it.  Just need to set it up to figure out where to fit it and still have room for ds's little sleep spot for the nights he opts to sleep next to us but not in bed.  I really like the idea that I can take the sleeper out and use as a chair outside or something early on.  

  The only other expensive thing (& I got the bassinet from a mom off cl at a great deal), is the car seat and more dipes.



Ultra-how was your friend's place?  Did you have a nice day?


Cloth dipes-has anyone used the babykicks prefolds?  I ignored them at first, because $6 for a prefold vs $1.50 for indian prefolds, but they are hemp/fleece, and to me, almost like a kissaluvs, but half the price.  Am I missing something there other than they aren't fitted/contoured?  Plus they could be used as burp cloths.  That would at least take care of the issue of me putting a fleece liner so wet doesn't touch skin. 

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Hi everyone, new member here! * 
I'm at 22 weeks 4 days (due Nov. 1).  The belly is definitely rounding out now.  It's nice to finally look pregnant and not just bloated, but it also means back and hips are adjusting - gets pretty achy.  After my first birth (last year) I've consistently had hip soreness and stiffness, apparently because the bones didn't fully come back together, so the joints are loose and all around the sacrum is fused up.  I had to give up running, and even standing for a long time hurts.  Has anyone else had this?  Has anything helped?  It was already bad, but being pregnant again is making it worse again.  I want to start prenatal yoga, but I'm also afraid of over-stretching loose ligaments. Have you guys found any gentle exercises that help with hip / lower back pain?

*I had an account during my first pregnancy, but barely used it.  Our daughter passed away very unexpectedly, right before she was born (at 39 weeks) and after that I stopped visiting the site entirely.  I have a new account now, and am hoping to stay more involved.  This pregnancy has been exciting but also emotional and hard, and it took me a long time to even feel secure enough to tell friends, let alone write about it online.  Things are going really well so far though - baby's looking very healthy according to our 20 week screening ultrasound, and nausea is all but gone (thank god!)

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Hippy mum: that sounds like a great variety of sleeping setups - I'd like to do a co-sleeping / basket combination, but I'm wary of buying too much bed-equipment, since some of my friends' kids are great with cribs/bassinets, and other friends' babies just won't tolerate anything but sleeping next to mom.  Does it totally depend on what type of baby you get?

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Hi Greenbeans :)  sorry to hear about your loss.  There are a few of us loss mommas here (including me) and there is also a dedicated pregnancy after loss forum-not sure if you found it, that some are more comfortable with.

  I haven't heard of the fusing up.  Have you seen a chiropractor or what has your dr said about it?  You might need a few adjustments to get things back in order?   I would think yoga would help, but get an okay from your dr first.  Yoga can strengthen too.  I just started it to help unkink my neck and back and it's helping.

Sleeping-do what's comfortable and works for you, baby and dh.  I've met people who switched back n forth crib/bassinet/co sleep pending the child.   I think both WHO and the AAP recommend at least room sharing for 6m though and if you're breastfeeding that sure makes it easier. 

   Our experience- with ds1 I was scared to co sleep, I thought it was the wrong thing to do, even though I wanted to.  I didn't know anyone who did.  So his crib was next to the bed, and soon as dh would go to work, in bed with me he came.   Ds2 was with us right away-between me and the bed rail, till he started moving around too much, then it was bed sharing/bassinet combo.  He sleeps in our room a lot.   I have a feeling after the baby both will be in there, just to be close and not feel left out.  I'm not making them sleep some place they don't want.  I don't like to sleep alone, so why should they?  At least that's my feeling on it.  Plus I feel they go through stages where they want to be near mum and dad, or are afraid stage etc.  Sometimes they go for months sleeping in their room, before one ventures back in.  They know it's an option.  

