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Ugh, the non-supporters...fortunately I didn't have many that were very vocal about it with #1 (which ended up being a hospital birth after all). Most people didn't even listen when I told them, apparently, because a few weeks later they would be talking about "when I go to the hospital..." : But now we aren't telling that many people. I told one guy, and he was surprised. He asked if there were going to be "nurses and stuff" there, and if they could do a c-section at home! :LOL I don't tell them unless they ask where I'll be having the baby or if I'm going to the local hospital. Although, the guy who asked if they could do a c/s at home asked me if I was planning on having a "natural" (read: he didn't want to say "vaginal") birth because he thinks the baby is huge. So I said, "Yep, we'll be doing it at home."

I have this fear that I'll somehow jinx my homebirth plans by talking about it too much, since that's what I did last time and then I had to go back and tell everyone we didn't do it after all. So I don't even talk about "the midwives," I say "my practitioner."
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QoC, I agree with Julie. I gave up on taking other parenting boards seriously a while ago. You are definately doing the right thing by taking the medication and staying on bedrest. No need to jeopordize your nursing relationship and the health of your baby, although chances are if your baby was born right now, he/she would be fine. You wouldn't want to risk it though. Especially if it meant that your baby would need to be wisked off to the NICU for observation. Those first hours are very important!

Kim, those who refuse to educate themselves aren't worth the time. I'm sure this lady means well, but really she should at least take the time to research homebirth if she's so darned concerned about it!

Anyway, yesterday I was having so much pain in my pubic area that I was sure my pubic bone was splitting apart. Whew, it was bad. Today, I don't have that pain at all. Do any of you have this happen? Unfortunately, I feel like I'm coming down with a sore throat. Ugh.
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"He asked if there were going to be "nurses and stuff" there, and if they could do a c-section at home!"

Ok, that just makes me laugh!!! I've had people, after I tell them Emma was a c-section baby, ask me if she was born at home. Yeah, the doctor was really excited to come into my HOME and do a c-section!!!! People just don't listen I guess! :
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I agree, she needs to educate herself before she goes bashing my decision! :

About the pubic bone pain, I have it a lot!! I've been going to a great chiropractor this whole pregnancy. She will actually adjust my pubic bone for me and WOW does it make a difference! Speaking of which....I think I need to go see her tomorrow!
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Another exciting day, and all ends well... I started having more intense and more regular surges around 11:30 today, went into the office about 1:30. I hadn't progressed since Monday - and the baby was actually a bit less engaged so my cervix wasn't as effaced (I was 80% Monday, down to 70% today - so the bedrest is helping). But after watching the NST monitor and seeing regular surges, the midwife sent me over to the hospital to have a round of terbutaline. When I got over to the hospital they hooked me up, gave me a dose and the contractions stopped instantly. They gave me a second dose about 40 minutes later, it was working so well that they didn't give me the regular 3rd dose. The nurse checked me again, I hadn't progressed, surges were stopped, so they sent me home. woohoo! The nurse said that hopefully the terbutaline will buy me 1-2 weeks, which I would be thrilled with... so the final verdict is that I'm on bedrest and procardia until Monday - if I start labor after my appt Monday there won't be any interventions to stop it. (Personally, I'd like to go one week past that at least, so I may stay on bedrest for a few more days after Monday.)
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QOC - What is the terb like? Are there a lot of bad side effects?

My pubic bone pain hasn't been as bad when I walk, but at night it hurts when I'm trying to turn over in bed. I have to turn over in three separate movements, and when I lie on my back in the middle of it, that's when it really hurts. It also hurts when I cough... :
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UGH! I'm so tired! Lately I feel like my kids are conspiring against me getting any sleep! My oldest has been sleeping in her bed all night long for 9 nights until last night! But my youngest has decided that since sissy is sleeping so well that she is going to wake up several times a night and scream! I broke down and gave her motrin last night before bed because I suspect that it's her teeth(darn those second year molars!) and she only woke up twice and went back to sleep relatively easily w/ the exception of her deciding at 5:00 it was time to be up for hte day : . I just want sleep!!

Ok whine over!

