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Toddler taking antibiotics for Bug Bite

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My 17 month old got a bug bite yesterday that started swelling and streaking this morning, so I took her in to the ER (pediatrician doesn't do weekend calls ):  I wanted to avoid that but was very concerned when streaks started to run.


They nearly admitted her for IV antibiotics, but gave her an oral dose and sent me off with a prescription instead.  Benadryl, too.  I picked them up.


She's never been sick and I hate giving her any kind of medication at all.  But I don't want to risk a blood infection, so I'm giving them to her.


Anyone have any advice on what to give her, diet-wise?  She still nurses frequently.  Or just advice in general.  I'm just so crushed to have to give her antibiotics.  We were doing so well! 

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Aww, sorry to hear about your experience. I have no advice but you do what you need to do to make sure you children are well. Sometimes we end up making decisions we hoped we wouldn't......it's okay...don't carry it***hugs** to you and I am glad your child is better!

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Get her on a probiotic to counteract the effect of the antibiotics on her gut bacteria. Any idea what bit her? I've had dog and cat bites that I skipped antibiotics on, just kept things clean and flushed out so I guess I'm nut sure what a bug bite would do.

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Ugh! Now she has a yeast infection!  Any ideas???  Have been giving her some yogurt this week.  Going to go grab some organic kefir or something.  I've been cloth diapering too.  Do I need to do something with those?  So frustrated!  I knew this would happen greensad.gif

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probiotics can help counter the negative effects of antibiotics without interfering with the antibiotics working. Antibiotics wipe out the bacteria- good and bad- to treat the illness. Probiotics replenish the good bacteria while still allowing the antibiotics to do their job,


yogurt has probiotics but it is more effective by far to just get the capsules of probiotics and sprinkle them into some food.

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Yah, probiotic supplements are far more effective - just give a few hours after the antibiotic so the antibiotic doesn't kill the good stuff (but the probiotic supplement won't have any negative effect on the antibiotic).  Cider vinegar is good for rebalencing pH and helping the body get back to normal, can be taken internally or used as a rinse on the skin.  Heard mixed reviews on using the cider vinegar on cloth dipes, haven't used it on mine, but white vinegar has a similar effect and seems to get more good reviews for washing the diapers and getting rid of any excess yeast that might linger there....also just hanging them out in the sun should sterilize them.  Lavender essential oil, I use that one alot lately, great for soaking in the tub.  Been using that for DD mixed in coconut oil to clear up a rash she's been getting mostly bc she won't wake up at night when she's wet and the constant irritation for wet diapers has left her a mess and I really wish her potty phobia would end, but that's a completely seperate issue!  But speaking of coconut oil, it actually kills bad bacteria while feeding the good so another good option.

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Probiotics and no sugar, not even fruit.  Sugars/carbs will feed the yeast, so you want to limit her (and your) intake as much as possible.  No juice, fruit (especially dried), as few grains as possible, obviously no candy or sweets.  If you can get her to eat garlic and/or onions, that will help both to kill the bad bacteria and feed the good stuff.  Get a super high quality capsule probiotic in addition to kefir.  My toddler loves Bubbies pickles, which are truly fermented (as opposed to all other commercial pickles, which are not fermented), and that can be another source of probiotics.  ACV is great, as mentioned, both internally and topically.  Probiotic powder can be used topically as well.  As much naked time as possible.  Actually, DS potty trained because of a yeast diaper rash at 15 months - he had to be naked all the time anyway so we introduced the potty.  Yeast likes dark and damp, so you want to make the area as light and dry as possible.  

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