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Hamersmion-it's the dust from moving furniture :) Same thing happened to me.  We're still summer schooling, but had our review and will probably order our curric soon.  If we break for too long the kids get lost, and tend to fight getting back into the groove, lol.  That sounds great having people come over and cook!


Allison-we're the same, and w/ our food allergies it can be frustrating having house guests sometimes, so I'm glad I won't have to deal with that right off the start with a nb now.  We should have about a month down before we get house guests.


Sparkle-no news is good news?  


Funny thing about the gd test-I think knowing can be important should it turn out it is gd.  I know not as important, but no one ever brings up low sugar and I know it can effect newborns and what's done after birth.


Showers-just looked at pintrest at fall baby showers.  Wow, the ideas!  Going to have to start browsing through and sending them to my friend.  One link took me to disney I think, where they mentioned in the fall, most of us are decorated up anyhow, and it's true.  With select arranging, we'd already have most of the shower decorations, just have to make food :)  I completely think I want to make carrot cake cupcakes now, along w/ vanilla ones.  And pumpkin pie tarts for our shower.  Maybe carrot cupcakes w/ cream cheese icing and vanilla w/ pumpkin icing.  I'm more excited about making things for my shower than actually being there (don't like center of attn), plus I love fall and love to decorate.  


Who wants to pick up the Aug thread?  Another month closer!!! yay.

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Hippy I take the no news as good news winky.gif I haven't heard anything and really don't want to be a pain. The receptionist already knows who I am when I call (not really a great thing, though she's super nice). She's known me since our whole debacle with my Harmony Prenatal Test at 13 weeks (long story, essentially my MW's office had never ordered it before and it was truly a fiasco). I have my next appointment on Tuesday so I'll wait until then to know for sure. I can't recall if I mentioned that I did have a quick U/S last week too, to measure my cervix. It was 4.4 cm, was 4.7 a few weeks earlier (less than 2cm is a risk for preterm labor). I guess these ctx are not doing anything to change my cervix so I won't worry, well too much.


I can't believe we're getting so close!! I have only 11 weeks until I'm considered full term, oh my! Trying to keep the zen  om.gif

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Granite- green tea is a good idea, I even have some. I have avoided the coffee for over a week now and haven taken liver a few times. I am starting to feel better. Need to work on taking the liver daily.

Patience- thirsties and assunta are diaper covers, so you put them over a prefold or fitted. I will try to add links.


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