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Hippy - Thanks for the new thread!!! Hey, was your midwife able to hear the heart beat with the fetascope yet? A bacterial infection actually sounds legit to me. With DS I had a yeast infection and it totally made me all crampy. We have the bassinet pack n play. With DS I used it the way you are planning to, next to our bed. I still had to lift him out of it though. This time we're attaching hte crib to the bed at the same height. 


GreenBeans - I am so sorry for your loss. Yoge DEFINITELY helps my back and especially my hips. Look into a chiropractor that practices the Webster technique for pregnant women as well.


Cloth dipes - I also want to add some flats/prefolds this time around. I've never used them before. What have you guys liked? I was thinking just indian prefolds because they are super cheap, but I haven't really looked much into what else is out there. Hippy, I looked at the babykicks and the only difference is they are hemp/fleece so they are possibly more absorbent? They look really good, just more expensive for sure!


AFM - We have an appt with our midwife Sat. I'm really hoping we can hear the heart beat with the fetascope. I'll be 19+3. Our anatomy scan is scheduled for the 9th! I can hardly wait to find out who is in there!

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Sila-yes1 she could hear it, but I was 20+2. She had to move around a little but finally got it. Not strong enough for me to hear though, maybe next time.
The lifting out is the only part I don't like, and maybe this one won't be a mover/kicker smile.gif

Cloth-comparing babykicks to kissaluvs I can't figure the diff except cost and the kissas are fitted or contoured. I'd like to try the kissas but if the bks are basically the same, I might try those instead. I tried prefolds with both boys but they got a rash just from being wet and also the elastic on the covers-prowrap and bummis. I would have to lay in fleece and use a fleece or wool cover if I tried again, which is why I like the kissas/babykicks since they are fleecy. But I don't know if it would be worth it cost wise for long term. I don't plan on using the prefolds once out of nb stage/when he fits the fb good. The os fb really snaps down tiny though. I just never used a pocket for nb, not sure if it works out.
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21 weeks and 2 days here!  We started second grade homeschool for my oldest on the first of July (have to get in some extra time so we can take a break when the baby is born), so we've been pretty busy this week.  :)

I had my second midwife appointment on the first too - I even managed to hear the heartbeat with the fetascope.  I was pretty surprised, since my ears usually quit working as soon as I start listening - I can't even hear my own heartbeat half the time.  :)  So that was neat.

I have hopes that our insurance craziness has been straightened out.  It was supposed to kick in on the first, but I won't really believe it until we get a medical bill that shows coverage!  Grr, insurance...

My younger son decided to help us test out whether the insurance is real or not, it seems - on Tuesday he fell off the couch and hit his eyebrow on the coffee table, and he ended up needing five stitches, poor thing.  He's fine now, but that was a fun day...  I have to take him back to get the stitches out on Monday, but one already came out today by itself, I guess the knot wasn't tied properly.  Whoever heard of a doctor's clinic not having wound glue, though?  It's not like it's hard to store.  Hmph.  :P  I was going to finally make my ultrasound appointment that day, but I got all distracted and still haven't done it!

We don't have many plans for the day - just a few small fireworks that the boys have been begging all day to set off. I'm mean and making them wait.  We visited our friends' new house and saw their baby - the one that was premature.  She's cute and tiny - she's gained four pounds, but that just means she's two ounces bigger than my son was when he was born.  :)  It made me feel a bit more ready for having another one of my own. 

GreenBeans - I'm so sorry.  I had a late miscarriage in my second pregnancy, and it made the next pregnancy really scary even though everything went perfectly, but your situation would be even more difficult.  :(  I hope you're able to enjoy this pregnancy anyway, and get through it with no problems at all.

Cloth diapers - I like having prefolds around.  I like using them without a cover to let the baby air out - especially once they start potty training.  And if nothing else, they're good burp cloths and wipes and all that kind of thing.  :)  I got this kind - http://www.kaboodle.com/reviews/organic-colorgrown-prefold-diapers   They're a lot more expensive, but they're also a lot thicker and tougher than the regular indian prefolds.  I used them on both boys, and they're showing a little wear now, but I think they'll last us through a third baby.

