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Just finished my 1 hour glucose screening (drank my organic grape juice rather than the vile Glucola, thank goodness). By my own glucometer, I should pass with flying colors. Fingers crossed!

Big hugs, ultra. Family conflicts over values like that just stink. My two cents is that it's worth sticking to your own values and politely explaining your choices. It's really tough to explain without seeming to judge others but it feels worse to compromise your own beliefs, or that's been my experience.
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FX for you, Sparkle! And how excellent that you got to drink your own juice. I'm taking my GTT next Friday, and will be downing whatever vile liquid is the lab standard.

I'm sorry you're having to anticipate this conflict, ultra... Hugs.

AFM, a yeast infection has snuck up on me, boo! It's not very bad thus far, and seems to be responding to garlic & probiotics, but still... Annoying. I'm not riding my bicycle for the duration, and miss it so.
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Sparkle - My midwife doesn't even do the glucose screening thank goodness! I was going to opt out if she did ;) She tests markers in your blood instead.


Granite - Boo! Garlic usually does the trick! Sitz baths in sea salt works great too! The salt neutralizes the pH.


AFM - Just got back from vacation yesterday so I'm terribly behind! Baby and I are doing great! I've been feeling a TON of movement, but only low for the past few days so I'm paranoid this kid has flipped upside down. Just got back from paddle board yoga class and I'm so behind after vacation so I'll catch up later!

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sila I get lots of movement low down too - this baby seems to like being breech.


Afm - really, really craving chinese food tonight.

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I need to hoist my  butt up onto a bike. haha

carpal tunnel kicking my butt this time!

No feedback on cyber shower/birth beads? ok if I do 10 post limit?

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Oh, Kamiro, I'm thanking my lucky stars that my old carpal tunnel syndrome hasn't flared up with this pregnancy! I've been expecting it to, but so far seem to have dodged it. You have my full sympathy; I know how absolutely awful it can be.

I saw your earlier post re: the cyber shower & bead exchange, but didn't respond because I didn't understand what you meant... I kept waiting for others' answers, hoping that'd help me to figure it out! Now I'll ask directly: What exactly is a cyber shower & how does it work? Is this different from the MDC-sponsored baby shower thing that's been happening in other DDCs? Ditto for bead exchange... What's a birth bead?! Please excuse my ignorance, I'm new at this!

Mmmmm, sienna, chinese food... Yum.
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still craving it this morning lol! 


can uk-ers join in bead exchange etc too? 

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Sorry for not replying about the swaps, kamiro.  I know that I cannot financially do a cyber shower right now, but I'd love to be part of a bead exchange.  Just tell me where to mail them and what the deadline is!

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Granite, I'm not clear on the cyber shower, but a birth bead swap is where you buy X number of beads (however many other ladies are in it with you) and mail them to a central person.  That person will then divide and mail them out so each mom gets one of every bead.  When the beads arrive, you take them and make your own little bracelet or necklace with it.  It's designed to be a reminder while you're in labor that you've got all these other mamas behind you.


There aren't really many guidelines on the beads except no cheap plastic ones you'd see in a 5 year old's jewelry.  Stuff like that.

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I have been MIA for awhile, but came to catch up. Congrats to all on your boy/girl! I can't wait to find out. I'm 23w4d now, I've been waiting and waiting for my medi-cal application tp go through. Somebody finally to.d me I can go to the prenatal clinic even while I'm still pending. Thank you! Couldn't someone have told me that sooner? I have been getting prenatal care with my home birth midwife, but I want to go to the clinic for an ultrasound. As soon as its 8 o'clock, I'm calling ànd taking the first appointment they have! I feel this overwhelming need to KNOW that my baby girl is a girl. orngbiggrin.gif I have super strong feelings that this baby is a girl, but I could be wrong. And if I am, I want to know now.

Cloth dipes- I have used prefolds for all my kids, with fuzzi bunz at night. For covers I like snaps, last time I had some thirsties duos in size one that were really nice, though my little chunker outgrew them way too fast (he wàs 18 lbs by 3 months!). So those are still brand new, but I need to get some more covers. Everything else is worn out. Another reason I want to know if the baby is a girl or boy, soi can buy some cute covers! . Those thirsties were my splurge with the last baby, he only wore them for a few weeks and then after that I just had to use any covers I already had that weren't worn out. So of course all the covers I didn't like greensad.gif. Which is probàbly why I am so excited to buy covers now. I was looking around at all the new cloth diapers out there (grovia, capri, etc) and getting really excited and overwhelmed. Ten decided I've been very happy with prefold and covers, I'm going to stick with what i know I like. And I still don't have a lot of money to spend on them. I'm planning to order some assunta covers, they get really good reviews on diaper swappers and are only $5.