I can't stand uninformed people who feel the need to spread negativity about birth. If they would just shut up and READ they would realize that most of their information is just plain WRONG! I had someone tell me recently that I was foolish for wanting to eat during my birthing time and that I should just get the IV because it's best anyway! WHAT???? Thanks but I had an IV w/ my first because I couldn't keep anything, water included, down and let me tell you it sucked! The thing is I didn't ask for her opinion but of course I'm a pregnant women so I want stupid useless advice from anyone and everyone!

Yesterday I thought I was going to need to call my midwife. I started getting shooting pain up my vagina and down my thighs. The same sensations I had when I started dialating w/ my youngest 2 weeks before she was born. They were so bad I just sat around and did as little as possible yesterday and let my kids watch more tv then usual. Thankfully they have let up a lot. I'm only 32 weeks so this little one really needs to cook for at least another 5 weeks, 7 would be better!

Hope everyone has a great night and keep all those babies cooking!!!
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Greaseball - the terb was not fun. Luckily I was using hypnosis for pain management... I had only just started to work my way into deep relaxation when they gave me the first shot. After they remove the needle it continues to sting/burn for about 15 minutes, and then you get very jittery and your heart is pounding. They gave me the second dose about 40 minutes after the first, and by then I was much deeper in hypnosis and was able to numb out my arm almost completely, but I've been jittery all evening. Nothing horrible, but just like I'd had about 3 cups too many of coffee. So worth it though to keep from having a pre-term babe! It stopped my surges instantly, and I think I've only had one since then. (at the midwife appt they were coming every 5-7 minutes)
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Argh, I've been sick with, no joke, my 10TH cold since I've been pregnant and I've gotten behind again.

QoC: I hope you are feeling okay and can hand onto that babe for another week or so!

Rynna: Wasn't your appointment yesterday?? I'm so nervous for you. I've actually been worried about leaking water too but my midwife said everything seemed fine Tues.

I agree about the uninformed people. I did a lot of reading in my first pregnancy and was convinced that hospital birth is not necessarily the best course, but the books I've read lately have really blown away. I read "Rediscovering Birth" by Sheila Kitzinger and right now I'm finishing up Ina May Gaskin's latest. I couldn't believe it when I read that childbirth actually got more dangerous after doctors started delivering babies! When I start thinking about that it really makes me crazy that the whole country has been brainwashed to think that homebirth is horribly dangerous. /rant

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How is everyone feeling this morning?? Are all those babies still safe and sound and still cooking??

I have my last swim lesson w/ my youngest until this next little one goes to swim class. My dh is taking over swim class duty starting w/ the next session. Yippeee!! He's the one that insisits that the kids take swim classes because he was a former life guard and also on his college's swim team. He believes that is is very improtant for children to be exposed to the water young. MY oldest is 4 and has been swimming for without a bubble now for a year. It's amazing! Dh wants a pool but I refuse until the youngest is 5 and even then I'll have to have every safety alarm thingy known to man!

MAddie wants me to read so I must go!
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I'm still here, and still cooking! It's possible that I had a minor tear, but it repaired itself & the fluid has replenished itself. (where's the "relieved" smiley? :LOL) NewBean is still inside and cooking, and my cervix is very low and a bit soft but still long & closed. Good stuff! Apparently NewBean is also sitting lower in my pelvis than she was, she just shifted and that's why my belly is smaller.

I told my doctor that I felt like I was being paranoid and he said that I wasn't nearly as paranoid as most people, and that he'd be nervous too if he'd been through what I had (not knowing for sure when my water had broken before). He says a lot of people start getting nervous if anything goes differently in the third trimester than it has been, and I actually seem less nervous than most. Funny, I felt like I was totally on edge! :LOL Then again, I am a much more laid back person in general since Eli was born... having a baby in the NICU changed my priorities (and Mike's) faster than anything else I've ever encountered. All of a sudden it felt like I was ridiculously close to the whole life cycle and I've never viewed things the same way since. I've heard that most women feel this way when they become mothers, but I wonder if it's so powerful for women who have nice, uncomplicated, healthy births. It seems to me that most people I've met are temporarily transformed and then slowly morph back into the people they were before... but I digress.

QoC, I totally sympathize about the terbutaline & procardia. Ick! I remember when I got my first shot of terbutaline, the contractions didn't stop... I spent 5 hours in the hospital lying around (they wouldn't even let me sit up in case Eli's head engaged) being miserable, waiting for the contractions to stop. I even got a shot of morphine for them twice, they were horrible.. Ickiness! I had to take terbutaline tablets, and then when those started making me too sick (too jittery to function --I couldn't button a shirt, and Eli was jittery too ) then they put me on procardia. Damn, that sucked! I was in school at the time and I was soooo depressed about missing classes! At any rate, that your contractions stopped after the first shot is a really good sign!