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Hapersmion-we hs too.  We're doing brain quest books right now through the summer and will probably start our normal stuff in Aug/Sept.  We got a bit thrown off track last winter so am going to try really hard, even with a nb, to stay on track.  Just took too many weeks off, which wasn't good for ds1 at all.

  Glad you got to hear the hb :)  Hope I get to next appt.



Afm-super tired the past few days.


cloth-the link wouldn't work for me.  I like the airing out too-we ec'd ds1 and loved it, couldn't get the hang of it the second time, but might try again.  They ran around in cloth trainers a lot as a toddler,  during the summer-much easier for us than dipes.

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Cloth dipes: I bought some used PF's and then rec'd all that I gave away back so I think we are set for the 1st few months. I think I want to try more EC this time around too. I tried it later with both my kiddos and they were out of dipes by 2yo. 


Greenbeans: sorry for your loss.   


We Homeschool here too, mostly unschool though so it makes it a little easier when the babe comes. 


AFM_  19 wks today!  I have let the MW listen with a doppler up until this point but next appt I will ask her to use fetoscope for here out. I don't know if she will like it but oh well. lol.  No big issues other than kids wanting to be in the pool and its so steamy out I want to be in AC so we compromise daily.  And I made 2 baby nightgowns out of old t-shirts of mine. I think they are adorable. (I posted a pic on the DDC FB group).

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Thank you for the kind words everyone, and I'm sorry to hear that there are so many of us on here.  Even one bereaved parent is too many. 
With this pregnancy, in the beginning it was really hard to feel connected and get my hopes up.  But the further along we got, the more excited and nervous I became, and now that the belly's out, and baby's kicking regularly, and we've seen him/her growing and developing in the ultrasounds... I'm totally smitten, which also means totally terrified of anything going wrong.

Hippy mum: Thanks for the sleep tips - I think we'll try to do the co-sleep / basket combo.  Seems like a good starting method to get a feel for what works for the babe.

As for diapers:  Have any of you had good experiences with wool soakers (Like knitted wool diaper covers to use with cloth dipes)?  I know wool is great for wicking and retaining moisture, but I'm still having a hard time believing that it wouldn't soak through into the bedding.  Especially if it's knitted I'm imagining all sorts of leakage - would you just have to do a really tight knit?  Or would you have to felt it?
I found a good-looking pattern for home-sewed cloth diapers (elastic leg holes, snap or velcro closure), it's essentially just a double outer-layer, with a fleece layer against the skin, and a pocket in between that you stuff with flannel or regular folded up cotton dipes.  Anyone ever tried making something like that?  Any suggestions for a naturally water-resistant fabric for the outer-layer?
We're trying to go as all-natural as possible - everything organic, chemical/additive free, raw materials.  The thing is, all the good quality eco-friendly baby stuff I've found is super expensive new, and really hard to find second-hand.  Since I'm only working part-time right now, I don't have much money but I have a LOT of free time.  Which means always being on the lookout for cheap, crafty ideas for homemade everything!  Do you guys have any favorite DIY baby-related projects/blogs/websites?  Or favorite brands of affordable natural baby stuff?

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yay July!!  21w today.  Can't believe it....  The Bump says baby is the size of a pomegranate at 10.5 inches (what the what??  what sort of mutated pomegranates do they have?).  Did they change the measurement?  Because last week baby was only about 6.5.  Are they including legs now??  Or is this bieb just growing that fast?  bigeyes.gif


I've talked to a couple of CD moms that I personally know, and I'm still completely unsure what I want.  There was a great document I found on MDC, but I'm still worried about making an expensive mistake by loading up on the type I think I might want and then ending up hating that type.  (Making my own is completely and 100% out of the question.)  It's actually starting to stress me out a little.  And I'm putting my registry off because of it.

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Greenbeans - Same here, I'm actually started to get really excited about this babe now. That there is a good possibility it will be joining our family (I mean, it's already part of our family, but you know what I mean). All the movement and how much my uterus has grown is totally reassuring!