We homeschool too, and while I was thinking I should start school early to help with the weeks off I know we'll take when the baby comes, that just isn't happening. School starts August 19 already, I'd have to start on August 1st or now. But instead I have been trying to get everything ready to go, so we can jump in right away and not get a slow start to the school year like previous years. We do a Charlotte mason style school, so atleast we have really short school days.. Though I am probably nuts thinking we will stick to the schedule I made with a newborn. Lol. We'll see...

I have been trying to get done some projects and organizing done before baby comes, before school starts, too. I rearranged my house, moving all the kids toys to the 3rd bedroom (so tired of having toys in my kitchen!), which was the school room. Now all our school stuff is in the kitchen, but at least that stuff is neat and tidy and not all over the floor. I have more to do. Like sell all my scrap booking stuff on eBay. A huge project I don't want to do. But I do want the money! I was a close to my heart consultant for awhile and collected all sorts of stuff. But I'm no longer into it. And with homeschooling four kids, I don't see myself having time for it for a long long time. Photo books are my new love and so much easier.

I hate pregnancy insomnia! I enjoyed my first two pregnancies so much! But these past two are mixed bag, because i just hate being tired all the time and being lazy mom. Wen a kid wakes me up in the night, I can't go back to sleep. S frustrating! Wednesday night I woke at 1am and laid in bed for hours before going back to sleep. Last night I woke who knows when, laid in bed for at least two hours before getting up at 5. I am going to be so dead today. I may declare a movie day. We can just skip eating right? Cause I'm too tired to go grocery shopping. What a terrible thing to do when summer is quickly ending. When I'm not sleeping, then I've been drinking coffee, which I rarely rarely drink normally. And I have a feeling that is making the insomnia worse, but its hard to not drink it when I'm so tired! If I am going to be lazy today I should lay on the couch making some photo oops. I need to do one for our 2012 pictures. And a baby book one for my third child now that I'm o longer going to do a scrapbook.
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Thank you for the birth bead explanation, ultrafighter! I just saw pics on my friends DDC, and love the idea.

What would a ten post minimum mean? That we'd only do the exchange if at least ten DDC members sign up?

Wow, Vaquitita, you've been busy! I try to stick to green tea when needing a caffeinated pick-me-up, because like you've said, the coffee lasts a looong time in my system & keeps me up. Last night, though, the insomnia was all baby: Every time I even slightly woke up, the baby began doing the samba... Strong enough to keep me wide awake for another hour at a time.
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Originally Posted by hippy mum View Post

Patience-did you have weight issues those pregnancies to gain so much?  Just wondered, everyone I've met who has seemed to, but not everyone.  

Hippy, sorry for the delay on answering.  I have an easier time updating on fb, but am trying to get better about updating here.  W/dd1 & 2, I wasn't overwgt before pg & I was pretty much all baby throughout both.  When I went in for labor & then left 4 days later after c.s., I lost 40lbs w/both.  I did retain a lot of water w/both & think that might of contributed along w/big babies.  W/dd3 & 4, I was overwgt to begin with, but still gained around 60lbs & also retained a lot of water (esp in my feet & legs).  Again by the time I left hosp. I had lost 40ish lbs w/both.   This time around, I have a higher protein consumption & have no swelling in my legs or feet & minimal in other places.


Originally Posted by hippy mum View Post


Afm-got u/s report-cervix is long and closed. My mw's think the spotting (had more) is surface cervix agitation from activity and a lot of the ctx are from baby being low.  Taking Calm magnesium drink to see if it stops them.  If so I can go back to normal activity, right now I have to rest more and just be careful.  They couldn't find hb w/ the fetascope today, but he was moving around, and I had some ctx while there, so they saw them and now I don't feel so crazy.  They did another urine culture too. 

Hippy, my MW recommended a liquid calcium w/magnesium to help w/labor.  What are you taking?  Is it natural?  I haven't had a chance to research it.

Originally Posted by hapersmion View Post

We had our ultrasound today, finally!  (Now we just have to wait and see if insurance kicks in to cover it.)  Despite all the times my younger son told me there were twins, (Or - "Your belly is getting bigger bigger 'cause there's more more more babies!") there's just one in there.  :)  (Thank goodness.)

