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How to cope with fatigue in the last few weeks?

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When I was pregnant with my first I had the luxury of napping whenever I wanted (and nap, I did!). However, a nap is a real luxury for me - I can count on one hand the naps I've had this pregnancy. I'm on maternity leave starting July 15th and my EDD is August 7. I will be home with DD full time (3.5) and my DP starts a new show and works 14-15 hour days so essentially gone before we get up and home after we're in bed most nights.


I'm really worried about being super exhausted and not getting the rest I need before the birth. Any suggestions on how to cope with it?? For the record, we have no family near by (no living parents at all actually) to watch DD - she currently goes to daycare 2 days a week but that will end on July 12 as our caregiver goes on vacation from July 15-Aug 15. We don't have a TV and even though she watches netflix on my ipad for a treat we are basically a low tech/low screen time family. Oh, and DD doesn't nap anymore.

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Can you find other activities for her that she can do independently like even reading books or painting while you can lie on the couch in the same room and doze off? We are also a low-tech family, basically, we give DD up to 30 minutes of video time a day. I'm sorry she doesn't still nap, that really helps but can she still have a quiet time?

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Both my kids (4, 2) are pretty good about letting me have a mostly nap in bed while they sit next to me in the afternoon and have quiet play with books, a few toys, or some iPad. My four year old is independent enough to let me have a full nap while he does iPad, but the little one needs me to at least keep one ear open. The older one rairly naps and the younger one is starting to regularly skip them, but the both still slow down early in the afternoon and welcome the quiet time.

While not as good as a real three hour nap (which is what I get on the weekends when husband is home) an hour of lying still with my eyes closed is pretty good


Audio books would be a lower tech quiet activity. The library usually has lots.


I have also just adjusted to not getting anything done after dinner and going to bed early, often with the kids.



If nothing else, go into survival mode and do whatever you need (like netflix) to get enough sleep.

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Does she have a schedule with her current daycare?  I found in our first trimester that having a pretty set schedule/rhythm to our day made things go a lot more smoothly for DS and I.  We weren't "by the clock" or anything, but had a nice ebb and flow to what we did and Quiet Time was always a part of the afternoon.  Also, I think it helped him to know what was coming in our day.  So, our day would go something like this...


-Wake up, do morning stuff, and make the bed

-Make breakfast and teas for the day (large jar of RRL/nettles and something to ice for sharing)

-I clean up the kitchen, DS helps or plays independently

-Do something active (park, dancing inside, whole body games, etc)

-Prep lunch, DS helps or plays independently

-Eat, then tidy (get dishes into sink and crumbs wiped up, at least)

-Quiet time (sometimes we hand sewed or knit/crocheted, looked at books, made shadow puppets, drew/wrote "letters" to friends) A lot of the time I would get him set up with some ideas then I would lay on the couch and nap, sometimes we would both sit down to our projects and he would fall asleep with a book in his lap or a crochet hook and yarn.  Quiet time can last as long as you need it too in my book! *And as far as the projects go, I would be working on something and give him a ball of yarn and hook to play with, or a darning needle and embroidery floss with a loose weave fabric on a hoop, nothing for the craft fair or anything!


-Something active again

-Prep for dinner, eat, and then tidy up, again DS helps or plays indepently

-Bedtime routine including stories

-Blessed sleep (for DS, and I get up and do the dishes and do grown up stuff for awhile)!


We would change things up and do household chore stuff in there pretty often, and other projects and activities too.

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I don't think she has a strict schedule other than snack times and nap time (she does nap there still). They spend a LOT of time outdoors and go on a field trip everyday. 


I don't really do quiet time at home but I like the idea of perhaps having it as a regular part of our day...especially to get ready for baby when we'll have to deal with nap times too. Thanks for the idea.


We usually only let her watch netflix on Saturday or Sunday mornings but I guess I could "use" it once in awhile during the week if I'm desperate. One good thing is she does sleep in fairly well - until about 8 usually. And yes, I go to bed with her most nights!

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Sadly, I don't have great advice.  I nap when desperate - when little man is napping, I can set up the girls with a video or the iPad and they give me enough peace for a nap...  It helps that they have each other to stay busy...  I was blessed last time around to have my hubby at home working on his master's and the time before that, it was just my oldest and me and she was still napping.

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