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I had an appointment today and the midwives were really concerned that when they did the abdominal palpating, I felt kind of uncomfortable and out of breath. It's always like that, even when I'm not pg - it's just uncomfortable to have someone push on my belly. But they seemed to think it wasn't normal. They were saying that because of my responses, they will probably try and be as hands-off as possible during the birth. Which is what I wanted anyway...but I don't get why they think it's abnormal? I think that when you lie on your back, with a heavy thing sitting on your belly, and then someone is pushing on top of the thing, of course it will feel weird!

They also thought it was strange that I had discomfort during the vaginal GBS swab. Probably because it was a dry wad of cotton! They asked if pelvic exams cause me pain, and normally they do. This might be due to the forceps scars, and also because someone sticking their whole hand in there and rooting around just doesn't feel right! It's not what the vagina was made for.

I have low iron and low blood pressure...more beef and more water, they said!
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Greaseball, you're a short person, right? They're probably just not used to that. As a short person, though, I totally understand. When you lie on your back, your baby seems to climb into your ribcage with your lungs, because there's no place else for them to go... I can't breathe at all if I'm on my back. I have to be stretched out as much as possible, regardless of what position I'm in... it's done wonders for my posture. :LOL

This morning, I had something happen that hasn't happened in a long time-- I woke up with a wet shirt!! My nursies were leaking in the middle of the night! I'm so happy, and Eli was thrilled this morning. I heard more swallowing than I've heard in ages. Fabulous!

I can't say I'm thrilled with the colostrum poopies (it's got a major laxative effect on toddlers, because it's designed to get meconium out) but I'm glad my little man is actually getting something.

Last night, I saw a friend who has a newly-walking 10 month old. He definately weighs more than Eli, he's at least 25 pounds, but until recently he'd been a fair bit shorter. I was watching them last night, and if Eli's got 3/4" on him now, it's a lot. I was like "How come your son is growing but mine isn't?!" He's a sweetie moose baby. She laughed, but when she picked up Eli she almost tossed him into the air, he's so much lighter than her son. He's a MiniBean, all right. I never really expected him to be big, but he just seems so small next to other children!
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Originally Posted by eilonwy
I can't say I'm thrilled with the colostrum poopies (it's got a major laxative effect on toddlers, because it's designed to get meconium out) but I'm glad my little man is actually getting something.
I'm right there w/ you and those nasty colstrum poopies. I was all worried yesterday when my little one had to big nasty poopies and then it dawned on me that my milk must be mostly colostrum these days. YUCK!
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I still can't find my cervix. I have short fingers! It's probably just as well - I'm declining all internal exams, even while in labor, because I just don't want to know. I don't want to find out at 39 weeks that I'm 4 cm, and then start freaking out and wondering why contractions haven't started yet. I don't want to find out that after 10 hours of hard labor, I'm only 5 cm, and then rationalize that it'll take another 10 hours to get to 10 cm. So if I don't want the midwife to know, there's no sense in me finding it out for myself.

I declined her offer of the 5W formula. She said it would help things go along smoothly, but I'm going to go with the assumption that things are already moving as they should and don't need any help. She thought it was a good attitude. (No offense to anyone here who uses it, though.)
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Well, we went grocery shopping last night and dh had an open bottle of ice tea which I threw in my bag (i.e. purse type thing). When I got to the car, I pulled it out and it was empty. I could actually pour it out and my bag is all fabric! Needless to say everything was pretty soggy and sticky. So I made myself a new one. LOL. My bro was wondering why I didn't just wash it and I plan to, but in the meantime I need something. Plus I had wanted a new one anyway.

Managed to have my glasses saudered (sp? Pregnant brain!) and they don't look too bad, though it was really frustrating to be without them for half a day.

My mom bought me a fancy new sewing machine (embroidery machine!) I finally called the sewing machine shop today confused about it's ultimate purpose. Is it mainly for embroidery or can it replace my other machine? Evidently it can replace my machine so now I am unsure what I want to do with my old one. It is only a year old, if that, and I have a couple friends who could benefit from it (I'd sell it to them), but my MIL paid for most of it so I am wondering if I should give her the option of taking it, and at the same time I am a little leary of getting rid of it at all. I know the only way I'll use the fancy one (LCD screen!) as my main machine is if I get rid of the other one. It is so scary looking, but the other one is the regular type of machine I understand. It's dials and manual threading are somehow comforting. Anyway, just a bit at a loss. I did however use the embroidery feature for the first time today and that was fun.

