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What do other moms do with their kids that you can't stand doing with yours? - Page 2

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I can't stand the make believe play either. I can, however, play legos all day. Well until my son decides it's time to blow everything into a zillion pieces all over the house. I do love art and cooking with my son and niece. My son hates art though so we generally stick to legos, reading and cooking for fun.
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I don't like singing.  I used to like it, was even in chorus/choir through my first year of college, but then I went to theater school and realized I wasn't very good at it.  Since then, I just get frustrated when I hear my own singing voice.  It's a bit irrational because my son loves to hear me sing and obviously isn't judging my voice, but I still don't like it.  So I sing one song to him at bedtime, then hum for a while (I don't mind humming).  The other day I was hanging out with my sister at an outside cafe and called my husband to check on them...he was about to put our son to bed and asked me to sing over the phone!  He thought it would be funny.  I wish I could have embraced my crazy side and done it, but I just couldn't!

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Board games are a tough one for me.  Never liked them.  


Love to cook with my kids and spent YEARS telling them a continuous story I made up 

about a talking pretzel...

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I really cant tolerate hide and seek. Detested it as a child too. I found it boring waiting in my hiding place, and found it boring looking for the one who was hiding...still do now. 

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Water parks.  Do I want to take a bath with 1500 other people?  No.  No I do not.  


The park.  "Watch me!"  "Look at me!"  "Loook looook, I'm doing the monkey bars for the 80 millionthy time!!"


I like Lego, playdough, coloring, painting, video games (not mine craft, I just don't get it),  going to their sports, almost everything.  Just please don't make me watch you swing or go to a water park.

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I really can't stand to play with mine either and have heard many upset by those that don't enjoy it.  It is especially difficult when with another mother who appears more involved than you and actually seems to like it! 

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I'm with you! I interact with my kids, but I don't "play" with them. I will do board games or wii, sometimes.


I don't play pretend or hide and seek or do arts or crafts (I have always hated crafts, even as a child). I will not go to water parks, and I don't think I'll go to an amusement park anytime in the near future, unless it is free and not crowded. I cannot stand most kids movies and won't watch them (other family members take ds2 to the movies). Despite this, my kids do have fun :) 

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I love hearing my kids play. I could listen to that forever. But I lack the imagination to play like they want me to. They always say I'm doing it wrong, and I can't connect with them that way like they can with each other, so naturally. I really wish I could and I've tried, but even my kids don't enjoy it with me after awhile. So we do other things together that work out, like cooking and crafts, reading books, park time and swimming. I'm sure grateful for this thread, because I've always felt super guilty that I couldn't play well, especially since I have sisters who are just amazing at it.

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I am happy to dress dolls and do their hair.  But I am NOT happy to give them voices and play pretend in that way.  I am happy to set up a doll house, build with LEGOS, create a doll-sized environment with things found around the house or outside, but once my lil gal wants to start "play-acting" with the dolls.  I'm done.

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Oh man - I'm pregnant with my first, and I've thought about this fairly often.  Mostly I'm worried that I'll have a child who needs to be cared for in ways I'm either in capable of or unwilling to do.  I love playing with my niece (she's four now, but she's been a hoot ever since she learned how to talk) because she can have a real conversation.  We go for walks and go swimming, we sing songs, we play "gymnastics" on the floor, and it's great.  But I don't like playing with toys of any kind, especially "kid" toys, and when she decides she wants to do that, she just plays on her own for a while. 


But what if I have a kid like the ones I used to babysit, who had no idea how to play alone?!  I'd lose it, I tell ya.  Fortunately, I think kids can handle what they've practiced, and my kid is going to have a decent amount of practice at playing with toys alone.  orngtongue.gif


Also, I can't be the only Louis CK fan in the audience here - anyone heard this bit about playing board games with his daughters (at the time, they were six and nine)?  Hilarious and so accurate, at least for me (SFW).  http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/82955884/

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Playdough and drawing. I might hate those things even more than playing, which I also hate. Except for the game where I play an overly obnoxious baby. That one's kind of fun.
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I don't enjoy pretend/ fantasy acting with puppets, or dolls. I was great as a kid, but I am not there now.

I enjoy Legos, blocks, play dough, and anything where we can be close yet autonomous.

I sometimes enjoy a tickle/wrestle match, but have avoided it for a couple of years while younger child was so small. She's 2 now, so they often wrestle together and I just keep the safety.