Eli is actively potty learning. Yesterday, I put him on the potty as soon as he woke up. He peed, and then he was dry for our entire car trip! An hour and a half!! As soon as I got to my mom's house, I put the potty down and he peed again. My younger niece was downstairs and she clapped and said "Hooray to peepee potty! Hooray for Eli BeanBean! Yay! You are a big boy!" It was so sweet! I just had to kiss her big round cheekies. :LOL He peed on the potty twice more, and I missed a few. I can't help but be impressed, but my mother is totally unsurprised. "You all trained like this, I thought it was normal. I always wondered what the big fuss was about potty training." Yes, but can't you just take a minute anyway and be impressed with your grandson, who is starting this on his own initiative younger than any of your grandchildren so far? (Older niece started at 18 months, younger at 2.5; 2.5 year old nephew is wearing pull-ups because his mother is insane but doesn't use the potty at all, to say nothing of regularly. For some reason, his mother thinks that if he wears pull-ups, he will magically potty train. ) Anyway, *I'm* impressed with Eli. Go EliBean!

My appetite has been sporadic. I don't think about food at all except for Eli, but then when Mike mentions eating and puts something down in front of me I inhale it. :LOL It's so strange. I wish I could just eat during the day, but I'm so busy trying to get things done! I found out last week that I can now get a lot of work done without too much pain from sciatica. In fact, I can't remember the last time I had a lot of pain from it.. I think the endorphine rush from actually getting something *finished* (putting the winter clothes away & reorganizing the dressers & closets for NewBean's arrival) totally cancelled out the pain (which was minor anyway). Kick ass!

Last night Mike found out that his annual physical is this morning (he thought it was May 26 instead of April 29. Turns out that's a dentist appointment. :LOL) He was really ticked off about it, because it meant he had to take his insulin and go to sleep without eating anything. That always puts him in a bad mood, because he used to have huge issues with having low blood sugar in the morning, and now he's got two people in bed with him. He put some birch beer (sugar water!) beside the bed and said if he started to get twitchy to get Eli away from him and start pouring the stuff down his throat, and fasting blood sugar be damned. I totally agreed and went to sleep. I wasn't worried, though; the insulin he takes before bed tends to keep his blood sugar nice and even.

And now, I'm going to go count beads... you've all mailed them to me, right? I want to go to AC Moore tomorrow or Saturday.. probably saturday so I don't have to take Rt. 11. :LOL
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Rynna-could you put an extra bracelet in my envelope? I just became friends w/ a June mama and she wants to be part of it (she posted over there yesterday) but was wondering if she was too late. If there are enough beads, it would be really awesome and we live super close so I could just give hers to her by hand. (which would actually be really fun).

Well, Matt had a meeting this morning, so he is sitting on the edge of the bed putting on socks and I am lying on the bed curled around him and we are talking and in comes Tain. Yeah, he pounces right on my head...and breaks my glasses. I was so mad! I know he's 2, but geez, we tell him 10 million times a day to be gentle and he doesn't get it. So my face hurt a little, but the worst part beyond the hurt and the cost of replacement is my inability to see! I have worn glasses since 2nd grade. My eyesight sucks. I am squinting right now. I want to scream!

Rynna-sorry about your mom...you should be impressed, I think he is very young to be initiating and successful at potty training. Your niece sounds so cute! SO GLAD TO HEAR EVERYTHING IS GOOD WITH THE BABY!!! I think all of us have really been thinking of you...

QoC- hang in there mama, you are doing great! It must be really frustrating! How are you filling the time?

Anyone do their own cervical checks? I was curious the other night so I tried-took me forever to find it and usually it is pretty easy. It was really soft and not tightly closed-like a whole fingertip open. So I guess my question is for those of you who have had more than one baby, do you notice cervical changes earlier? I don't think I am near to giving birth (31 wks, I hope not!), but I never did my own checks last time so I don't have anything to go off of.