It was just a quick scan, but everything looks good.  We got a good picture of a hand.  :)  And - it's a third boy, looks like.  The person wasn't 100% sure, because the cord was right nearby, but it looked pretty clearly like a boy to me too.  Maybe not as completely obvious as it was with my first, but at least 90-95% sure, I'd say.  So that's going to be interesting... but I'm not sure a girl would be any easier than three boys.  :)  That would be a whole new learning curve.  I'm a little sad, because I'm not planning to get pregnant any more, and I have a family middle name to pass down to a girl... but that was the chance we took, and it will be a baby anyhow.  And nobody is going to try to give him Barbie dolls.  :P   If we really want a girl, we may consider adopting down the road, but that will be a whole other madness. 

But how in the world am I going to think of another boy's name?!?!?!?

Hapersmion - Congrats on boy!!  I'm having my 5th girl, so a boy sounds wonderful to me since girls I believe are so much harder to raise.  Major attitude & so many clothes//dresses/various shoes/hair accessories/dances, etc to buy for on top of sports fees/equipment.  I hope you find a boy name that clicks.  If we have a boy, we came up with Jackson, but I wouldn't really know unless it clicked in my soul. lol


Potty stool - I too think about this every time I sit on the toilet. I did some research on it a while ago & it makes sense to me seeing how we're naturally supposed to squat. I've been thinking about buying one, but haven't gotten around to it.  Where did you buy yours?  Anyone have any suggestions??

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This is totally unrelated to any current conversation but I wanted to share. I ordered some newborn fitted diapers from a seller on Etsy, just to try a few. I received them yesterday and they are just awesome!! http://www.etsy.com/listing/98081772/custom-spot-for-two-newborn-organic?ref=shop_home_active I ordered 3 organic newborn fitteds for $36, which I thought was a great price considering how well made they are and that they include an awesome snap in doubler. I'm planning to order a dozen more, instead of the newborn Kissaluvs that I loved with DD and planned to purchase again. These are so stinking cute and super, luxuriously soft!


Happy weekend, mamas!!

Sparkle... Omgoodness.. those cloth diapers are adorable!  I too decided before I was preg. that I wanted to use cloth diapers this time around.  A friend of mine did with her ds, but hers were just plain blue.  I clicked on the link you posted & it shows 2 for $26.00 USD.  Problem is, my babies come out at almost 10lbs & are well above 14lbs by the 1st month (5-14lbs listed) so they wouldn't be beneficial for me.  By "custom", does that mean they can make them to fit bigger babies?  Any info would be greatly appreciated!

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I was wondering, especially for those who have already had a fall/winter baby, what are the pros and cons? It's my favorite season so I just keep on thinking about how wonderfully happy it will be. As long as those darn hormones don't ruin it. But I will have to bundle the little guy up and keep him inside, which means less outside time for me. And protect from all the sickness running through everyone who will want to get close. 


After he comes I can enjoy the good food without worrying what it is doing to the baby! For the reason I kind of hope he decides to come before Thanksgiving. Haha. 

2 of my 4 dd's were winter babies.  I bfed & they never got sick until I stopped bfing @ 6mo old & 9mo.  And I went around others who were sick.  Its amazing how much immunity we pass through our milk.  I bfed dd1 & dd2 til 6mo, dd3 til 9mo & dd4 til 2 yrs old.  Out of all of them, dd4 was less sick.  I don't think she even got her 1st cold til almost a y when she was going around touching everything.  Although having a winter baby, I spent a lot more time at home (in evenings) but I worked w/both of them, so they were in daycare all day & still had wonderful immunities!!  I truly give credit to bfing.  Once I switched dd1, 2, & 3 to formula, thats when they started getting sick. I also just learned in my bfing class that powdered formula contains bacteria & can grow quickly in the can & when you make another bottle, you're feeding it to your baby.


Also, I read one of the ladies on here talking about cig smoke.  With all 4 of my dd's, I spent a number of visits at docs for ear infections.  They wouldn't have any sickness at all & then as soon as I would go somewhere & someone had smoked in the room I was in or was smoking nearby, the very next day, they would get an ear infection.  It wasn't til dd2, that my new ped. told me why it was happening.  She said cig smoke has bacteria in it & when it travels into the ear canal of an infant or small child, it grows quickly & thus is why I would notice an ear infection the very next day.  Some babies are probably more susceptible to it then others, but makes sense.  My late dad was a chain smoker when I was a younger child & I always had ear infections birth til 10 yo & they would be excruinating until my mom (non smoker) & dad divorced (when I was 10yrs old) & then I never had any issues after that unless I would go to my dads for a visit.  Once he quit smoking, I never had a problem.  Sad thing, it took 2 kids & a ped for me to figure it out.  I tried to avoid ppl who smoked openingly around my children w/dd3 & 4 & they only had a few ear infections when I couldn't avoid it.  I even got to the point where I told family members & friends (in a polite way) that if they couldn't keep the smoke away from my children when I visited, then I wouldn't visit anymore.  Some were respectful, others, not so much & needless to say, I stopped visiting them.