I lose my mind with the "watch this" and "look at me" stuff most of the time.

I do not care for playing with cars or mini skateboards.

I loathe hide and seek, especially at this age. When he's old enough to figure out how to hide well, and in a different spot each time, I might feel differently.
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These replies are hilarious! I cant stand the pretend play either. My mom was a SAHM former preschool teacher and would play with me a ton, so I was a bit spoiled and always thought my grandma was so mean because she flatly refused and would only take me on educational outings of her choice.
Now I understand though, and I think it's more respectful to just be honest about what you're not into instead of playing with gritted teeth! I will agree to play for just a few minutes and suggest something else.
Also love camping with older kids, but with baby/preschoolers it is too much work and worry to be enjoyable for me.
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@rfll Love Louis CK! He's a Mexi-Jew just like me :)

I'm also pregnant with our first (and second) but since I've been working as a babysitter or nanny in some capacity since I was 12 I guess I can handle "playing" better than most -- though I can't say I enjoy it all the time. I hate Legos, they are so FIDDLY! I think it's good for kids to know that not everything is interesting to everyone -- well, except when I'm getting paid to pretend I'm interested ROTFLMAO.gif


I've already told my husband that if our kids want to go to Amusement Parks or Zoos that will be 100% on him because I refuse to do either.

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nak...pretend, dressing barbies, and coloring. hatehatehate.

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I love playing cars with my boy but I cannot do the barbie doll/my little pony make believe. I guess because making car sounds is easy and you don't have to think up anything. I just cannot fallow my little girls train of thought when it comes to what she wants her barbies to say and do.
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i actually enjoyed pretend play. it kept the sanity in the house and had dd eat if i had a conversation with her myriad of pretend animals at the dinner table. thankfully i didnt have to set a place setting for them - sometimes there was a huge herd of them - and i actually found her game very funny. pretend play made parenting sooooooooo much easier. grocery shopping would end in tantrums if i tried to leave with a child. but if i left with a puppy on a pretend leash, the puppy crawled on happily.


of course though i HATED it when the puppy licked me. alas the more i hated it the more the toddler got a kick out of it.


ugh. i hated reading. to. my. child. hide.gif i am the bad mother who has been known to offer only those books to her child at the library that evil mother was willing to read. seriously i have had to read them so often that i have a virtual library in my head where i can remember tonnes of books i read to her. board books and picture books. i can identify shakespearan quotes as much as iza trapani quotes. i could write a thesis on Dr. Seuss books. i know every one of them. 


but as she got older one of our favourite things to do is share favourite passages from our books. even better is read together silently both reading the same book - two copies. we have enjoyed mocking bird and the help together. 


ugh. arts and crafts. dd did them mostly by herself. i'd help her but not do them with her. there was no mama's craft and baby's craft. there was baby's craft done with mama's help. 


the top one was being home with dd from age 1 to age 2. rather being tied to the house with a high energy child. we spent more time outdoors - on walks or parks or grocery store. the days where i had to stay home for whatever reason was a nightmare for me. 

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I love pretend play, playing with legos or other things like it, coloring, crafting, reading, going to parks (nature parks and the ones with the playgrounds) and zoos, camping (which I wish we did more often), and sometimes cooking with him if it doesn't involve a lot of cutting (my oldest is only 2).  


Play dough, amusement parks, water parks, beaches, pools, lakes, sports, playing with cars, and reading the same book 20 times are things I don't like.  Water things might get better, but right now they aren't relaxing.  I have to keep constant watch or hold one of them and it's just more stress than fun.  Water fun for me is sitting in an inner tube and closing my eyes and relaxing or wading up a stream.   

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Pretend play with a lot of micromanaging. I like playing if I have a bit of freedom, and I often tell my daughter that I will only play if she won't boss.

Shopping with my kids, especially the oldest.

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I'm trying really hard to make my kid into a responsible adult, so I want him to put his laundry away, etc.  But Oh. My. God.  I love him, but he's such a scatterbrain and it takes him a gajillion hours to fold three shirts.  He knows how to do it and can do it, he just gets distracted by a million things.  So doing chores side-by-side with him is something I really, really struggle with, even though I want him to learn that running a house takes a bit of work.


I can't do the pretend play much either, especially since it usually involves really specific story lines in his own head, as someone else I think mentioned.  He gets salty when I can't follow his story lines, and I get annoyed by being bossed around by a five-year-old.  ROTFLMAO.gif

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