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I'm 31 :) I didn't say.

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Hello!  I'm Rachel, 33, mama to two girls 5.5 and almost 3.  Baby #3 is due March 5.

Despite perfect health and well planned home births, I ended up transferring for c-sections with both of my girls.  DD1 turned footling breech at 40w3d.  We tried an external version, but she was 10lb 4oz and wouldn't budge.  DD2 baked for a solid 43 weeks (300 days!), I labored at home for three days, but eventually transferred when it became clear that she wasn't coming on her own.


This time around I will be seeing the same OB who delivered both of my girls (he is my midwife's back-up) all the way through.  There is a possibility that he may be open to me trying for a VBA2C, but I don't have my first visit until 7/24.


The never ending nausea has started up the last couple of days, and I've needed a power nap most afternoons for the last week or so.  My previous pregnancies have been very difficult -- nausea/vomiting most of the way through, insomnia, PSD, and 60lb weight gain no matter how hard I try (or how much I throw up).  Thankfully I started this pregnancy in much better health than the previous two, so I'm hoping it's not so rough of a ride.  


I'm excited to be here with you ladies! 

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Hi there, all.


I'm Kitty, and I just turned 39 last tuesday (the same day I signed a lease contract on a place for my new massage practice) and...just got a positive pregnancy test on Sunday.  To say I am stunned is an understatement.


I have a 11.5 year old daughter and 10 year old twin boys.  Was a hard core mothering maven during their infancies/younger years.  :)  I breastfed all exclusively, did the CD thing, coslept, yadda yadda.  Unfortunately I've given away everything (except for the Ergo which I rather randomly refound when cleaning out the MB closet the other day...:P )  I had all my kids by cesarean (one awesomesauce experience, though the one with my twins was not), and would probably be fine if this happens again, though I had a much better experience going into to labor (with my firstborn) than not (my twins) so I'm likely to push for that at least.  I went to 42 weeks with my girl, and to 36 weeks with the boys (they were happy to be in their longer, but I was starting to get very ill--we had an epic journey with that pregnancy though things turned out fine in the end).


This time around things are going to be different.  For one thing, I'll be a lot older than I was when I started this journey with a 10 year gap.  And I think the experience of parenting one small one instead of 3 under 2 will be existentially different as well.


But I'm still not quite attached to the idea yet.  I've had a couple of miscarriages (a looooong time ago) so I'm not altering my life much at the moment and will plan on being pleasantly surprised if I make it to 12 weeks (which is probably the soonest we'll make a broad announcement in our RL circle).  All of my miscarriages have happened within the first 8 weeks.  So I'll probably breathe a partial sigh of relief next month.  :)

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Amazing to me how many blended families we have represented here! I am happy to have you all here to share this journey with!

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Hello, my name is Yolanda and I just took a test this afternoon and was floored when it turned out positive. According to pregnancy calculators online I should be expecting around March 21. Excited and scared at the same time. I'm 28 and this will be my first pregnancy.
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Congratulations everyone! I am Sarina and I took a test saturday and it was positive. I was kinda shocked bc it happened really quickly again, but I had been feeling very tired, emotional, sometimes nauseous  etc so I thought I probably was. I am 30 and already have a beautiful 19 month old daughter and 35 year old amazing husband. We waited to find out the gender last time and plan to again - best surprise ever! I hope to have a water birth at home this time around. Last birth was going to be in a birth center but she was 15 days late and I had to deliver at the hospital, had pitocin but no epidural. We are both kind of hoping for a boy this time around but I will be so happy if everything goes smoothly and we have a healthy baby.   

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Hi all,


Congrats! I'm due on March 17, for my second child: my son is 3.5, and it is high time that he has a sibling! I'm 37 now, so we're right in time (my DH and myself, that is). I am usually active on Mothering only on DDC--I guess my mind goes here most b/c it is fun to follow people's progress. Unfortunately, I had to bow out of the last two DDC I was in--one at 16 weeks,  the most recent (March) at 9, so I'll be breathing easy once I get past those weeks, though I'm not particularly walking on eggshells in general.


The other complicating feature is that, although we work and live in England, we're in Indonesia now, and will be moving to Malaysia for research from mid-August 'til mid-November. I'll be happy to be back in the UK then, I'm sure, though I love living in this part of the world, too. 

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Hi ladies,

I'm officially due on 2/28, but I was 2 weeks late last time.  February and March seems to be my time of year for babies, I have two other children born in the same timeframe (and one in September).  So, this will be my fourth.  It was a bit of a surprise, but the reality is slowing sinking in and I am getting really excited.  We homebirthed two of my three.  I'm considering it again for this time.  Ideally, I'd like to deliver at the local birth center, as it is covered by our insurance.  But I don't have any family closeby to come and watch the other kids.  We're also considering having my husband stay home with our other 3 and hiring a doula to go to the birth center with me.  My other children are 7, 5, and 2. 


I'm so tired this time.  The shortness of breath is already started, too.  It has been difficult to make it through the day for me.  My husband is away for 2 weeks for work, so I am flying solo with our 3 children.  Hopefully the fatigue lets up soon.


