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Raising Capricorn and Aquarius Children

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Stumbled upon these today and thought I would share. Anybody already parenting a capricorn or aquarius child? Are you a Capricorn or Aquarius sign? How do you think these descriptions match?



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Hmm, well, I guess I don't generally put a ton of stock in horoscopes, but I was born on the cusp of Aquarius (January 17th) and am a pretty decent blend of the two--I am controlling and can be very serious/grounded/pragmatic, but am also super absent minded and creative and value flexibility, even though I can be personally rigid (I just like to keep my options open, but I'm also bossy and hate when things don't happen the way I think they should). 


Now my baby has the same due date as my mother had with me (Jan 20) so it will be another "Capriquarian." I guess we'll just have to see! It's funny, though, my DD definitely fits a lot of the Capricorn traits described here, but she's a Taurus. 

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I have a Capricorn and my brother is a Capricorn. Both are pretty laid back and easy to get along with. 

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Wow I'm not much of a horoscope person either but just read cancer, which is DD's sign, and it was pretty spot on!! Off to read Capricorn/Aquarius...
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Yeah, I really found them to be interesting. I don't go for the predictive horoscopes at all. But I have found that the in depth personality stuff for dh and I have been a great guide. I think it is great for showing tendencies and a little insight into another person or yourself. Especially if you have your full chart done. smile.gif

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I am a Capricorn and I can tell you I was a very easy kid!  LOL... very easy going and go-with-the-flow.  It's funny, because my daughter is an October Scorpio - hugely passionate and dramatic.  She has a friend who is so mellow I sometimes get envious of her mom.  I once asked the mom when her daughter's birthday was - and found out it was one day after mine!  (I am Jan. 2.)  This time around, my baby-to-be is scheduled to be an Aquarius, which I know from the Aquarians in my life can be highly creative and sometimes difficult.  I'm really hoping for a balanced chart because I don't think I can handle an intense Scorpio AND an intense Aquarian in the same house!!

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I will have Pisces, Capricorn, Libra and Aquarius. Could get interesting. And my DSS is a Gemini. 

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butterscotch- Lol on the scorpio drama. All my best girlfriends have been scorpio's and its true-  break out the stage for the show luxlove.gif  


serenyd- you have a sensitive crew too! How does the DSS Gemini do with all of that emotion? lol.gif


This will be our first babe. I'm cancer and dh is pisces so we should do pretty well with either sign.  Our parenting style is very relaxed and creative and I think would benefit either sign.  I'm due on the 15th so it could go either way. Probably will end up with a birth on the cusp. 

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JustJenny, my junior high best friend and first true love were both pisces... and they were both such sweet, loving relationships.  So I'm personally blowing good Capricorn vibes your way!  If you have a girl, your DH may have some serious daddy's little girl stuff going on!  

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Lol butterscotch!! I TOTALLY expect him to go ga ga. lol.gif  He's so sensitive- way more than I am- and will be the push over in the family no doubt! orngbiggrin.gif

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