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superbeans-  they decided to do onsie decorating I am very excited! so far they have plain onsies fabric markers, fabric scraps, and adhesion for fabric . anthing elseanyone thinks we should get for them. also figured out the favors  ordered soap off of etsy that says from my shower to yours.

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I gave up on The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende.  I just really wanted to 'go back' to Edinburgh with my Alexander McCall Smith series, rather than think about telekinetic, clairvoyant Clara and her kids and grandkids in an unnamed Latin American country in early twentieth century.  The storytelling was just kind of abrupt and run-on-y.  Like, every paragraph revealed SO much information, without stopping to really 'take me there.'  I was expecting to like Allende's writing much more, as she's one of my mom's favorites and I admire her taste in books very much.

I *am* willing to break out of my comfy zone for another Karen Maitland novel, called Falcons of ...something about Ice.  Anyway it takes place during the Spanish Inquisition and will be highly suspenseful and a bit violent, but I thought her storytelling of the Black Plague story was so captivating in Company of Liars that I'm willing to read something darker if it unfolds in such a charming way, as if it's my best friend weaving the tale in just my language. 


So in case it isn't obvious I am not up to much besides reading.  This week the kids are at their dad's so my feet are up and I am avoiding cooking and housework like the Black Plague.


Oh yeah, my Didymos came and wasn't nearly such a pretty fabric in person so I sent it back.  I am asking to swap it for their Orient print, which hopefully will be more stunning and vibrant in person than the black/white silk one that I ordered.

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How did everyone do on the glucose screen (if you chose to do it)? I had mine today, and I don't know if I just had one of those days, but I felt sick for most of the day. Hopefully it means nothing, and I don't have to do it again!

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Sorry for the constant shopping discussion but....

Has anyone else found their quality of life drastically improve when they got a bigger, more supportive bra than the ones they wore pre-pregnancy and early pregnancy?

I'm so glad I don't have to shop around every single brand this time around, as I tried everything with my first two kids, and I know that Fancee Free is my favorite for foam support big size nursing bras.  I really feel like suddenly my boobs are up and off my tummy, shaped so flatteringly, and it's so much more comfortable to sit, without feeling like my bra is killing my ribcage and caught in a death struggle between tummy and overflowing bosom.  It really just is  a lifesaver.  Good news and bad news is that Fancee free is cheap nowadays if you find leftover stock being cleared out by retailers/resellers (like where I found mine for 12.99 on eBay), but bad news is that it's because the company went under a couple years ago so now there's only whatever there is left out there and no more.  

I bought 8. (hey at 13 dollars with free shipping, why not?  I paid 40 each back in the day and thought they were worth it then!)   I got 6 in the size that I can a) go ahead and wear now although the cup size is a hair too big and b) will be the right size once my milk supply settles down post partum, and then 2 in a cup size bigger so that I can have something to wear and alternate between during the post partum weeks when my milk comes in and I have massive boobs for awhile.


I think white bras are boring so I am shipping most to an etsy seller who sells gorgeously dyed items, and she is going to turn them into swirl dyed pieces of art in Arizona and then mail them overseas to me.  I'm buying tons of my favorite style nursing tops in short/long sleeves and camis, and having them mailed to her as well, so she can do a matching top for each bra.  Then when I open up the flap and unhook my nursing bra, it'll be all the more incognito because the bra and top are the same colorway/pattern.  I like to camoflauge the whole operation and I remember from last time around which shirts and of course which bra style made me feel like I could really whip out a nipple but JUST the nipple, for feeding in public, with as little hassle or wardrobe malfunction as possible.  The less skin that's exposed the better, and I quickly found out which style tops and bras made me feel like I was exposing half my upper body and which made me feel quite thoroughly covered up except for just the areole which promptly went into a mouth in a nanosecond flat, so really eliminated the feeling like I was putting on a show for anyone.


Is anyone else planning their breastfeeding wardrobe to this extent or am I alone in my level of plotting?  I have 8 solid color tops with my favorite style stretch cotton nursing flaps that lift and stay out of the way hands-free, and I have just bought 6 ones in white to get dyed to match my bras, so that's two weeks worth of tops before I need to wash/repeat the collection, and of course half as many bras, but a week's worth.  I think I have 3-4 sets of nursing pads, made from etsy, with wool or fleece (cant¨remember) on one side and cotton or bamboo absorbency on the inside next to nipple.  They are shaped/contoured to fit the boob shape. 


I could also discuss baby carrier purchases.  Who else has discovered Tula SSCs?  I have totally abandoned plans to get a Boba, another Ergo, or a Manduca, now that I have found Tula.  I read a bunch of comparison blog posts and this seems to be the winner!!!  Yay for a Polish woman who invented them!  Plus, there's a local retailer selling them so I don't have to import it myself. Yay!

