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Midwife left me high and dry

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Long story short, I'm 8 months pregnant and have been with a midwife since the beginning of my pregnancy. I have had many issues with her cancelling all of my appointments due to her being out of town or ill and expecting me to reschedule to her convenience. My last appointment we had scheduled she cancelled as usual because she said she was ill...again and wanted to reschedule 2 days later. I was unable to reschedule because it was too short notice to get off wk. 
Needless to say she has been unreliable and I cannot depend on her which has been an issue especially b/c I was planning a home birth with her. 
I felt something wasn't ok so I went to urgent care to be checked out. They checked me and said that I am developing preeclampsia. High blood pressure, swelling etc. I informed my midwife and she immediately said there was nothing more she could do for me and that I need to go to someone else for care. She didn't recommend anyone for me to go to just told me she was done with me and that was it. Now I am left with no help at all. No doctor with take me because I am too far along in my pregnancy and I have no official medical records. My midwife won't even return my phone calls to give me record of her care during the time she has seen me. 
Has anyone else been through this before? I feel so hopeless and cheated all because I developed a problem and my midwife didn't want to have anything to do with me.

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Not in your area, but please report her to whatever licensing board she is registered under. Also, you can walk yourself into l&d at your local hospital and they will assign you to the doctor on call. Pre-e is serious stuff and needs to be very closely watched. 

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I'm not from your area, but I saw this and had to post. It sorta sounds like you dodged a bullet. Your midwife was super flaky and who knows if she even would have made it to your birth! I think that a doc would definitely take you on. Have you looked around for one? Maybe someone from your area can help.

First and foremost, please try to relax. Everything is going to be okay. Try not to stress too much because it's not good for you. <3 Good luck!!
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greensad.gif I am so sorry. I really hope you can figure out what you need to do soon.
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what area are you in?  

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This is called abandonment. If she is a CNM , you can report her to the Nursing Board. IF she is lay or CPM< I guess you can write a bad yelp review.


Go to you local hospital ER.  Pre_E is nothing to joke about. ER will refer you to L &D and asses you and they will refer you to OB/GYN clinic ran by the nearest teaching hospital.


You need real medical care. Prayers for you and your baby.

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IF she is lay or CPM< I guess you can write a bad yelp review.


Unless she is living in an area where they are unregulated, there is still a state board that oversees even midwives without a degree.

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She is LAY/DEM in the Columbus area.  

I am going to report her. I honestly don't know how she can get away with doing this to me? I have contacted her to get my records for treatment during my time with her and she won't return my phone calls. 
I've resorted to going to the ER for assistance b/c all of the 20 physicians that I contacted, won't accept me b/c I am a liability for being so far along.

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My heart really goes out to you, wa4uo7up. A DEM just did the same thing to me. I am 37 weeks, 2 days with breech and transverse twins and raised liver enzymes. My DEM just blew all that off, so I called around and finally found an ob who had seen me during a spotting issue I had to be hospitalized for. He gave me a few referrals, and I lucked out and found an ob who would take me. The 1st ob told me, off the record, that if you show up in the er, legally, they have to help you. So that is an option for you, albeit not a good one, but still there. The ob who will be deliveing me thinks all is well, that the liver enzymes need to be investigated, but she is concerned and angry that the DEM just dropped me. The DEM never gave me a referral to a doctor or hospital, never called me back, never released my records. In my state, they are not regulated, so as far as I know, I have no real recourse here. Anyway, good luck to you, and I am sorry to see that a DEM did this to you, too. I hope that you will find an ob. If you were anywhere near me, I would refer you to the 2 decent ones who I was lucky enough to find. Good luck, and a big virtual hug to you. I feel that my midwife dumping me was a blessing in disguise. If this is how she does business, I don't want to be her client in the first place. So.......I think you will be ok and find a doc. Please update and let us know.
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Not sure if this could help, but Bloomington has a network for pregnant women - Bloomington Area Birth Services (BABS) - they might be able to give you some additional, more local, guidance: http://bloomingtonbirth.org/

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Thank you TizTaz for sharing your story.  I wish you all the best with your birth.  I do believe you are right in saying that it was a blessing in disguise.  I am glad that she showed her true colors before it became an issue at my birth. 

I feel as though what she has done to me has to be illegal in some way.  I was dependent on her care and when she tells me she is done helping me, never provided any referrals or recommendations.  She said she was done and that was it, as though she didn't care, and now won't even have the decency to return my phone calls.  All because I developed an issue??  It blows my mind. 

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Because midwifery is not legislated in Ohio, there isn't anything "legal/illegal" to argue. Moral is a totally different story though. As others have said, if you walk into the hospital they can't NOT care for you so again, not ideal but if you have to!


  I am so sorry and I hope you find someone who you are comfortable birthing with and you have an amazing birth.  

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OP, I'm sorry, can you clarify--do you mean Columbus, Ohio, or Columbus, Indiana? I'm so sorry you're going through this.

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Columbus Ohio

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Originally Posted by wa4uo7up View Post

Columbus Ohio

Ah. I'm in Columbus, too. Don't know a TON about the issues that would be related to lack of medical records. But I can recommend the OB I had for my last birth, Dr. Kathryn Pool. Fairly medicalized, but also hands off and very professional, and only a 10% c-section rate. She delivers at OSU. This time around I am going with the midwife practice that now delivers at OSU. Maybe because they are CNMs they will be understanding of the circumstances? They *are* part of the OSU network, though, so not sure what their requirements would be. They practice out of CarePoint Gahanna.


Otherwise, was your midwife part of one of the homebirth practices here in Columbus? Perhaps appealing to the group office would help? Or maybe someone at the CHOICE office would be able to advise you, if she's not part of that practice?

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I second the recommendation for the new midwife practice at CarePoint Gahanna.  They're great. 

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I am in your area, Wa4uo7up,  It is another mark against your midwife that she was not on top of this, since Pre-E is usually remedied by dietary changes. 
 I suggest you report her to the Ohio Midwives Alliance. We have an accountability board, even though there is no legal parameters, we do try to hold each other accountable.
I have several Cols. clients I'd be happy to go over your diet with you next time I'm up that way, or even discuss it over the phone, to see if you can get your Pre-E turned around in time. In the meantime go to the Blueribbonbaby.org website & read what Dr. Tom Brewer has said/written about it. He explains it so much better than I do. I am so sorry this has happened to you.

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I'm so sorry you went through this. greensad.gif I had a similar situation in my first pregnancy, only it was an OB who abruptly dropped my care because he suddenly decided he was no longer delivering at the hospital I had chosen. He did recommend another doctor, but she refused to take me on at 7 months pregnant.

One thing I would try is calling doctors and saying, "I'm looking to switch my care from another provider," rather than asking if the doctor is taking new patients or whatever. It seems like the people who answer the phones in doctor's offices don't really give you a chance to explain what's going on before dismissing you. greensad.gif Another idea would be asking the ER nurses for a recommendation. I bet they'd be motivated to see you with a regular doctor rather than relying on them for care.
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