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2013 Savana. I like it. Not crazy about vans as is, but as far as vans go, it's fine. We had it modified for dual rear wheels, which makes 15 passenger vans much, much safer and less prone to rolling over, so I'm very happy with that and that it's now the safest vehicle I could use with so many people. We decided to get the 15 passenger purely because it's more roomy and the kids aren't on top of each other in it, plus we can fit a few friends in which is nice with 2 kids in their tweenage years now.


The mileage is as expected - crummy. But it's comparable to one of those behemoth luxury SUVs DINKs (dual income, no kids ROTFLMAO.gif) drive around so meh.

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I meant to say "1999"

Haha I was just about to say that!! I was thinking how you managed to have 8 kids in 4 years. :p But I then I had 5 kids in 4 years soooooo..... I thought you might be another multiple multiple mom. :D

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We have an 8 passenger Suburban. We really wanted a 9 seater, but we could only find one (used) and the seller was shifty. We figured it'd be ok, only one seat too small and we could squeeze. I found out I was pregnant with #8 the very next weekend. :P Same thing happened when we bought a 7 passenger minivan a few years ago! So, we're planning to buy two jump seats to install in the back sometime before this baby is born so we have enough room.

I LOVE our Suburban, partly because DH drove a Suburban (that belonged to his parents) when we first met, so it has fun memories for me. smile.gif We get just under 14mpg -- that's an average on all of our driving, both highway and street. DH keeps track and could tell me the number right off the top of his head, LOL. We spend about $100 a week on gas, which isn't bad considering that DH commutes all the way downtown from the suburbs.

I do not love being a one car family. The Suburban was *supposed* to be my car so I could take the kids to do things during the day, but right about the time we bought it, DH's truck died the final death. He's considering buying a small, cheap beater car just for driving to work. That would make me super happy. smile.gif Right now, if I want the car I have to drive DH to work in the morning and go pick him up in the afternoon. That's an hour and a half round trip each time! But I do enjoy the quiet time in the car with him. wink1.gif
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Where do you get jump seats to install? 

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We're getting them online at a site called http://littlepassengerseats.com
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Yes, that's where I got mine too.  They have ones specific for many models of SUVs and trucks.  The model for my car is a bench with 3 seatbelts and it faces backwards. ( It would really only fir 3 thin or smaller children, the teenagers don't have enough leg room.) They even matched the color of my seats.  I had it delivered to my house, then took the seat to a special handicapped-accessible van place and they installed it.  The Ford dealer said they wouldn't do it because it wasn't a Ford part.  The manufacturer said you can do it on your own, but my hubby isn't handy, so we decided not to attempt it ourselves.  I really wanted it to be safe!  The directions said it could be done in an hour, but it took the trained mechanic at the van place about 2 to get it finished.  We've had ours now about 2.5 years, and it is great!

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We have a 2008 ford 15 passenger, our second 15. I lovely, but now it is too crowded! No idea what it gets in gas mileage.
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I have an 05' Chrysler Town & Country & for 4 children it works great. They & I each keep a backpack w/ a change of clothes/ towel/ snack/ water underneath in the stow n' go compartments. The cooler for grocery/errands day & stroller fit nicely in the back. It gets between 19 & 21 mpg in town, 24 on the highway. We go through a half tank/ 12 gal. of fuel  a week, we being 10 miles out of town. I was so upset when Husband traded in my truck for a minivan the week after birthing our first baby, but it was so wise in hindsight & I love all that it allows us to do. We'll be at max capacity if another baby comes though.

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