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Yay!  Welcome!  What a great surprise! ;) 

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Hi March Moms! I'm new to the group. Expecting what I am certain will be a daughter but have no evidence yet. I currently have a wild and wonderful 4.5 year old son and a husband of eight years. We are excited and yes, nervous about adding a new person to our family. Due March 22nd!

Looking forward to getting to know everyone!

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Welcome to the group :)

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Welcome everyone :D

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I'm due late March and this will be my second. I had one cycle post partum so this was definitely a surprise that it happened so quickly! My DD will be 3 in February and super excited to be a big sister! We are planning a homebirth again and I may try hypnobabies this time for extra relaxation.


This pregnancy has already been more intense (vomiting, food aversions, etc) than last time so I am hoping as I get more into the second trimester those yuckies will fade away! Best wishes to everyone!

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Hi I'm GreenMum, I'm 32, we are due March 1st. My “morning” sickness was terrible the first 14 weeks, I threw up every day. I lost about 7 lbs, now I back up 4 but still need to gain more. But Baby has a strong beautiful heartbeat, I have a Doppler I can listen to at home. I am starting to show, which I love… you see we have had a very long road, after 2 ectopic pregnancy losses and 4 miscarriages all different reasons, we are happily at 16 weeks! We have been trying to conceive for a little over 4 years. We live in Maine and have 2 pugs. After being through so much we going to be excited just to meet our little one in March and decide name then. We are going to opt for a hospital birth. I’m in nursing school and I really love the hospital we have locally and cannot wait to have my OB and the ladies in LD be a part of my delivery. I was a part of the BSL feed for years and it’s less active now but hope other expecting members find me here!


Congrats to all the ladies due in March!

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Welcome ladies! 

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welcome and congratulations ladies :)

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I feel like crying because I am so overjoyed by how active this DDC is! I am technically due April 1st, so I have been on the April group and it has all mostly moved over to facebook (and I don't have an account anymore) so I have been feeling  a little sad about that. Since my EDD is so close to March I figure I could belong here too!


I'm Laura, 12 weeks 4 days and been feeling movements for almost 2 weeks now! I have a 3.5 year old, Eden, and I was in the March DDC of 2010. Her birthday ended up being April 3rd, so I find it hilarious and sweet that my two children will have birthdays so close to each other, assuming all goes well..


Happily married to my honey of 5 years. We spend our winters in Yelapa, Mexico. I blog about that when I can at motherofeden.wordpress.com


Thank you so much for having me! I'm excited to be a part of this group. :)

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you are absolutely welcome here as well :)

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Welcome, lightgarden! You are welcome here! :)

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 My name is Amanda. I'm 31 , a stay at home mom in Woonsocket Rhode Island.

I'm 17w1d with third. Im Due March 10 . We have two sons Iam who will turn 4 in October and Elijah will be 2 in February. So I guess you know the gender the masses are routing for. I'm pretty sure I don't care.

Our newest member comes as quite a surprise, as I am one of the lucky charting moms whose lactation amno. led to a missed ovulation. Well actually its a longer story than that ( I'm having thyroid issues as well). None the less after much digression we're finally excited about number 3! 


I'm a very active member of my previous ddc March 2012 (which is still vibrant community of supportive mothers)  and happy to finally be getting involved in this ddc.



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Hi!  I am Lis, and I am due with #2 March 30.  I joined both april and march ddc because it is such an on the border date!  my son was born at 41 +1 weeks.  I am 26, will be 27 march 23, and we were trying for this little one!  planning another great home birth, hopefully in the water to relieve some pushing pressure this time

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Welcome, water births are lovely. My first was born in the water. It was fantastic

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Hi! For whatever reason I thought that the Mothering DDC's were all on Facebook now (and I haven't joined the March one there, either), but I've always loved the Mothering DDC's so much!  So, I hope it's not too late to join.  I'm Catherine and we're expecting #4 on March 17th.  shamrocksmile.gif 

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Course its not too late! Welcome!
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Hi Ladies,


I just thought I'd introduce myself.  I'm Gabi and expecting my 3rd in March after a pretty long gap, my youngest is 6 already.  We are hoping for a home birth (including using a birthing tub).  My last birth started early though, so you never know!  I look forward to getting to know you ladies and having a safe place to share my questions and concerns.


Be well,


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Good morning!  Expecting our third child on March 2nd, a little boy :-)  I have an older son who will be 8 1/2 who Mr. To Be Named is born and my daughter will be a few months shy of 5, so it's been a while since we've had a baby in the house!  I'm very excited, we're doing a home birth this time, after an epidural for the older two.  I am very excited an nervous about this!  Looking forward to getting to know you ladies better in the coming months :-)

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Welcome ladies, be sure to post in the New name. due date, and gender thread if you'd like to be added :)

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