Dh got a bunch of packages, all with packing peanuts (what is so wrong with nice, unmessy bubble wrap?) and at the moment Tain is jumping around in them all over the floor...has them stuck all over his body. It's pretty funny.

I feel like a retard, but for some reason I have a hard time telling a b-h ctx from the baby pushing outward. You'd think I'd be able to remember seeing as I went through this 2 yrs ago, but no, I don't remember. I am pretty sure I have been getting bh all day today. With everyone going early, it has me a bit paranoid. I need to stop reading birth stories, I think I am too ready and I am afraid I am psychosomatically going to start something. I need to wait...my baby is only 31 wks!

So that is another reason I am curious about the cervix thing-want to know if I should do something or if everything is normal and I am just freaking out.
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I don't think I've ever had a bh ctx. Not with this one, and not with #1. Either that or I just don't recognize them or feel them.
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Hello mommas!!
I've kinda dropped off the last week, I've been trying to read, just haven't had time to post.
Im so happy that everything is okay with NewBean and your little one Queenie! You both have me wondering how you are all the time! Rest dear ladies, and cook those babies until they're done. Its a hard road uphill even for babies a little bit early.
I've been having BH contx since I was about 10 weeks I think. I couldn't hardly believe that's what they were so early, but it was the same feeling... funny how a BH contx can give you the same feeling at 10 weeks you get at 30, but I recognized it. I hardly ever had any with DD, but with DS I had quite a few, mostly while nursing. We arent nursing anymore, but I must get at least 20-30 BH a day (more if DH and I are active ) Sometimes Im convinced Im going into early labor cause they come pretty frequent and pretty regular. But since they dont progress and they only make me feel short of breath in a weird way, I dont worry about them.

I had an appt with an OB for back up early this week. what an experience!! I waited 45 minutes for this guy ans spoke with him a total of about 6 minutes. It was a new patient appt and he didnt ask about past pregnancies, births, no pregnancy history whatsoever. He wrote on my chart that I was 30 weeks instead of 34 (which I corrected him on). He asked a couple questions, but mostly to himself cause he didnt listen to what I was saying , just looked through the paperwork I brought from my mw for the answer. He measured me and didnt tell me the measurements, he dopplered the heart beat, doesnt tell me the rate. He straight up told me that acupuntture and chiro are RUBBISH for breech babies, that the studies were wrong. (PS anyone have those studies? I used to but they've disappeared, and Ive PROMISED to bring them in for him to read~LOL) He treated me like a child, didnt listen to my first two requests for a light appt schedule (cause Im seeing my mw as well and dont want to fork out 30 every week to come see this dude when he aint catching), didnt listen to the reason the GBS swab was done at 34 weeks instead of 36 and scheduled me for another one at 36 wks, before I would even be finished with a GBS+ protocal anyway to treat for it. Im straight up refusing that sh!t. Next time I go in, its to meet his partner, Im not letting some stranger up in me for a culture that is completely unnecessary!! (or one that my MW let me do myself- which she did, in the privacy of my own home) I cant beleive how I was treated in that office! Seriously, he is one of 4 OBs my health ins pays for. I think Im going to end up seeing all of them before this pregnancy is over! And the sad fact is, IF I had to go in on a nonemergent transfer, Id just get whomever is on call anyway... stupid Kaiser.
Anyway it was a massive wasted of time. And what pissed me off the most is that I had to sit in that stupid waiting room watching a boring CNN Health reruns on that stupid accent health program that ADVERTISES Nestle formula directly to preggo mommas waiting to see their OB. Gotta love america.
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Happy Saturday, ladies!

I'm doing pretty well, no regular contractions since the terb (though I've had a few here and there - but not intense or regular). Still on the procardia, so my legs are a lovely shade of pink!