I bought a Didymos that looked boring in person so I sent it back, and they don't have any patterns in size 6 that I want, so I am looking at Ellevills on the secondary market.  Anyone tried it?  I love bamboo/silk so that was why I was into it, plus they are so pretty.  But pricey, so I am going for used.  There's a mama on diaperswappers who may trade me her pink silk/cotton one for one of my prized purses.  :)

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Wildgreen that is so exciting!! Post pictures afterwards if you can!


Dahlia I haven't had mine yet, its next week. A friend told me I should stop eating sugar now. I don't think I can do it. Every evening I eat sherbert. I can't help myself! 

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Haha superbeans, I just talked to my doctor and my test came back normal, yay! And I didn't change my eating habits at all leading up to the test, so there's my two cents haha. :) good luck next week, I'm sure you'll be fine. 

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Late arrival to this thread! We were on vacation at the beach last week.


I definitely haven't planned a nursing wardrobe, but this is my first, so I don't know what will/won't work yet. And I only wish I could get as comfortable in my bras as you Serafina. I am just dying in any bra it seems. I bought some comfortable underwire-free soft cup bras that fit well, but it seems like ANY compressions at all of my ribcage is just torture. I really don't feel that they are too tight. If I were to get extenders for the back then I don't feel like the fit in the cups would be right anymore and it would just ride up instead of staying in place. But god, by the end of the day I feel like the life is being squeezed out of me. Sometimes it's so bad I just can't stand it and have to take it off no matter where I am. Maybe TMI, but...I always seem to feel WAY more uncomfortable both in how big my belly is and how squeezed I feel when I haven't had a poo in a while. Lol. I may not even be feeling especially constipated, but once I've gone then I immediately feel more comfortable all over. Weird.


We just got a bunch of gym equipment this week and DH set it up in the basement last night. He got a bench and squat rack and weights for himself and I got a treadmill. I definitely plan on using the weights as well post-partum, but not now. I am excited about the treadmill. I haven't been able to make myself go walking outside, so I'm really going to get my butt on the treadmill. I swear!

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Wildgreen that is so exciting!! Post pictures afterwards if you can!


Dahlia I haven't had mine yet, its next week. A friend told me I should stop eating sugar now. I don't think I can do it. Every evening I eat sherbert. I can't help myself! 

I was talking to my doula, who is a homebirth midwife, last night and she said that for people who don't eat a ton of sugar in their regular diet it helps to carbo load for a few days before the glucose test so your body amps up to be able to self regulate the super high dose you get in the test.   I don't know.  I've decided to request a regular food version of the test and if they can't offer me that I'm just going to decline. I don't have any risk factors and will totally do it if something comes up in my urine during the next trimester but for now I'm just not into it and talking to my doula last night kind of affirmed what I was already feeling. Anyway, that's just something I find myself thinking about all the time right now.


serafina- my nursing wardrobe mostly just consists of all my shirts that are easy access. I do have a couple actual nursing shirts that my friend handed down to me so I'll see how those are. She also gave me a bunch of nursing bras. Unfortunately, the largest ones are still a cup size smaller than my boobs are right now. I'm hoping that once my milk supply settles down they'll fit. We'll see. Otherwise I'll end up doing what I did last time...American apparel cross back bras.


Since I'm talking about boobs anyway...I kept thinking that mosquitos or black flies or something was getting in my shirt and biting me until I finally put two and two together the other night and realized my breasts are incredibly itchy because they are growing beyond their means. Yep, stretch marks have begun and man do they itch. Apparently the ground work laid in my first pregnancy couldn't cut it.


Is anyone else beyond exhausted with almost no effort. Seriously, I hit 1pm and I feel like I'm going to collapse.

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I'm a EBF I don't think I've ever owned a nursing top. Maybe 2 bras. I've BF 7+ years of my life..I found for coverage a button down shirt was good other than that it can be done discretely. And I think its easier to lift a shirt up (with a belly band if you don't want a lot of flesh exposure) than fish boobs out of bras and snaked through nursing tops
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Shiloh - I agree. I've nursed over 6 years, too, and I don't use nursing tops, though I do keep several nursing bras and camis (with a built in bra) to wear under normal shirts.
Ciga - I feel v tired too. I will just get a finger stick to check my blood sugar this morning, but I won't eat or drink anything special. I declined completely with my last practice, but these midwives feel less comfortable with a 26 year old daughter of a diabetic who has had larger babies in the past declining completely. I still think the whole thing is silly.

AFM: I have my first group prenatal. Most of the time, I'll bring my kids, but today it conflicts with my kids' swim lessons, so I need to rely on my father to watch my kids. He struggles with promptness, so I hope I arrive on time. We moved here in the fall, and I really could use meeting other crunchy mamas in the area. I can't wait. Plus, I look forward to hearing my iron levels.
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I've been really really tired too, recently! And some nausea has come back, ugh. Not like in the first tri when I couldn't keep anything down, but just a queasy feeling. 


Ciga- My sides have been itching so bad lately too! So far, no stretch marks, but we'll see... I like using sweet almond oil and Bio Oil daily, it seems to help the itching and is supposed to help prevent/heal stretch marks. But, only time will tell!