I sold a couple purses to a friend last night. That was a nice surprise. Woke up thinking about another design to do, so it was a good kick in the heiny to get motivated about it again. Still have Rowan's quilt to do and I know I am avoiding it, which doesn't feel good, but I hate working with batting-especially on quilts. It's easier with a quilting foot now, but I still get frustrated. I'll do it before Mother's Day. Well, I guess I should get going. Don't know what I am going to do being blind and all, but I'll try to figure something out. (sigh)
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I've not been able to find my cervix! After giving birth it was very low, and I thought it was going to fall out...that's what I yelled at the doctor when they were pulling the baby out - "You're pulling out my uterus!" It felt like I was being turned inside out. But now, just like with the first pg, it's so far back I can't reach it. Too bad, because I'm curious.
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I am SO relieved that all is well with newbean!!!! And that Eli is potty learning, that is amazing. He is only a month older than Emma would be. That just blows my mind that she would possibly be doing the same thing! WOW! Lots of high fives and hugs for that sweet boy!
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I've been looking over the beads, and quite a few people on my big list haven't sent beads yet... have they dropped out?

It's not a problem to make a few more bracelets; those go really quickly! I just need to know how many beads I need to pick up at AC Moore. I guess it can wait until Saturday... I'd rather go tomorrow, just because I like to get things out of the way but Sunday would probably be the most convinient day to go (because Eli will be home with Daddy in the morning) anyway. I guess I'll wait until then!

Julie, I'm so sorry to hear about your glasses! I've got excellent eyesight, but I grew up with a mother who literally slept with her glasses in her hand so she could find them in the morning. I can remember her sitting in her bed, less than three feet away from her glasses which she had uncharacteristically let go of in the middle of the night and asking me to find them for her becuase she couldn't see them. She was seriously within arm's reach, but she was afraid to move around too much for fear that she'd break them by tossing them off the bed.

My sister used to run over hers with roller skates, though. She hated her glasses. :LOL

It still floors me that anyone beyond 20 weeks can reach their own cervix! I tried when I thought my water might have broken, and I couldn't get near it in any position. My cervix is normally very high (I guess I have a long vagina.. ) and difficult to reach, but I can if I squat. Now that I'm pregnant, between short arms and a belly I can't reach it to save my life, even though I'm told that it's very low. Hey, if you can reach, go for it! :LOL I just can't imagine it! I could barely reach to wipe myself when I was 33 weeks pregnant with Eli; I had to do a dance. :LOL :
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Did you get my bead? I'm worried that I didn't include enough postage, since it was a big envelope. I also included a little rubber chicken in the package.
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Grease-I am pretty sure she got it-she made a comment about Eli loving the rubber chicken in the bracelet thread. I was wondering what that was about!

Rynna-I can send another couple dollars to you for mamadosa (my friend in town). If you would go ahead and add her to the list and send it in my envelope that would be great-I'll paypal you right now.

My cervix has always been kind of low-sucked when I had an IUD, though it made checking it easy. I think I'll ask my mw about it at my next appt on Tues.
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Okay, some of you don't browse the whole June 2004 board, I guess. We're quite prolific posters! :LOL At any rate, for those of you who haven't seen it, my most-recently updated list, right at the top for all to see:
Birth Blessing List
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Hey Rynna, if it's not too late, I am going to the PO tomorrow and can send my beads. I found my padded envelopes last weekend but figured I was too late. LMK if that will work, then you won't have to go out and get more. oh, and yay for NewBean to be safe and cookin

Queenie, how are you feeling today?? I have been a wee bit freaked that you might go early, since we have the same EDD. I had an appt with my MW yesterday and she said they would like me to hang on at least 9 more days and then I'm free to go into labor, lol! It's mostly because I'm having a homebirth and they really aren't suppose to let me stay home if I go before 37 wks. Just the thought that it could happen this month is so weird! Anyway, lots of "stay in" vibes to you and hope the terb isn't making you feel too awful!!
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I'm feeling pretty good today! I'm working from home and taking frequent naps, as well as staying off my feet as much as possible. The terb wasn't fun, but it was just the two injections there. I'm on Procardia, which isn't bad at all (makes me a little light-headed and flushed).

We got the sad new that our bid wasn't taken on the house we wanted, so we're back to looking. We're not going out looking again until Monday, but that's probably for the best since I'm on bedrest till then. DH is VERY upset about not getting the house, though.
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