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Is there any way you can see your doc earlier than Wednesday? I just worry about you losing fluid so early also. Are you able to sit as much as possible?? I am just worried about you!!!!
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Queenie, I'll pray for your baby to stay put! Rynna, I think you should call the doctor. If you are having back pain and your belly seems smaller and you are concerned, those all warrant a call. I'll pray for you too!

And ksjhwkr, I saw in your sig line that you'd lost Emma. That just breaks my heart. I can't imagine, but having it hurt to breathe sounds about right.

I'm also greatly fatigued these days. I'm 34 weeks tomorrow. Two more weeks to finish stuff up, make sure I've got everything I need for the birth, etc. I'm kind of freaked out that it is this close. After 36 weeks, my goal is just to keep the house clean. So...we'll see. I've barely made a dent in that huge list of stuff I'd wanted to get done. It's depressing but there's nothing I can do about it at this point. I have almost finished that painting project I took on...just one more coat on the trim and I'm done.

Well, it's off to bed.
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QoC, I can't believe that you could be having your baby in 8 days. That means that we're all getting pretty close! Wow, it's exciting! I will keep you and your baby in my thoughts. I hope the little bugger will stay put for 8 more days.

Rynna, if I were you, I'd probably be heading for the doctor. I would be freaked out if I thought my water was leaking AND I was having back pains. You should, at the very least, try to relax, rest, and stay off your feet. I know, that is all so easy with a toddler! I'll be keeping you in my thoughts.

Kim, I can't imagine losing a child. I'm so sorry you had to go through that.

Anyway, I'm just past 32 weeks now. I'm thinking I'll go early again this time. Dd was born at 37 weeks. I keep thinking that 5 weeks from now, I could be holding and nursing a sweet little baby boy. Wow. Of course, since I think I'll go early, I'll probably end up going late!
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Yeah, but I feel like I'm being paranoid. : She's still moving a fair bit, but if it slows down too much I'll go running in. *sigh* I'm just totally not prepared for this, yk? Eli was born a little early, and I thought I might go a little early this time too, but not at 31 weeks. : At this point, they'd just try to keep me pregnant for as long as possible. I'm not having painful contractions or anything... I hate being paranoid!! I wish I had magic glasses that I could use to peek in on NewBean. I could just look down and see what's going on. I think I need a tricorder... I'm going to have to invent one. :LOL
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I don't think you're being paranoid. Mommas know their bodies and babies best, just remember that. Maybe just call your doc and see what s/he says, ok?? I am a worry wart! I wasn't as much as a worrier before Emma died, but now I am a freakshow about it!!!! CALL!!!!!
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Seriously, Rynna - call if you have an inkling that something is wrong. I almost didn't call my midwife yesterday. If I hadn't, then its quite possible I'd be in the hospital today with the baby!

As my midwife explained, at this point I'd have a healthy baby (I'm almost 35 weeks) - but it would be really hard to get breastfeeding started and we'd have to stay a longer time at the hospital. I'm SO glad I have an opportunity to take steps to prevent that - if I hadn't gone in yesterday I wouldn't have the option.
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Wow, someone might go before me!

I agree with everyone else; at least call! Or go get an ultrasound. It just might be reassuring.
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wow--freaking out a bit to hear some of you possibly going early!!!!

Had contractions a lot last night myslef, but i think it was because i broke down and took 2 sudafed (caught cold from ds and just wanted to breathe).

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Wow! Sending everyone safe birth vibes...hope everything turns out okay

I had a dream last night that I had been having b-h type feelings and I was sitting on my bed and suddenly my water breaks and I feel a head between my legs so I end up giving birth on my bed with no one around. I yelled for Matt to tell him I was having the baby and even though it was too early (in my dream I was 31 wks like I am now), the baby was healthy and full-term looking. Over the next couple days we kept meaning to call the mw to tell her, but kept forgetting. Man, those painless childbirth dreams are nice!

Keeping you all in my thoughts!
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Oh man, those painless childbirth dreams are the BEST!!! Of course since I've never given birth vaginally, I have dreams and the baby is just here. I am in bed and bleeding, so I know I gave birth, but I never actually give birth! It will be interesting to see what kind of dreams I have after my vbac!
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In my last dream, the baby just flew out painlessly before dh or the midwives could even get there. It was really small, though. But healthy!

I had one dream where I gave birth in Safeway and no one seemed to notice.
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Hi everyone! I'm very new here, but I am due Jun 13th with my second child (a girl!). It's been great to read what everyone else is going thorugh. So many people focus on a first time pregnant mom, I find it hard to get much attention or rest in between chasing around a toddler. Anyway, just thought I'd say "Hi" and let everyone know that I understand how you all feel. Only 7 more weeks to go!
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Hi and welcome! I am also very new here, just joined last week! This is a great bunch of Mamas! Congratulations on #2!!!!
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Welcome! Is your toddler really named Wilmo? That's pretty cool!
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So, am I just oversensitive?

On another board I wrote about my situation and someone replied: "wow at 4cm you can get an epidural...i'd be like...can we do this? maybe send one home wiht me? LOL!"

