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What do other moms do with their kids that you can't stand doing with yours?

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I don't like to play little make believe games. I just can't stand that kind of thing. I do sometimes play board games but really, in general, I'm not into playing.

I do cook with my kids, read to my kids frequently, and have my kids "clean" along side me (like washing cups in the sink while I'm working in the kitchen.) I spend a lot of time with them, but pretending to be a dragon isn't something I really can do.

What is there that you aren't into doing that you hear other moms talk about or see other moms do?
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I can't do the endless make-believe.  I couldn't do it when I was a kid.  When my daughter was very small, it made me nuts because she wanted to control every aspect of the "make-believe" and act out the same thirty second snippet of pretend OVER and OVER.  It would almost make me angry, I just...it's not for me.


I can play board games, card games, do crafts, cook together, ANYTHING except make-believe.

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Hide and seek.  Hate it as an adult.  Not enough hiding spaces for me, I guess?  orngtongue.gif

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I am not into playing either. I don't know why but I just can't do it without going batty. I can read to them, do crafts, cook or garden with them, paint, even hide and seek and soccer and tag, but when it comes to playing "house" or princesses or whatever else I tolerate it for about 5 minutes. Glad I am not the only one who is like this. At least a lot of studies have shown that NOT entertaining your kids every minute is a good thing!

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Ha! I'm playing hide and seek right now! wink1.gif I just take my phone or book with me...she's kinda slow at seeking. I hate pretend with my 5yo too. It always deteriorates quickly into her yelling at me that I'm not doing it right, so I try to redirect her to the older kids. They still think it's cute when she plays "dictator".
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I do not like going to water parks.  (Which is why my husband just left with the kids to go to the water park.)

I know moms, including my sister, who go to the water park a couple of times/week with their children and spend the entire day.  I just cannot do it.  I can force myself to go for a couple hours on a potentially rainy day when there are few people, it is not really hot, etc.


I am not good at pretending, acting goofy, or Nerf gun wars either...but my husband is.  Luckily he enjoys the things I do not...and vice versa.

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Oh, that reminds me. Miniature golf! I am OK with water parks, but I feel like my brain is going to wither away and fall out my ears at a mini golf place. I can't stand doing mini golf.
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I ditto the playing pretend thing.  I can dress up the dolls, comb their hair and then after that I am out.


I guess I am in the weirdo camp in that cooking with my little one makes me batty, too.  I think I must be a control freak in the kitchen and that combined with her poor listening skills and impulsivity plus need to run the show and I'm usually the one melting down!

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I love playing pretend! Hiding....reading...chasing....playing games generally. But I can't stand getting super physical. Can't STAND it when LO climbs up me pretending I'm a mountain, or literally leaps on me when I'm sitting down and tries to ride my head like a horse! ARGH!


She gets this type of play through her Dad (such a typical stereotyped divide, ah well)...though usually I have to leave the vicinity subtly as I don't like her balancing/climbing precariously looking like she's about to fall and crack her head open like an egg. So two probs: 1. Get OFF me...I'm not play equipment. 2. Oh god, oh god...don't HURT yourself!!!!


Everything else, cool.

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I also dont like rough physical play. I've noticed that if i start engaging with my 2-year-old DD physically (like dancing) it will escalate into trying to climb on me or accidentally stepping on me, pulling my hair, things like that. I just cant tolerate it. So physical play is kept to a minimum between her and i but she gets a lot of that with her dad.

I actually like make-believe games, i'm a great story teller so it comes naturally to me. If it gets repetitive i lose interest, though.
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I hate going to the zoo. A lot of moms I know have zoo memberships and they go all the time and I just don't get it. It's crowded (unless it's really cold or rainy), most of the animals are hiding so you can barely even see them, and one time after a zoo trip DH said "You know, we just spent the day looking at prisoners." and I've never been able to think of a zoo the same way.

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The park.... 4,000 time has lost its charm.


The zoo...loathe it.

