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Concerned DS isn't eating enough

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DS1 will be 3 in a few weeks.  I am really concerned that he isn't getting enough calories.


Today's intake:


Morning: nursed.  I don't know how much he gets.


Breakfast - Whole wheat toast with butter and honey, 1 egg scrambled with cheese


Snack - 1/3 cup (or so) greek yogurt, (also offered fruite smoothie, he didn't want it but had a few sips of mine)


Lunch - babybel cheese, a few sips of fruit smoothie (he wanted a nap, the cheese was intended as a snack before lunch but he was tired.  Nursed before his nap, and a wee bit after)


Supper  - pasta with tomato, spinich and cheese, maybe a bit less than a cup.


Snack/dessert - homemade trail mix oatmeal cookie


Bedtime - nursed


This just doesn't seem like enough.  I find he will eat more in the morning so I'm trying to get an egg into him with his toast at least.  I'd say this is pretty average intake.  And I find that DH and I are conjoling him at supper, which I hate.  He just doesn't want to eat, even if I prepare something he really likes.  We did Baby Led Weaning and I've never required him to eat certain foods or certain amounts before, but I'm having a hard time trusting that he's getting what he needs.  He is nursing a bit more lately since DS2 was born...but when I think about the calorie content of breast milk and the calorie requirements of a three year old...I just don't think that he's getting enough.  He still has lots of energy...


Thoughts?  Suggestions??

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Thats about the same amount my 2-year-old DD eats and i've always considered her to be a good eater.
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That is re-assuring, thanks.  I feel like he's eating less lately, but maybe that's due to nursing more and getting more breastmilk since his brother was born.  I looked up caloric intake for a 3 year old and thought "no way he's getting 1000-1200 calories per day!"  But then I don't know how much breastmilk he's getting.  He's busy and skinny so I just want to know he's getting what he needs to grow and be healthy.

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That sounds like plenty for me, particularly for a toddler who is also breastfeeding. And they do have days where they're more or less hungry, depending on how much they're growing.
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That sounds about on par with my DD's typical day - minus the nursing. She's 3. I bet it's closer to 1200 calories than you think. If you're really worried, add a bit more fat, olive oil, etc. Then he gets more calories without having to really change hiw much volume he eats.
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I DREAM of my 17 month old eating that much food!  I would second PP in regards to the nursing, I think you can take a lot of comfort in the fact that he does still nurse. From what I've read the milk changes on the fly to meet their needs at different stages, so it does sound like any gaps are being filled.  He's growing and happy right?? Then he's right on course :))

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Sounds like heaps to me. I would say that if he is energetic and gaining weight (even if it's fairly slowly) then he's fine.

I find that my 3yo eats best in the morning and the least at night usually.
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Thanks everyone!  I think the whole not eating supper thing really concerned me.  If he gets in a good breakfast and gets his multivitamin then I will not worry about the rest.

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Definitely sounds like plenty.  My 20mo eats similarly - although some days more and some way less, but the nursing habits change day to day to fill in.  Some days I feel like she's a 16yo boy that will eat me out of house and home and then she might just nurse like crazy and snack on berries and nut crackers.  I agree if you're super worried just increase the fat intake - DD loves anything coconut (we're a non-dairy house bc of her) and coconut butter is delish on toast and coconut oil or even canned coconut milk make great additions to smoothies.

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Glad you're feeling better about it. Just so you know, his breakfast is WAY more than my 5 year old eats for breakfast! That would be a dream for me. (He is busy and skinny also...)

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