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What's the best sling for summer heat?

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I have a friend with a 5-month-old. She's complaining her sling (not sure the brand but just a regular ring sling) is broiling hot. What kind of carrier might she try instead?
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 I used a solerveil sling and loved it-it's between 90-100 most days + high humidity in the summer.  I don't think they make them any longer (maybe ebay), but there is one called solarweave that makes one like that, and I know others who like the lighter wovens and mei teis for heat.  Also gauze slings would be similar to the solar ones I'd think.  

  I'll be trying a light woven this summer, since I find it hard to switch sides to nurse in my sling, but still have my solerveil to use too :)

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I use a linen sling that my little one did great with.  I have a friend that used a K'Tan Breeze that worked well for her and now she uses a Kinderpack that has a mesh fabric that breathes well.  I hope that helps.

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I actually like my Moby over the summer.  I have a Moby and an Ergo, and I think I actually feel cooler in the Moby.  Perhaps because the fabric is more breathable than the Ergo.

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hello, I wrote a blog post on this your friend might find it helpful.

If she is using a stretchy - I found the moby very hot and think the hana baby wrap is a better alternative. If she is using a woven, then maybe a gauze wrap might work ie. Calvin bleu or it might be worth looking at single layer carries like a kangaroo carry. If she likes SSC's the solarweave connecta might be worth a go. HTH - there's a few more bits aNd bobs of information in my post!
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I love a thin linen blend woven wrap for the heat - didymos gold fish is my favourite cool summer wrap. Also using single layer carries, and putting a muslin between you and baby to prevent skin to skin sweatiness helps a great deal.
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I used my Baby K'Tan all last summer. It's made from a very thing but durable material and I loved it! That said, I was still hot. I'm in Texas and our summers are over 100 degrees every day so I imagine any fabric would be hot.
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I am ALWAYS hot!  My favorite sling for the summer is from sleepingbaby.net and it is a very light linen ring sling.  I also have a ring sling that can be used in the pool/ocean, made from a soft mesh fabric (think running shorts).  THis has been very convenient!

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LoveNFaith522 we'd love to have your review of the Baby K'Tan here: http://www.mothering.com/community/products/baby-ktan-baby-carrier-m-black



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