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I am soooooo not into pretend play. Even as a kid, I wasn't. I hate rough play, too. I will happily play outside, read, do art...but don't ask me to play fairies!
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Following them around the park yelling "good job!!!!!!!" Ack.

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Originally Posted by skoechner View Post

Following them around the park yelling "good job!!!!!!!" Ack.


People do that?  It sounds hellish.


I love the park because I can mostly sit on a bench, or stand someplace, and the kids can run all over the fenced playground without needing me to be on top of them and make sure they stay out of traffic.

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The beach. OMG I cannot stand bringing my kids to the beach. When I go to the beach, I want to jump in the waves, then lie on my chair under an umbrella for a couple hours, reading a book or magazine and sipping on something fruity. Not constantly scanning to make sure I can see both of them, not only going in up to my ankles because the little one is afraid of the waves and not, not, NOT!!!! playing in the sand!  I HATE playing in the sand. Even without actually playing in it, I get sand in places my husband hasn't even seen, forget about what happens when I actively build a sand castle. wild.gif

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This may not be the most popular answer, but I really don't play with my kids. I can't play with cars or legos, I hate playing dolls...dressup I can maybe tolerate for short periods of time. I do spend time with my children doing things that we all enjoy like cooking together, coloring together, reading together, board games, walking, sports...when it comes to playing with toys I just tell them that playing with toys is their job and that I am not into it. I think it is appropriate for them to understand that what is fun for one person isn't fun for another and that sometimes I have grownup things to do. I came to this conclusion when my oldest child was two and wanted me to play with cars. I used to sit on the floor running them along the floor and I hated it! In his world something wonderfully imaginitive was happening when he ran the car along the floor, but in my world nothing was. I eventually just stopped pretending and told them no thanks!

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Oh my goodness, I am soooo relieved! My brain immediately shuts down when my 5yo DD starts with the "Hey Mom, pretend I'm your second baby and I just ate some apples but I don't really like apples and you want me to be a kitty and then you turn into a mean dog..." You get the idea. I have a hard time following the script and then she gets mad. No fun. We like to do lots of other stuff together, though. Cook, swim, go for long walks, read. Just no princess mermaid fairies, please.
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Yes! I can't stand the beach and sand and all that. I really don't like to swim either so luckily my DH loves taking the boys to the pool. I do like taking them to the spray park - because I can sit back and watch them play in the water. I don't like rough play either. I get hurt, and then I get angry, and it never ends well. But again, my DH loves wrestling with the boys so they get plenty of that.

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I love these confession threads.  I feel so connected to other moms who struggle with these things too!


I don't mind the zoo or the amusement and/or water parks.  I don't mind cooking or baking or running around outside kicking a ball (unless there are mosquitoes).  I love road trips (and yes, even long car and plane rides!), and painting and doing crafts is probably my biggest joy to do with my kids.


However, I intensely dislike the following:


  • Playing pretend.  It's been mentioned here a lot, and I agree with all of it and for all the same reasons that have been mentioned!
  • Attending their extracurriculars or friends' birthday parties.  I don't want to sit on a bench and listen to a bunch of hens go on about this or that, and I don't want to make fake small talk.  Give me a book or knitting, or better yet, tell me what time I should come back to pick my kids up.
  • The beach.  PP mentioned it and I completely agree.  I LOVE the beach, just not wading into my ankles, picking up my scared middle child out of the waves, ensuring the baby doesn't burn, dragging all the beach toys up and down the boardwalk to the sand only to find out that the toy/sandwich/sippy they NEED is still in the stupid car.
  • Walking through/near the toy section at Target.  Oh yeah, it starts out cute and I think, wow, I will have a big list of suggestions to give to Oma when they ask what the kids want, but then it devolves into the gimmes, the whining, the tugging, the sibling squabbles, the "you don't love me because we don't have XYZ" conversations.  And they are GREAT kids other than that, but god forbid you need to kill time at Target and come within 50 meters of the toy aisle.
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