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Changing revolution

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What do you do when you go to a restaurant with no changing table and have a poopy baby?

I was having a great time at this "hip" joint, eating porchside, with local farm food melting in my mouth delighting my taste buds. I was having a great time with my little family. Little bud was chill in his car seat. Nice to have both arms to eat and not spill on anyone's head. And then......

Omg. A horrific poop comes and there's no changing station. Usually when I'm with my boyfriend I'm in charge of baby input and he's in charge of output. But poor guy was like what do I do and this was a teamwork poo. There weren't any other customers around so we just changed him in arms. But I'm just imagining being alone changing him, which I am 90% of the time. Or other customers around. I wouldn't have wanted to sit next to that apetite loosing bm.

I'm not real proud of what I did do, which was leave a low tip and write in my tip of installing a baby changing station. I do feel better doing that than nothing though. I was thinking of staging a diaper sit in. Still some holes in that plan. I just don't get it. With all the food safety laws how can restaurants not have changing stations. What can we do?
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This is assuming I am ever brave enough to go out to eat with two children ... Haven't tried it yet! Was thinking of waiting until Todd is big enough to sit in a high chair lol. But when I just had dd in that situation I changed her on the floor of the bathroom on top of a blanket or rag. Gross I know but what do you do?
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I just throw the changing pad down and change the baby wherever. We did our plane trip from MD to AZ (Just the baby and I. Phil and our older son drove cross country.) on Tuesday and even though there is a super tiny changing table that folds down over the toilet on the plane, I just changed the baby on the floor in front of our seats. Way easier.
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OMG Farmer, what is up with these restaurants??  The last two times DH and I have been out for dinner, the restaurant didn't have a change table in the bathroom!!  One was a new, trendy type place that does "family style" Italian claims to be family friendly.  I just changed DS on the counter in the bathroom, but it was tight.  The other was a new Earls.  Now, I now they don't really want to encourage families or kids, but DH and I had a nice dinner and our bill was close to $100 with tip.  I was so mad, just changed him on a bench in the bathroom.  I don't remember having this issue with DS.  And both places had more than enough room in the bathrooms.  I like your sit in idea.  I should at least send an email to the restaurants or something.


I have also in the past changed DS1 on my lap in the past.  Just put the changing pad across my lap, his head on my knees and lifted up his legs.  It gets tough as they get bigger but it's doable now.

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