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IGG Test and Gluten Sensitivity

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Hi, my 2 year old son took an IGG test last month and tested high to gluten, spelt and eggs. The test was taken at our naturopathic doctor.
As a baby, he suffered from silent acid reflux but has since outgrown it. I was mainly concerned about his stools. They have been loose and pasty, and he frequently had diarrhea. He's still breastfed, although only twice per day so I thought this could be normal. I don't think he has other symptoms since he has good weight gain, good energy, sleeps well, but he may have a language delay.
So, I put him on a gluten-free diet for 2 weeks and have noticed his stools are firmer way more frequently. I would like to talk to his pediatrician about this, but he's booked till September. We question the validity of the IGG test and don't feel right about omitting vital nutrients from our son's diet till we've spoken with a professional.
Have any of you ever had high results with gluten with an IGG test and how was it handled? How has your child reacted to being on a GF diet?
Thanks in advance for all responses.
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I don't have any wisdom to share but here's a BUMP and good luck! (my daughter is allergic to dairy and latex, so similar but different struggles :) I agree that I don't like cutting stuff out without big serious confirmation)

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