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Just finished my 1 hour glucose screening (drank my organic grape juice rather than the vile Glucola, thank goodness). By my own glucometer, I should pass with flying colors. Fingers crossed!

Sparkle, did you pass your sugar test?  I have to take my test next Thursday & was debating jelly beans, but the organic grape juice sounds nicer since I hate jelly beans.  What did you drink?


Vaquitita, I hope your feeling is right!!  I had a feeling I was def having a boy (so much, I would of bet my worldly possessions), but 2 u.s. show girl.  I'll be really surprised if its a boy considering it def looked just like my other 4dd's u.s. girl parts.


I'm looking into the cloth diapers.  What are thirsties?  Assunta covers?  I'm going to do some more research of my own, but I've found it helpful to hear what others say about it too.


I have so much to organize around here too!  How the heck did you muster up the energy??  I'm severely struggling to do just reg chores.  I really hope my nesting kicks in soon!!


I'm also experiencing preg. insomnia.  I already have a problem w/it from time to time when not preg, but every time dd4 (4yrs old) wakes me up or I gotta pee (frequently), it takes me hrs to go back to sleep.  I'm so exhausted w/this pg more than any of my 4dd's.  DH says its because we live on 10 acres & there's way more responsibility here than I've ever had.  But of course, me being 4 yrs older prob doesn't help either. 

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AMF - I'm 25 weeks 2 days. Met w/MW & planning out our birth plan & working on backup plan since I'm focusing on a vba4c home birth.  Spent the afternoon on the phone trying to get my medical records for her for my last 2 c.s.'s.  And dd2 turned 12 this past tues. July 23rd & we're having a bday party tomorrow (saturday), so I have a cake to bake, icing to make & pipe on cake (I'm def not a pro, but I've been making all our cakes for last yr, so I'm getting better Sheepish.gif)  Laundry to fold, toddlers room to clean & some mowing.  Then I have to go to store & buy dd's gifts & any ingredients I need for cookout.  Hoping it won't rain (30% chance right now) so the kids can swim in our pool that we just installed the liner in!!  I also promised dd I would take her to local cosmetology shop & have her hair trimmed & hair do done.  It's really cheap there since its students doing it.  But we'll see.  Not sure its worth it if she's just gonna swim anyway.  So much to do & less than 24hrs to do it in.  I'm such a procrastinator!!!  dizzy.gif

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Patience-wow busy weekend.  I'll try to answer more this weekend, but this is what my mw recommends-http://www.calmnatural.com/natural-calm-raspberry-lemon-16oz  I think it's working, but giving it another 1-2 weeks to be sure.  Yesterday and today weren't the best days for me, but a low front moved in so I think the low air pressure helped much.  Almost any time I moved it triggered a ctx.

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Trying to catch up after being without internet for a bit is tough!!   I am just checking things quick at inlaws. We should get our internet back up and running on Wednesday or so....

Kamiro I am interested in cyber shower and/or bead swap.  Can you PM me if they come to fruitition? 

AFM We are 22wks baby moving alot.   MW said I could do optional food/drink for glucose screening. What are negatives to skipping this test all together when diabetes doesn't run in my family and never had GD with other 2 pregnancies?   I have gained 11#'s total so far. 


Hearbeat ranging from 145-160. I really think it is a boy I am carrying and not a girl. hmmmm. 

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I am just kind of a background lurker here, but I try to stay caught up with what's going on. I would love to do the bead exchange. Could we start a separate thread on that to get a clearer idea of it, and a count of how many people want to do it?


Sienna and Sila mine seems to be kicking low down now as well. I am trying not to let it make me nervous. 


Also, I am thinking of starting a homemade baby book / journal. Has anyone else done one? That's the only project I am ambitious enough for right now. Other than painting a lampshade like this one: http://www.somewhatsimple.com/paint-your-own-lamp-shade/


Oh! And I too am having a lot of insomnia and restless leg syndrome. It's driving me nuts! My husband now has tv and computer curfews (both are in our bedroom), and I sleep with 3 pillows. It doesn't help that I am always hot. :/

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Meks, not sure about the test.  There are probably women who skip it.  At my mw practice if I skip it, in the 3rd tri I have to do a finger prick each visit to check sugar and have to pay for the test, they won't.  I don't care about eating for the test, so it's never come up if I refused.  I've never had gd either, though with pcos I have a higher chance, but my diet is real good, so I think it balances out.

