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Wi-Fi & Pregnancy

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I was wondering if anyone knows if it's safe to stay in a hotel/motel with Wi-Fi routers/connections/availability.  My OB appt. is a ways off and my husband wants to take a short vacay.  Every single hotel/motel/B&B has Wi-Fi.  The last time I experienced an early pregnancy loss was when we were staying in a hotel with Wi-Fi connections everywhere so now I'm nervous about being around it.  Not sure if it had anything to do with it, but some of the research coming out about children/pregnant women being at risk is pretty concerning. 

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I think a lot of us live in houses with wifi, and work in offices with it - a motel room wouldn't phase me, because my exposure is so constant in my daily life.


I haven't seen the research you're looking at, but this is not on the radar as far as worries for me.

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Sorry for your loss. My last baby was a rainbow baby after a late first trimester loss of the baby before her and it was a really stressful pregnancy because I was always worried about her.


I did think about the wifi in my house a little bit, but it is pretty much everywhere now, so not sure you could entirely avoid it anyway. They have it at the ob's, in l&d, pretty much every restaurant, the library, some stores, etc..

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Thank you, Fruitful momma & Meepcat.  I'm sorry for your loss, fruitful mama, that had to be awful, but I'm glad that everything is fine for you now!  Yes, it's always in the back of my mind and I want to be able to do everything I can with the things I can control and I thought that included Wi-Fi exposure.  You're right about Wi-Fi though.  I didn't really think of all of the places it already is, but I guess you're right.  We're living in a sea of these waves.  I'll have to look into that blanket.  Thanks :)

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Everyone living in a city apartment right now has at least 15 Wi-Fi signals around them at any time. We are doing just fine. I think your loss might have been a coincidence, but I don't blame your for trying to find a cause.
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