Slammerkin- I'm jealous of your beach vacation, and your treadmill!! 


For nursing, I'm just planning on getting a few nursing bras, and using a blanket as a cover. 

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I'm with ciga on the carbo loading. My midwife told me the same thing and suggested it might be the reason why I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes last time...I followed my regular, low sugar diet. She said she has a special diet that she has people follow for a few days before the test. I declined it this time, but I'm keeping an eye on things myself. If something pops up, I'll let my midwife know. I was told there was no alternative to the GTT, which I know is untrue, but my area's not very progressive.

I bought a nursing shirt once to wear to my SIL's wedding when DS3 was 7 weeks old. I hated it and didn't wear it. I just wear shirts that are easy to pull up or down. If someone has a problem, they can look away. Also, I have never found a nursing bra that's even remotely flattering. I'll get a couple, but I'll mostly wear regular bras.

I got all my stretch marks (hopefully) with DS1. They're EVERYWHERE! I absolutely hate them, but I haven't gotten any new ones with subsequent pregnancies (I don't know if there's anywhere for them to go!). My belly still itches like CRAZY, though!

I'm also extremely tired. I've had my iron and thyroid tested. Everything's normal. I've always been super tired throughout all of my pregnancies for seemingly no reason other than I'm pregnant.
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I breastfed everyday for five years and I really loved stretch cotton shirts like the BOOB shirts, where you lift up and unhook bra flap and just leave enough to expose areola and everything else is covered, hands free.  I tried wearing regular tops but hated the tangle of fabric, or needing to hold up the excess fabric with one hand, or the inevitable flash of my entire side, etc....  Just seemed too complicated, tops like swedish made boob tops are worth their weight in gold to me, but of course to each their own!  I wish I could afford to buy them, but I've done well picking them up for under ten bucks each used.  I sent them in white off to an etsy dye queen who will pretty them up for me, in matching colorways with the white bras I sent her as well, so it'll be even more incognito with nursing top & bra matching in a vivid print or colorway.  I'm all about the camoflague without having to use a nursing cover or blanket or whatnot.  I like to nurse in the carrier or wrap, while pushing a grocery cart through the store with the other hand, so I'm all about the ease-of-getting-nipple-access and showing no extra flesh than necessary.


Anyway about stretch marks, I have been slathering up in coconut oil and just read on a pintrest post last night that it helps to heal scars and prevent stretch marks.  Who knew?  It's true I have none, which is odd because I scar REALLY easily and it lasts a decade for even a small skin damage (like a cat scratch).  But never had a stretch mark and this is the third time I've gained a LOT of weight.

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It's been a wee while since I checked in, been abit crazy round these parts. Only one more day of crazy tomorrow then hopefully we will enjoy a break with it being school holidays.
It's morning I have been for my polycose test, bleeurgh that stuff is gross, crossing everything it comes back normal. Would hate to have to do it again.
Post that we went for a growth scan to see our wee girl again, she measures perfectly for dates bang on 27+5 we got the most amazing video of her yawning

Here she is

Here in New Zealand breast feeding in public pretty widely accepted, so I tend to buy nursing bras and just wear normal tops that have a reasonable amount of stretch in them for easy access. I've never used a nursing cover, but then again I have been feeding for such a long time and with toddlers (ds1 was 4 when he weaned) you certainly can't cover them up.
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I live in California and don't care at all about having my boobs out in public.... breastfeeding mothers are super accepted and common in the hippie crunchy town I live in anyway. I do want to get those crossover tops and some nursing camis and nursing bras for easy access though!


SEX- How are you feeling about it? I am SO NOT INTERESTED!! It doesn't feel good, I don't want ANYTHING down there or in there or around there and have ZERO libido at all. I think I could easily go the rest of this pregnancy and beyond without having sex. My husband is understanding and luckily he's pleased with other ways of attending to his needs... but I really hope what they say about breastfeeding isn't true and that my libido does come back 2-3 months postpartum after I'm all healed up because I used to have such a wonderful sex life!

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Sex life is amazing. But I love sex when I'm pregnant and dp finds me "intoxicating"
Most nursing shirts are built for small chested women. I'm an F.
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Boob tops come in every size, and they are so stretchy that I can't imagine them not fitting an F, although I was max E when I used them last.  I'm expecting to be an F post partum until things settle down, and I'm buying nursing tops in size small.

It's very accepted to nurse here too, and I've never used a cover, never cared about it, and nursed DS1 until he was 3.5, but not in public, since at that point in the game he was nursing to sleep at nap time and bedtime only, so those were at-home moments.  I'm not worried about other people's feelings, I just like the convenience of wardrobe that is handsfree while I do things like nurse in the sling and go about my errands (pushing shopping cart) in public, not feeling a draft/breeze on exposed sides/tummy and feeling chilly or awkward about love handles being exposed.  

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I'm also tall. I find the openings to be oddly placed for me.
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This is the style I'm talkin' bout. :)  You lift up the flap and the stretch material stays where you put it.

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