Ultra - Hang in there! Cloth dipes can be so overwhelming! I was totally totally overwhelmed the first time around and finally made the decision on what diapers I wanted a week before my due date. You still have a lot of time. It seems so overwhelming now, but once you get the hang of it, CDing is really easy, affordable, and so much better for the environment! There is a huge market for reselling used diapers as well, so I wouldn't worry too much if you purchase something that ends up not working. Used dipes can often be sold close to the price of new! Same here, I'm confused with the Bump and babycenter updates. According to them my baby is either shrinking or having massive growth spurts...


AFM - I missed my Midwife appointment today! I'm so bummed! I was really looking forward to it! Plus I wanted to see how much weight I have gained. I was with my last (last before this baby) doula client. It was rough. She ultimately ended up with a cesarean. I feel especially emotional about it since I'm pregnant. Only my second client ever to have to get a cesarean too. Boo. I'm ready for a break from doula ing and am ready to focus positively on my own birth. Oh, and I almost fainted at the birth too. I rescheduled with my Midwife for next Sat when I'll be 20+3 so the fetascope should work for sure! Only a few more days until we find out the sex too! And one of my best friends just called totally overwhelmed because she just found out she is pregnant and wants a HBA2C and has a million questions. So excited for her! 

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Ultra, have you checked craigslist? I was overwhelmed at first and tried a few different kinds before finding ones that worked. I didn't spend a fortune some how either, not sure how.

Sila-good for your friend and your upcoming visit. Not so much on getting sick at the birth though greensad.gif( What do you think triggered it?

Greenbeans-I made a bunch of dipes the first time and will try to dig up links. I haven't tried wool or fleece for covers but am determined to this time, because I really like prefolds and if can use them unless out I will. I'll use the fuzzi bunz while out I figure. Second hand refolds go fast! But they're still good prices new, even the organic isn't too bad.

Afm-both my kids were allergic to sposies so we had to cloth, even if we didn't want, which we did.
Anyone feeling left out because of being pregnant? I've had friennds get together bbut not invite me out, just because I am and might not want to be around drinks or anything. While I get the consideration, I'm just upset over it. I sort of feel like I'm going back a stage while they are moving on. Any one of them could get pregnant, then how would they feel left in the dark. Sorry, maybe hormones gone crazy. I just feel too that I thought we were a closer group but realizing maybe not. I know eventually I'd have to seek out other moms who will have babies too but didn't thinnk it would start already.

Cloth-craigs list-at least my local seems to have them listed. Wool, fleece, pockets, aio etc. I like that you could probably go look at the stashes prior to purchase and most moms are understanding, especially if you don't know what you want. Some of the cd sites have newborn rental packages to try dipes out. You keep or return.
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Ultra I was totally overwhelmed when trying to decide about CDs with my DD too. There are just SO many choices!! I too was worried about making a costly regrettable decision. But as described above, any CDs I tried and didn't care for, I was able to easily resell for close to the cost I paid new. I found that was true with most of my baby item investments actually (Arms Reach CoSleeper, Baby Bjorn, etc.). I looked around, read lots of reviews and finally took a leap a few weeks before my due date. I invested in a fitted diaper one size diapering system (Motherease One Size), that genuinely worked from ~4-6 weeks through being out of diapers and some Extra Heavy Diapers for Night (Motherease Sandys in 2 sizes through her diapering time). I did have to buy diaper covers a few times. I also invested in fitted newborn diapers, Kissaluvs, which I resold for almost what I paid for them, when DD was 6 weeks old. LOVED these! I highly recommend having smaller diapers for a newborn. It made life so much easier during that transitional time!! Over the course of DDs ~22 months in diapers, I tried many, many brands (just to see) but kept coming back to my original choices.


