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Kid is using the potty well - but only when naked!

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Hi everyone, I haven't been on here in a while but have an issue I'm wondering if anyone can help with.  My son will turn 2 next month.  For the past month or so, he has gotten really good at using the potty at home.  Sometimes he uses a potty chair, and sometimes he requests that I help him sit on the regular toilet (which he seems to find more fun).  We still put him in a cloth diaper at night but it is often dry in the morning.  During the day, when we're home I just let him run around without pants.  I've tried pants with no underwear, and also regular underwear. He has accidents in them.  But almost no accidents (maybe one per week) when naked.  I consistently act really happy when he uses the potty, which seems to work well. When we go out and about I've been putting (disposable) Pull-ups on him.  He sometimes asks to use the potty (or I ask him if he wants to) and I will take him to the nearest bathroom, but sometimes he just goes in the Pull-ups.  I feel kind of guilty about the environmental factor of the Pull-ups, but often we're in the car for a long time and I don't want to have dirty cloth diapers in a wet bag, my experience with that when I tried it in the past was that it was pretty gross.


The two main issues seem to be: 1) he treats anything he's wearing like a diaper, and 2) he is a bit more hesitant to poop in the potty (though he sometimes does it), and I suspect he waits until I put the Pull-ups on him, because he poops in the Pull-ups almost every day.


Does anyone have suggestions for how I can get him to understand the concept of underwear?  Thanks in advance :)

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No answers in the poop front, but with my DD the underwear thing was just a matter of time. In fact, she went through several regressions that we were able to fix by going back to naked time. Part of it was an independence factor, since my daughter struggled with pants at that age.
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Yes, newmamalizzy, I think you're right about the underwear/independence thing.  He hasn't figured out how to pull them down/take them off by himself, so it adds an extra step where he has to come find me for help.

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We didn't bother with underpants for MONTHS with 2 of ours.   They were both about 2.5 and we went from naked to loose shorts < t-shirt material kind> plenty easy to push down.   As soon as I put snugger undies on them they peed in them.   

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jbaxter, did the shorts work when you took them places outside of the house too? 

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I also do the "shorts with nothing on under them" sometimes.  It seems to work better than doing underpants when we're in the middle of a regression.  I just keep extra ones in the car in case he has an accident while we're out (usually happens when he's not in the car).


Eventually they get it, but oh man, until then...yikes!

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Ah my LO will happily run around naked and sit on the potty - until she has to pee.  Then she runs around crying and yelling for a diaper nut.gif She will hold it as long as she can in a bathing suit or naked but the second training undies or diaper are on, it's an immediate pee! So on our end she's definitely got great bladder control, just gotta get over the potty fear hurddle that cropped up.  Having that dry diaper in the morning is a huge bonus for you though!

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Hmm, this my be a silly question, but have you every brought your own potty chair when out?  We were having a similar problem, and there are two things going on.  One is the LO is petrified of public toilets ever since an incident at the library when an autoflush happened while is was trying to pee - it was so loud, poor little guy.  The other thing is that we figured out that he likes privacy for pooping.  Se we bring our own mini potty chair everywhere (i mean everywhere). He'll use in on a sidewalk, under a tree, in a bathroom stall.  He still asks for a diaper for poop, he's trying, but I think he has a hard time pooping while sitting.  Good luck - he'll get it and I hope mine does too! smile.gif

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Thanks everyone for the replies.  We are making progress, but I guess it is just a "one step at a time" thing.  Today he ran over to the potty and peed *through* his underwear duh.gif 

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