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Lots of recent activity on here!! So great to hear updates smile.gif


Patience Lab was closed on Friday so they told me I wouldn't hear about results until today (if I failed). I am debating whether to call my MW's office later today to see or just wait it out. I hate being a pain but I would like to know. I'm not a candy person myself so I went with 7 ounces of grape juice, organic store brand. It was still pretty sickeningly sweet but better then alternatives! The diapers I linked from Etsy are $12 each if you buy 3 or more. She does completely custom diapers in various sizes and also makes pocket diapers. I am sure she'd be happy to work with you on a larger size! Just message her, through Facebook (link on Etsy page) or Etsy. Your weekend sounded very busy! How was the party?


Meks Obviously I did choose to do the test. I feel like it is an important screening tool, as it would be vital information to have if you do have GD (and for the record, many mamas without a family history or personal history do have GD). I am also in this weird limbo on all things like this as a crunchy mom who is also an advanced practice nurse (former L&D nurse). It's rather tough to feel the pull of both parts of myself. For me, it was the best choice as it will assuage anxieties ultimately either way. Checking a Hemoglobin A1C level, which is what I am guessing your MW does Sila, is another way to check out your blood glucose levels. Both are minimally invasive, both are simple blood tests. My 2cents.gif


Happy Monday!! biggrinbounce.gif

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Patience, I bought my squatty potty from their website (hm, I ought to check price on Amazon...looks like it's about the same right now, with the sale on the squatty potty website, if you have Prime for free shipping).  I'm about to go buy another one for the boys' bathroom - it has the added bonus of letting my 3-year-old climb up on his own to use the big potty.  :)  http://www.squattypotty.com/Default.asp?gclid=CIupjOOX2LgCFazm7AodSxsAmA

Ultrafighter - Ugh, cigarettes are the one thing I really, really LOATHE about people.  :P  Sorry you have smokers in your family!  I'd be irritated enough having to be around them and smell them myself, without a newborn in the mix! 

For the people worried about breech babies, don't worry!  I'm having all my movement way down low too, but the ultrasound and the midwife both say the baby is head-down right now.  Anyway, it's at least 10 weeks too early to start worrying about breech.  :)


We're staying home for Thanksgiving and Christmas too - anyone who wants to see us can come to our house!  :)  Which they'll probably all do.  I plan to sit around with the baby and let them cook in my kitchen.  :)  My mom cleans whenever she comes over, so it's less stressful than it could be.  The house will be messy when they first arrive, I'm sure, but I'll have a good excuse.  :)

My boys were born in January and February, but like someone else said, they were exclusively breastfed and didn't get sick.  :)  I didn't really keep them away from anybody.  It's not all that cold here, but it's easy to keep babies warm if you carry them in a sling/wrap/etc.  :)

I'm having mixed results now with the Lactaid.  It seems like it works sometimes, but not others.  Maybe I overloaded it yesterday.  Oh well, pizza isn't really the best nutrition in the world anyway.  :P  And today I woke up all congested.  It's hard to tell if it's a cold, or just allergies - I've been spending the last couple of days moving bookcases and couches to look under them for missing library books!  Arg, I'm starting to suspect the library of losing them somehow, I can't figure out what we could have done with them!  :\  

Not much else going on this week.  The midwife has a new apprentice.  We've gotten 14 days of school under our belts already.  :)

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hapersmion - having everyone come over and cook for Thanksgiving and Christmas sounds amazing! You get to have the big meal and family time with a lot less stress!

DH is a great cook and he often is much happier when he has done the cooking though. My mom likes to improvise with weird stuff - like instead of broken up ritz crackers for a topping, she used stale triscuits she had lying around once. Umm...not quite the same thing. But at least she brought food, right? lol. And we tend to eat a lot more whole foods and very little processes/packaged foods unlike the rest of my family. So we tend to try to do the cooking as much as possible.

My family in the U.S. that we often see are great cooks though and we love going to visit for Thanksgiving so we're kind of hoping that we'll feel up to it.


I woke up stuffed up this morning too! I'm thinking it's just allergies as I'm feeling fine now but I felt really crappy earlier. I hope you're feeling better too!

I have my GD test on Monday morning and am a little nervous. I passed no problem last time so I'm not sure why I'm feeling more nervous this time. I know that I've definitely been wanting sweets a lot more this pregnancy though.

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