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Waiting for the first ultrasound....!

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Hi all... I'm trying really hard to not drive myself crazy waiting for the first ultrasound... I scheduled an appt for next thurs 11th, which would put me at 7w5d....and now my DH is out of town until Wednesday.... So he's not around to distract me! Ha! I'm especially anxious because my last and only pregnancy ended traumatically when I had an ultrasound and there was just an empty sac....I've thought about skipping the ultrasound altogether, but then I think that would feel worse. I feel like I need to know.
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Sending positive thoughts and energy your way!  I hope you are able to find time to relax and rest your mind a bit - and that the week goes by faster than expected!  Will be thinking of you!  

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I'm sorry you're feeling anxious about this! Why is it that pregnancy and anxiety seem to go hand-in-hand so much? It can be so frustrating to face the unknown. I find that trying to turn the focus outward can be so relieving and help you forget your current situation a little. Can you help a friend/neighbor with a project, visit a shut-in, help a mom watch her kids for an hour so she can grocery shop? I don't know ... These ideas just struck me and thought I'd share. I know for me, the constant needs of my 3 kids help me take the focus off of me so I tend to worry less about the 'what-ifs'. Keep us posted!
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Totally understand how you're feeling, holliet. After a mc in April at around 6w I promised myself I was going to wait until 7 weeks for an u/s but woke up at 6w3d with breasts that were suddenly not sore and completely freaked out and called the doc who agreed to have me come in right away. It was the best decision I ever made and the reassurance I really needed at that early stage when you're basically relying on faith alone that you're still pregnant. We saw the baby which measured right on schedule and the fetal heart rate was 118 bpm. Of course that gave me something new to obsess over as I was slightly worried that it wasn't higher but still it was better than waiting and wondering. Now I'm counting down the days until my 8w4d u/s so it never really ends!


Best of luck in passing the time and just know that more than likely, everything is just fine! I have to keep telling myself that there's more of a chance I'll deliver a healthy baby 8 months from now than there is that I'll have another miscarriage. It's so easy to be doubtful when your first experience with pregnancy ends in miscarriage. Happy and healthy 9 :)

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thanks ladies-- I appreciate the positivity!! it's crazy how fast we can get negative- congrats on your great u/s oasis!
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Hi Holliet,

Just thought I would chime in here and say I am feeling very similarly! This is my first pregnancy and I have my first appointment on Thursday the 11th, too! I've been going crazy the last few days and feel like I've convinced myself that something must be wrong (I have very few "symptoms" and in the past few days feel like I've lost the ones I used to have!) and maybe I've had a miscarriage and just don' t know it yet :( I don't even think I will get an ultrasound on Thursday, but hope at least they will do the doppler or something to reassure me. I wish I could just calm down and trust....


Argh...hate feeling like this, but just wanted you to know I'm right there with you. Here's hoping the 11th is a good day for both of us :) Sending good vibes your way....

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yes yes ash!! I'm working sooooo hard to stay positive, or at the very least not negative... it just makes me feel crappy about life when I go down the negative trail... and there's sooo much life to live, no matter what our appointments on Thursday bring.... at least that's what I keep reminding myself!
thanks for sharing, it helps to hear others going through similar stuff! I'm definitely doing an ultrasound, because I need to see what's going on in there!! I go through the same feelings, like, grabbing my boobs to make sure they're still sore! or checking in, do I still feel nauseous? etc... it's enough to drive you crazy, right?!
lets keep positive until Thursday!!
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I love that I'm not the only one who feels my boobs to see if they are sore or looks in the mirror to see if my nipples are still larger! :) The last few days they haven't been as sore as they used to be....really hoping that doesn't mean anything!! Can't wait for tomorrow to get this agonizing over with. 


Holliet, make sure to update after your appt tomorrow! I'll be thinking of you!

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Holliet, how did your appointment go? I hope it went well.


I had mine today, and also ended up having an ultrasound. My midwife suggested it and they got me in for their last slot of the day. I wasn't expecting to have one, but am actually really glad that I did it because it was such a relief! Everything looked good and on track! Though the tech said over and over that she really wasn't the one to be reporting and that the radiologist would send the report in a few days. Still, she said that from what she saw, everything was good. The baby was wiggling around a lot and we could see its little feet and arms! So much fun :)

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well, wish I had good news, but just had an ultrasound and there was just an empty sac.
I'm really disappointed, and sad.... a whole lot of emotions going on right now.... my dr wanted me to get bloodwork today and Saturday to check the hormone levels.... or maybe I screwed up my dates or something... but I'm pretty sure it's a miscarriage. so frustrating!! not sure how to process all this yet.
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Oh no, I am so very sorry to hear your news. I can't imagine...Take good care of yourself. So sorry :(

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thank you ash! I'm going back on the 24 th to look again, just in case I messed up the dates, and it's too early to tell...so who knows... but I'm accepting what is. there was definitely an empty sac.
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So sorry holli... I feel just awful for you. Sending positive healing vibes your way and be sure to take care of yourself... I understand how crushing it can be.
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thanks oasis, I appreciate the vibes! feeling ok this morning. I took the day off work to give myself some space, and my DH is home with me and he's just awesome. we're both disappointed, but we've also learned through this whole long journey to accept disappointments... and that there's a whole big beautiful life to live! we had also gotten to a place in our relationship, being together for 14 years now, and child free, where we like each other and our life together... so I'm truly grateful for that...!!
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Holliet, you have such a great attitude. I really admire that!


Take good care until the 24th and will look forward to hearing what comes of it.

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Dear Holliet. Thinking of you and hoping that you take good gentle care of yourself. Will give a special prayer on the 24 th for you.
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Holli I agree with ash -- your attitude is truly inspiring and has reminded me to keep perspective throughout all of this. And 14 years with your DH is definitely something to celebrate smile.gif
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