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Evaluating Chiropractor Results

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For those of you who've seen a Chiro before, how do you evaluate wether the treatment is having a positive effect? 


So far (on my 4th weekly visit with home exercises), I feel immediate relief right after an adjustment, but usually by the 2nd or 3rd day I feel just like I did before the visit, and $70 a session is WAY too much to pay for temporary relief. 


I am a little suspicious of the practice as a whole, but I wanted to give it a shot since I have TMJ like you wouldn't believe, and was having pregnancy-related hip and leg pain that I hoped could be improved. 


However, now (37wks) that the hip-pain has been declared an "uphill battle" by me, my Chiro, and my BTDT friends, IDK if it's worth it to keep going back for just the jaw stuff. 

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Hi Cynthia, I will be the first to tell you that all chiropractors are not equally skilled. I have been to people who are wonderful and people that have caused me more pain than I went in with! The woman I see right now is wonderful and I get great results. She specializes in pregnant women. I started seeing her at 37 weeks with my last pregnancy and I went 3 times a week until delivery. She took care of all that hip and pelvic pain. Right now I am 7 weeks pregnant and I go every other week because that's all I need. I pay $45 per session but could pre-purchase sessions for a discount. Here is her website so you can compare the techniques she uses to what you are getting http://www.lotusoflifechiropractic.com/

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I know ability varies, but how do I judge it? For example, not knowing what's normal, 3xs a week seems like a lot, and I would have wondered if it was really effective.

How did you judge that you were getting real relief or benefit from your bi-weekly visits.
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My neck went out when I was nursing and I went to a chiro where the adjustment felt strange and I didn't feel any relief. Then I went to another chiro where I signed up for the 3 times a week. Each adjustment was relaxing and I felt increasingly better. Also my neck has never gone out again. (knock on wood) I know they say it takes time but you know your body, and you would know if you were feeling better. $70 each time sounds like a lot to me but I haven't been in a long time. Maybe call around to other chiros in your area. Not every healer is a good match for everyone. Have you talked to the chiro. about how you are feeling? A good doctor should be open to your concerns.
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Mine has been treating me since the beginning of my pregnancy, at around 8wks. She is amazing and the best experience I've ever had with a chiropractor. I had horribly, debilitating low back pain (stemming from the epidural I believe!) and decided I needed to do SOMETHING. I knew she was skilled the first time I saw her. She did a thorough exam, even checked my reflexes. She would not only adjust me but find points in my neck and back that were tight and massage them with lots of pressure. Sometimes it hurts! Afterwords I feel great and not as tight though I do get sore but I feel like it's helping. I also have had hardly ANY hip pain or back pain this time around. It was baaad last pregnancy. In my due date club, that's the main complaint. Hip pain! I think it makes ALL the difference. I notice after about 3 weeks I need to be readjusted. I can just feel it. Also, if it can help labor go smoother, I'm doing it and I've read and heard that chiropractic care while pregnant helps with that.

Go on yelp and find someone highly rated. Ask for a payment plan. I'm paying $40 a month-- $70 seems very high. If you are not getting relief (and believe me, you'll know!) I feel like you should take your business elsewhere.
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I have mild scoliosis and some of my pain is related to that, as well as working on my feet all day and lifting things. I was trying to go see a chiro before I got pregnant, to make sure I was good to go. That didn't happen...I made my first appointment at 5 weeks pregnant because I knew I better do something fast. He saw me 3x a week for a month, then once every two weeks, and now I'm not working (so I'm not having as many issues), so I see him once a month. I will see him more often towards the end of my pregnancy if I need to.


My visits were only $28 each, so it's not as big a deal for me to go. I'd say it helped me a lot with my lower back pain when I was working. Now, I don't hurt as often, but I figure I need to go once a month to keep it that way.

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Thanks so much for the input!!

So, It looks most people keep going back, even if it's only like once a month?

This is really what I am wondering about because I had a few people tell me that the way you can tell a good chiropractor is that after a set of treatments, you no longer need to go back, but that doesn't seem to be the majority experience. I wonder if there are some problems that have a fix while others are more chronic?

I do feel really good and relaxed after each session, so I think she's doing the work right. I just didn't know if it was supposed to last more than just a few days or what. I will be patient with that for now.


This is really eye-opening in terms of cost!!

I wonder if it's a cost of living thing or if this place in particular is really expensive even for the area. I will look into it... I was so desperately tight and in pain that I just kept going there because it was highly recommended and is highly rated.


I will definitely talk to the doc at my next appointment. I think I am going to ask about bulk- buying plans and pricing, and if the per-session cost is non-negotiable, then I will look elsewhere.
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My father is a chiropractor, so I've grown up with this care (and in my opinion- the best chiropractor out there ;) ).  But now I live across the US from my father and I have tried for years to find a good chiropractor, but they are as others have said- certainly not all equal.  I would shop around.  Ask about what techniques they use, what they specialize in.  $70 is too high if you are paying out of pocket.  Most chiropractors will give you a deal if they don't have to go through the insurance co.  The one down the street from me charges $25 cash.  You can negotiate with some. 


If you are not seeing any long-term results after 1 month, I would question if it was the proper treatment/technique for your ailment.  I saw one chiropractor for 2 months for the same problem, and while it would help momentarily it never fixed the issue.  Then I had my dad adjust me for 10 days straight, and the issue went completely away.  It was pretty amazing.  So chiropractic absolutely will help, but it needs to be a good fit. 

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