ARGH! First of all, I don't want to have this baby 6 weeks early out of convience... I want my baby to be as healthy as possible. Bedrest and some medication is worth it to get a good start on nursing - don't you agree? I know I'm hormonally charged, but it just seemed like a really selfish way of looking at things... I wrote back a snarky reply - I hope I don't hurt this woman's feelings too much, but parental selfishness REALLY upsets me. Its hard enough to have a big sudden change, but to have people act like its not a neccessary choice makes it worse. I was planning on working up until I was in active labor - seriously! I love my job, and I work 40-50 hours/week. We'd already planned on me working from home after the baby was born, but I kept thinking of that as being a couple months away. To wake up one morning, go to work, go to the doctor at 1:15 and be told "You're done with work!" was quite a shock!

I think I'll go stew on the couch for awhile... I am feeling better physically, expect that the medication is a smooth-muscle relaxant, so it makes heartburn and gas worse. But its worth it, because I've had fewer surges. (Except for last night - I almost called the midwife after I had a few, but they petered out within an hour.)
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Queenie, that would really upset me too. It's making light of a difficult situation which isn't appropriate. I would be in a pickle if I were in your situation. I KNOW it has to be hard to stop working so far ahead of your due date. If you are like me, you probably had a couple projects going and now somebody else has to step in and finish them up. It's just a sucky situation from the totally pratical sense of what you had going on with work and personally that you're not going to get to finish. Then add to it the concerns for the health of your baby and the potential ramifications an early delivery could have on your nursing relationship...it's just NOT a situation to make light of. I think I'd have been a bit snarky too!

I'm currently frustrated with work. Network connectivity issues and a looming deadline. AGGH! It's crazy making. Think it's time to get out of the house and run some errands for a couple hours. Maybe the network will be back up when I get home.
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I'm having a huge problem with my insurance suddenly deciding they don't want to cover me after all, except for a hospital birth (I posted about it in the homebirth forum) but in happy news....

My GBS test came back negative! Yay! One less thing to worry about!
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I also would be very upset by this. Having lost a child, a lot of things upset me more than they used to, especially putting Mom's comfort and conveience ahead of baby's health. It irritates me to no end, but I just try to remember that these women are probably just very uneducated and think that it's ok to have a baby 6 weeks early. You stay in bed lady!!!! We want you to have a VERY healthy, happy, wonderful baby who nurses great!
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QoC-that is why I stopped surfing other boards. It seems like they don't take their kids very seriously, like they spend so much time being self-indulgent. I know enough people IRL that do that, I don't need to surround myself with them on the web. A lot of people have a problem seeing babies as people with personalities and feelings. I hate that. You are right to be upset. Hope you hang in there, you've already got a couple days under your belt now...

Rynna-how are you feeling? any news?
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So, I've been stressing....

Big shocker...32 weeks and stressed?? I have been really worried about finding a pediatricain for this baby. After Emma died, we moved from Kansas to Utah. Dh is going to grad school next fall and we have lots of family here, so we buried Emma here. Anyway, that left me without my ped that I loved!!! After Emma died, my Ped called me and just cried with me. She made sure I knew it wasn't my fault and reassured me it was just a freak accident. But, I have been worried about finding a doc here and having to tell them everything...I hate saying how she died (if you want to know, go to www.ldsinfantloss.com and click on the Our Story link. It's in the month of August). Anyway...I've been stressing about that. Well, I talked to her today and, I love her. She told me that she would be more than happy to talk to who ever we decide to have be our Ped here. She told me that if anyone thinks that Emma's death was something other than a freak accident, to run the other way! She and the other 5 docs in her practice talked about this after Emma died. They all agreed, it was a freak accident...nothing that could have been prevented or would happen again. *HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF*!!!
So, I'm feeling better about the whole finding a Ped process.

On another stress note....I get so sick of people trying to scare me out of having a homebirth. There is this very sweet lady I go to church with. She is a labor and delivery nurse...why I ever told her I was having a homebirth is beyond me. Well, I told her before I knew her job. Anyway, on Sunday she came up to me and told me she was VERY worried and that she is praying that I will realize I need to be in the hospital. Hmm...praying for her will, not mine huh? She is praying that she will be able to reach me and help me understand how dangerous this is, for me to have a homebirth. Then last night she came over to visit. She brought me a hospital diaper bag. In her words, "Well, since you're determined not to go to the hospital, I thought I'd bring some of the hospital to you!" Very nice, it's full of formula coupons. :P Anyway, she then proceeds to tell me how dangerous (yes, again) a homebirth is, especially since I'm a VBAC. She thinks I should just have another c-section, because she agrees that I would have a very hard time finding a hospital and doctor that would "let" me have a vbac. And, I am at high risk (because of the previous c-section) and even higher risk since it's only been 16 months since my last baby was born. Well, by the time this kiddo gets here it will have been 18 months. I have assured her that if there is the slightest inkling of anything wrong, I trust my midwife and she will get me to the hospital. She just turns red and bites her tongue...does it really count as biting your tongue when you tell the person that's what you're doing?? Then she tells me that it's a good thing I'm not her daughter because there is no way she'd ALLOW this to happen. Excuse me??? Allow it?? I'm an adult, as I am sure your daughter is. ARRRRRR!
After she left Jeremy was really mad at her. He's decided to make up a fact sheet about how it really is safe for me to have a vbac and how the U.S. doesn't have the best infant mortality rate, etc...
It just drives me BATTY when people try to scare me out of having the birth that I feel is best for my family. Ok, I just needed to vent that!

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