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Hello Everyone!

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I am new here and have heard great things about this online community, which I really need at the moment because I really don't have a support network in real life. I am a 22 year old mommy with a 2 year and 9 month old ds, and am currently 15 weeks pregnant. I am a full-time college student and stay home with ds. I am looking forward to graduating with my Associates degree in December, which should hopfully be a few weeks before baby#2 arrives earthside. My husband is currently a full time college student, on campus, and works full time as well, so he is away from home a lot. He will be graduating this December, maybe next April, and we are both so excited to be almost done with school. I am somewhat crunchy and working towards learning as much as possible about natural living/child-rearing. I live in a small town in Texas and most people I meet think I'm crazy, so making friends has been difficult. Ds is still nursing, we cloth diaper and he just started using the potty full time. We will baby wear, won't vax, co-sleep, and practice most aspects of attachment parenting. I was raised in a much different fashion, so I'm experiencing some difficulty getting the hang of gentle discipline and just looking at my son differently than I was taught. I am very excited to meet all the wonderful Mommas on here and hopefully find a place where I might actually fit in for once!
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Nice to meet you!!! Congrats on getting your degree!!!

Have you checked out all the various forums????


How about a due date club?



Welcome again!!

My son is 27 months...and I just love this age.

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