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What do you drive?

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What do you drive and what kind of gas mileage does it get?
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I drive a 2004 Ford Excursion, with a special rear-facing seat installed in the trunk after we had baby #7 so I wouldn't need to buy a new car. (Made for different models of trucks and SUV's by a company in California...it's really great!)  I get about 11 mpg city and 15 mpg highway, spending between $75 and $100 per week on gas, depending on how the price of gas is.  Hoping my car lasts another 3-4 years.  By that time my oldest 2 will be driving themselves and maybe I can downsize back to a minivan.

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I drive our old Jeep grand cherokee that was purchased for my husband prechildren.  DH totaled our minivan and got a prius for his hour commute.  Now that we are expect in #4 it looks like the jeep+tax return will have to equal a minivan : p It was getting about 15 mph avg, after we replaced the tie-rod ends it's getting 18mph

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We drive a Kia Sedona... I think it gets about 18 city and 25 highway....  I really like it and man, the price was right!!!  That being said, we try to use the bus/walk/bike as much as possible. I frequently have to drive the kids to school, but they also take the city bus. We are a single car family.

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We drive a Kia Sedona and a Hyundai Santa Fe with a third row.  We like the Sedona for traveling but to ride around the Santa Fe seems to be roomier.  Mostly DH drives the Santa Fe and I drive the Sedona though

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We have a 2002 Chrysler Town and country. It fits our 4 kids quite nicely, but there is little storage, so it is difficult to take trips in. We have had some major repairs and expensive maintainence done on it in the last few years, but it is still running great. we are planning to take it from Michigan to Florida next year (hence the concern for little storage space). It gets about 18mpg. I know the newer ones have better mpg (closer to 30). My in-laws have leased 6 different Town and counties, including the one we now own...we bought it from them when their lease was up

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I also drive a Town & Country.   Ours has storage in the floor and enough space in the back to hold my double stroller, umbrella stroller, 5 folding camp chairs, a bag of kid clothes/needs and DS' baseball equipment.   Not sure on the gas mileage exactly.   Maybe about 20ish mpg.

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I drive a Chevy Express 12 passenger.  We keep 2 of the seats out so we can seat 10 and fit bikes, laundry baskets full of stuff for goodwill, and a container with picnic blankets, extra sweatshirts and rain jackets and stuff like that.  I HATE how it handles bumps, not bad for the driver but sitting in the back it's awful.  But is is smooth to drive.  It gets like 2 miles per gallon.  Seriously, I have no idea... paying attention to that stuff is only depressing.  It's not like there was an electric 12 passenger van choice!  : )

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So we're driving a Ford econoline 12 passenger van. We  customized the seating by removing the first bench and bolting in one captains chair. This gives us a bit of storage room too and space to move between the front and bench seat. I love the conversion!!

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Thanks to an old Mothering post and annoying persistence, I learned about the Mazda5 seating six. Apparently it's touted as a micro van but I like to call it my vwagon. It supposedly gets upper 20s city but I'd have to look it up for actual numbers, all I know is we can go 2-3 weeks between fuel ups. We were originally driving a big gas hogging luxury suv. Well, DH was driving because I have an aversion to huge vehicles. Lol We were able to save about 300$ between payments, gas and insurance.

Yes,I absolutely love this thing! Although DH misses his suv cus he's 6'2 and liked the driving room, the savings are worth it and it means he can get a little pickup truck later down the road. So we had better be done with kids because I'm not trying to go back to a large suv or.... get a van. :-( No offence van drivers...I just hate driving large, cumbersome things.
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Mazda 5? Does it have a bench seat up front?
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Back when I got pregnant with my 8 year old (#4), we traded in both of our 5 seat cars for a Toyota Sienna. We still have that. The oldest is 18 and off to college (nevermind that he lives with his mom), so he's not a factor (as far as that goes) anymore. But now we're having #5, and it looks like we're in it for the long haul with the van. It gets pretty decent gas mileage (better than just about any other 7 seater), and it hasn't failed us, yet.


I thought I'd trade it in for something smaller when our oldest daughter graduated (next year), but we got pregnant (yay for surprises!!!), and it looks like the van is with us for a while longer. After she moves, providing we don't have more, we could get a 5 seater, but in a few years our two middles will be teenagers, and two teens and a car seat are going to be not so comfy in the back seat of a car.

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I drive a Nissan NV. The gas mileage is horrid. :p But what made a big difference was trading in our second car (formerly a Prius) for a small suv. It means than when I have <7 kids with me I can take that, which happens a surprising amount. Especially since we dont homeschool so 9 months of the year I dont need a 12 passenger (12mpg) bus to be hauling 4 small children to the park. 

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We also drive a Toyota Sienna. It seats 8 and I love the thing. I have no idea what sort of mileage it gets though...


We have an old clunky farm truck as well.

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Mazda 5? Does it have a bench seat up front?

Actually it has captain seating front and middle. So two up front, two in middle and two seater bench in back. Plus it has the sliding doors like a van.
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I really wanted to trade in my sienna for a toyota sienna that seats 8 but my oldest is already 6 feet tall, and has many brothers to follow suit, so climbing around in there was getting crowded.  And we do a lot of camping/boating, etc and have a big dog...so we needed not just the seats but room.  We joke about how someday I'll downsize to a minivan : )

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We have a 2010 Honda Odyssey. It gets ~18 mpg, I think.
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I drive a 2009 Ford Econoline 15 passenger.  We have to keep all of the seats in. When this baby arrives we are at max capacity.  Not too big a deal since our oldest will be away at school.  We bought it when I was pg. w/#5 - the babies were coming fast and furious then! LOL!  MPG?  Maybe, somewhere around 11. yeah.  It also has 225,000 miles on it. 


My husband drives a 97 Ford truck with only 70,000 miles on it.  It's great for farm work and hauling. 

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I meant to say "1999"

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We have a 2010 Ford E350 van.  It's the standard 12 seat model.  We bought it used right after we had DS #5 because our 7 seat minivan (2006 Kia Sedona) was no longer a comfortable fit with all of the children and carseats in it.  I miss some of the creature comforts of the minivan, including the sliding doors.  However, I have no worries about outgrowing the bigger van, which is nice.  My DH has a 2013 Ford Focus for work and shorter trips.  I use it now and then when I only have a few children with me because the gas mileage is much better and because it's easier to park (a big deal in Germany!).

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