All that said, I know some CD sites and many brick and mortar stores offer newborn rental packages, or purchased packages that can be returned for a refund minus a deposit. This allows you to try out a variety of CD brands and types before you make a large investment.


hug2.gif Hippy. Yes, I've noticed this too, very similar situation. And it just stinks. I'm sure the hormones make it feel more intensely hurtful, and it likely isn't intentionally so, but it isn't very kind.


AFM DH and I are starting our childbirth classes tonight. We chose a class that focuses on Hypnobirthing but also includes elements of several natural childbirth methods (I recall Lamaze and Bradley specifically). I'm pretty excited and hope we'll like the classes. We took Bradley Method classes with DD. Our tour/orientation of our birthplace is this weekend. And I see my MW Wednesday for my 23 week visit. I'm starting to feel a little nervous, as this is the point in my pregnancy with DD when things got rather complicated and stressful. First I failed my 1 hour Glucose Screening Test (By 2 points!) and had to take the 3 hour GTT (which I passed, my blood sugar was actually dangerously low toward the end). I had some threatened preterm labor at ~29 weeks which took me out of work for a week. I was getting cleared to return to work at 30 weeks when I was diagnosed with preeclampsia. In total, I spent the last 12 weeks of my pregnancy on bedrest at home. It was very scary, frustrating and lonely, not to mention a significant loss of income far earlier than anticipated. I am really hoping to avoid any and all of that scenario this go around!! So far, so good thumb.gif


Happy Monday, mamas!!  blowkiss.gif

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Cloth - I used Bummis organic prefolds with DD for quite awhile, then used tots bots later. My daycare used my tots bots and also I got soem Flip inserts that I used in my covers. I really loved the prefolds but found when DD got older and more mobile it was harder to get her in them. I had a OS FB but wasn't a huge fan. I didn't really like the fitteds - they just seemed really hot and big with a cover. Was just going to mention about the nb rentals that some places do - I wished I had done that. My sister loves her wool fitteds for her DD2 - she got terrible rashes with fleece so sticking to more natural fibers really helped her out.


AFM - I have a cough :( It doesn't seem to be anything more than a cough, but other than chamomile tea with honey I'm not really keen to take anything. It's just tough as it's starting to hurt when I cough more now.


But  on a positive note, I just finished a week off with DH where we went to the cottage for a couple of days with DD, then when we got home she went back to daycare and we had 3 days just for us. We got massages and went out for lunch and wandered around the local beach area and just had a lovely time reconnecting.


I'm 23w+3d today - I see my midwife tomorrow and can't wait. I'm still starving ALL. THE. TIME. and all I want to do is bake, even though it's a million degrees outside. I made soup yesterday.

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massages and lunch sounds heavenly allison!


ok here - back to have another detailed scan of baby this week, loving the ev er growing bump and movements, really trying to rest and stay cool - my history of preemies makes me doubly anxious in hot weather - drinking water lots!

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Our baby is a GIRL!!!! I didn't know I would be so excited about a girl! 

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!  energy.gif

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We had our ultrasound today! Everything is normal, baby is growing fine. We didn't find out the gender but I think I caught a glimpse of the 3 lines when the tech was trying to sneak a peek. My intuition has been telling me this one is a girl so I'm hoping I did see the lines. We'll have to wait until November to find out for sure though. My doctor also has my due date as the 24th instead of the 26th, probably due to using their little wheel that assumes a 28-day cycle for everyone. Oh well. She's very laid back and I know she wouldn't want to induce unless there was a medical reason or if I was just way, WAY past my due date. We brought our 4-year-old daughter to the appointment because we thought it would be fun for her to see the baby. She was really excited leading up to it and amused for about 2 minutes before she got bored. I think she had trouble really seeing anything on the screen and that made her lose interest. Oh well.

And those of you wondering about the crazy growth spurts on The Bump and sites like that, it's because up until 20 weeks the baby is measured from head to rump and starting at 20 weeks the measurements are head to toe. Hope that clears some things up for everyone :)

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