Looking forward to sharing the journey with all of you,

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Don't forget to post in the due date thread. Do you guys want me to add what number child this is for you and/or your age? It seems we have a lot of over 35ers, me included. It is exciting to have such a varied group. It will never get boring. smile.gif

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Hi everyone!

I am new to mom forums and so don't know any lingo or anything. I am newly pregnant and very excited! I suffered a m/c June 1st...but low and behold just found out I'm pregnant again, due sometime in March (1st real OB appt is in 1 week). Very exciting! My husband is in the Air Force, I recently got out, and we're living in Southeast Georgia. Looking forward to this forum ! 


Forgot to include, I'm 30...first baby....and would love to do a home birth but slowly realizing I live in no man's land (we just moved here last week, thanks Air Force) and it might be harder than I thought to find the right person. If anyone happens to know any professionals in Valdosta GA...please let me know  : )  

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Welcome to everyone, especially our newbies who might be feeling overwhelmed. Come in and be welcomed :)


Jill, I live in an area where midwife has historically been alegal. not exactly illegal but not exactly legal either, or at least heavily interfered with. yet there are many many wonderful women in this area delivering babies on the on the down low, so to speak. check in the local forums here but also start attending la leche meetings, attatchment parenting groups etc. Talk to the moms, that's how i got a referral for my last midwife. :)

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Hello,  there are a lot of us already. I am 35yr old a mom to 4 kids whom I homeschool  DS 12 DD 7 DS 5 DS 3 as you can guess by my user name my kids do Taekwondo my oldest just won Bronze in sparring at the USAT Nationals this year in Chicago.


My EDD is  March 4 we were using natural family planning and must have messed up because here I am 6 weeks pregnant. 

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Hello!  I'm Jody, 31 and homeschooling mama to 4 kiddos, 8 yr old twins, a 6 year old and a 20 month old.  Due March 6th.  I am also a failure in the natural family planning dept. :)  We had talked about another addition but hadn't fully committed.  Now we are!  Still trying to wrap my head around the logistics of 5 kids although I know it will all work itself out.  Plus we LOVE babies.  We will all be head over heels for this new person.  Who cares if anything other than snuggling a baby gets done next year?

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Hello ladies smile.gif I believe I'm due march 19 but I typically go late. This will be my second home birth god-willing. My current daughter is 19 months old. Looking forward to getting to know you all!
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I tell you, I feel blessed that there are not only so many other older women here, many of you starting over just like me, but some blended families like mine, AND a few other mammas having their 5th baby just like me. How awesome! It's such a great mix of experiences so far - looking forward to our 9 month journey together!

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Hi! I  am 30, my DH is 34 and we have two kids. One came with me from a previous relationship (never married), she's 10, and we have a DD that is 4. My 10 year old was a birth control pill fail and my 4 year old was conceived one cycle off of Mirena, not an eyelash batted. Since then we have been trying to have another for 3 years, involving two miscarriages. We went through lots of infertility treatment up to but not including IVF. We have "no" fertility issues and decided to stop treatment and leave it up to God. Both of my m/cs ended around 7 or 8 weeks, with no heartbeat.  This is pregnancy #5 overall for me. Praying it sticks! So far my betas have been good and I hear back about my progesterone levels tomorrow. THen I will go in for a viability u/s in two weeks. THat will be a scary day for me. 

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That is nerve wracking, plane green! I hope it goes well!
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Thanks Serissa! I had some luck emailing doulas and midwives in the "big city" of tallahassee, who then recommended women...excited ! I'll be even more excited when I get a due date in a week, my guess is St Patrick's Day ! 

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I'm Melissa and am 36 years old. This is my 3rd baby, edd March 9. My oldest is 13 years old. She was born by c-section. My second  is 3 years old. My hbac baby. We have homeschooled since my oldest was in first grade. I also work as an ICU nurse on weekend nights. My husband is a middle school math teacher. 


We were doing fertility awareness, and I got a little lax in my charting and must have ovulated early. Surprise babies are good. I spent last week in denial, but am starting to come around and get excited about this.


With my last, it was a struggle to find a doctor  who would support vbac. This time I am happy to skip all of that and just go with a midwife from the beginning. Unfortunately, my midwife is pregnant and not taking any clients until after her baby is 6 months. And all the other midwives are over an hour and a half away from me. I am going to meet with one next Thursday. I hope I find one I love as much as my last. My doula also  moved across the country from me in May. So I guess this is a totally different birth. 

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Congratulations everyone!


Yoli28 - we have the same due date, March 21st! Although I'm hoping not to get too hung up on dates, I am fascinated that my due date for this baby is one day later than my due date for my 8 year old son! (He was born in February in the end though.)


I'm 35 and this is my 2nd child. I'm happily single, as I was when I conceived my first son. They are both conceived by donor insemination using the same donor. I have had a couple of relationships over the past 8 years but genuinely love being a single Mum. I live in Manchester in the UK.


I'm only 4 weeks so far but I found out over a week ago on a 'First Response' pregnancy test. Last time I was pregnant I started bleeding at 5 weeks and it turned out to be a blighted ovum and I miscarried, so I'm both very excited and a bit nervous. My boobs are SORE! lol.

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