My parents are totally freaked out - they live 16 hours away and are planning on driving out as soon as I go into labor. My mom had a VERY similar experience with PTL, apparently, and my dad was out of town and had to rush home, so they're both quite worried about the whole situation. According to them, my sister was born on her "due date" but they knew she was almost a month early becasue they knew when they conceived (mom was still nursing me, so I guess her LMP dates looked funny). Sis was fine, but was only 5 lbs and jaundiced and had a few other health problems as an infant. My dad's mother had his older brother WAY early - my uncle only weighed 2 lbs at birth, it is a miracle that he survived (he's 56 years old now). You ladies see why I've been figuring I'd go early?

Anyway, DH and I are off to go house shopping again today. The plan is for me to sit in the car while DH and our buyers agent check out each house. If it looks promising, then I'll go in and walk around. But hopefully this way I'll save a few trips. Houses are FLYING off the market around here, so we really need to get in gear and put in another bid ASAP! (we were outbid on the last one) Our lease is up June 30th, so we've now got sixty days to find a house, but in a bid, close, and move in. Oh, and have a baby, too!
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Hey ladies! I'm so glad that everyone seems to be doing better. It has been beautiful the past couple of days and my kids have been living outside. It's so nice to send them out and then go and read a magazine in a lounge cahir outside. The only downside is that my allergie are driving me CRAZY! Dh mowed the lawn today and my nose feels like it's on fire!!!

On a super happy note! My friend had her baby last night. A little girl. She ended up being induced because her fluid was leaking. I'm so proud of her though because although they didn't get off to a great start she is breastfeeding!!! Things were rough last night but then this morning her little one latched on and started nursing. I was so worried about the nurses attacking her and forcing a bottle on the baby that I had planned on making the hour drive out to help her get things going successfully but I didn't need to!! I'm so happy for her. I know how badly she wanted to breastfeed and it seems like it's going to work out!! This is one of my first friends that has breastfed outside of my LLL group friends. It feels so good to know that I played an important part in making her realize it was a very viable option! SHe has seen me breastfeed everywhere for the past 5 years. Anyway I'm just so excited to not be the only one finally!!!!

HAve a great night everyone!!!
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I'm starting to feel like a single parent! Dh is NEVER here. He started his student teaching, so it's like he has a job from 5 AM (the school is in another town; has to leave early) to 4 PM, only he doesn't get paid; he has to pay to do it. And unlike a real job, after it's over he has a lot of homework. But unlike other homework, it can't really be done at home...so he has to drive to his college, which is in yet another town, and on the weekends he has to either do more work or meet with his supervising teachers. I thought the point of being married was that there would be two parents!

He just left a while ago today and dd was supposed to be taking a nap, but she won't, even though she is really tired. So we've been doing the thing where I put her back in her room every time she gets out, until she sleeps. So I finally get her to stay in her room for about 15 minutes, and there is a knock at our door. It's hard to tell if it's our door or a neighbor's, so I just ignore it, but then the guy knocks again, really loud and insistent, so I decide to go see what is so important. I stumbled out of my chair, and on the way down the stairs I slipped and scraped my belly on the baby gate!

And it was just some @#$% wanting to sell some $30 "wonder cleaner!" He went on and on, while I was trying to tell him now was not a good time. I suppose I should have just shut the door in his face. Then dd came out of her room and wandered downstairs and wanted to go outside, so I'm trying to control her and telling this guy that it's not going to happen today. Finally he left. I'm going to ask dh to get a no soliciting sign. And maybe a no religious people sign too, since last week the Jehovahs were making their rounds.

I wish dh would be more reasonable when I ask for things that would help me. I'm not used to being a SAHM, and last time I was pg, there was no other child to care for! But I asked if we could hire a cleaning lady, and his response was "That's something only rich people do." I see ads all the time for individuals who will work for $10 an hour! I'm sure we could afford that! Neither of us has time to clean. I can usually do some during the day but then by the end of the day, it's back to being messy again. And his idea is that dd should be in preschool, which we really can't afford! Also, she's not quite old enough and is still in diapers; none of the schools here would take her. He has also opposed the no soliciting sign because he has worked as a salesman and says it's hard work and we shouldn't discourage them. But he never buys anything from them...:

When dh left for the day he said he was going to get some movies we could all watch together so we could have "family time." I'm starting not to feel like it. I think if we have time to watch movies, we should be cleaning. And my belly still hurts. I'm pretty sure it's only scraped on the outside. The baby seems to be moving normally.
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